How An ATS Can Benefit Your Organization In The Post-Pandemic Period

Supriya Bajaj

Supriya Bajaj

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Last updated: May 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global business ecosystem. With rapid digitization, all core corporate functions are being conducted virtually with the aid of the latest technologies.

The recruitment process is one prime example. With extended lockdowns, social distancing, and remote work, business organizations have entirely transitioned to automated applicant tracking systems for better efficiency. 

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It is hence no surprise that the applicant tracking system market is set to rise to USD 1.81 billion by 2023. Post-pandemic hiring will change, and applicant tracking software will be a huge part of the new story!

So, if you are intrigued and wondering how investing in an ATS (applicant tracking system) can set your business for future success, read on to know more.

Benefits Of Applicant Tracking System In The Post-COVID Era

Investing in applicant tracking streamlines the process of candidate matching through artificial intelligence-enabled algorithms. With the Coronavirus pandemic leaving tons of skilled employees jobless, this is just the technology to help your organization get the perfect match for vacant positions!

Did you know that 94% of professional recruiters feel that applicant tracking systems positively impact the hiring process? 

With such a positive response from hiring managers worldwide, it is no surprise that post-COVID will be a surge in the adoption of ATS platforms. Let’s delve deeper and get to know seven major benefits of using applicant tracking systems that can gear your organization for success:

  • Visibility Across Multiple Job Boards

One of the biggest advantages of applicant tracking systems is hiring managers can publish job posts on multiple platforms in a single click! They get instant access to popular job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, CareerBuilder, and Juju.

With an integrated applicant tracking system, recruiters not only can manage communication on job boards but also social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s a great platform to increase digital presence and reach out to maximum people to apply for vacant job positions.

  • Better Applicant Experience

Applicant user experience matters! Did you know that 60% of applicants abandon the application process because it’s too lengthy or complex?

With sleek and intuitive interfaces, applicant tracking systems simplify the hiring process. They ensure that candidates do not need to fill out long manual forms and reduce the number of steps in applying for a specific position. 

Ease-of-use makes applicant software a must-have tool in the post-COVID business environment. It makes virtual hiring a seamless experience and helps organizations harness the best talent to fulfill their recruitment needs.

  • Unified Candidate Data Management

Managing huge volumes of candidate data is one of the biggest challenges for hiring managers. This is a major reason to shift to applicant tracking software – it unifies and stores all candidate information in one centralized repository.

As a hiring manager, you will not have to sift through multiple business applications, emails, or documents to get information about candidates – all you need to do is access your ATS. From resumes to personal information, application forms, and educational documents, you get whatever you are looking for instantly!

  • Seamless and Error-Free Screening

If there is one thing that can tarnish your recruitment process, it is definitely screening out the wrong candidates. Applicant tracking software utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled tools to identify the ideal candidates for open positions.

With an Innovative ATS, your screening process becomes super accurate – the system automatically rejects applicants that may not be the right fit. It conducts multiple-stage screen checks and sends out automated notifications to candidates selected for the next hiring round, and even sends follow-ups.

  • Simplified Onboarding: Onboarding is one of the most critical parts of the recruitment process. You need to ensure that your organization delivers a professional and smooth onboarding to kickstart on a positive note! 

The best part about applicant tracking software is that it is not limited to recruitment; rather, it also provides added functionality to ensure a streamlined employee onboarding system. It digitizes document collection, provides online company manuals, and aids in conducting virtual feedback sessions for new employees. 

In a post-COVID world, investing in an ATS would be a smart decision for any organization to help employees jump on board and enjoy a seamless onboarding transition journey!

  • Digitized Paperwork: Storing and managing huge bundles of paper files is one of the most tedious tasks for HR, specifically recruitment managers. One of the biggest advantages of applicant tracking software is that it reduces this paperwork by digitizing documentation and facilitates a green, paperless office environment.

Applicant tracking systems can collect, review, and store electronic documents in a structured manner to reduce physical clutter. Digital signatures empower new candidates to review official documents, sign them, and send them directly to the human resource department for further processing. This saves space, time, money and is a win-win situation for all parties involved!

  • Automated Workflows: Repetition of tasks can be overwhelming for hiring managers and lead to a demotivated workforce. Applicant tracking software is the perfect solution as it can automate mundane tasks such as resume shortlisting, candidate communication, follow-ups, and interview scheduling.

Investing in an ATS will ensure that your recruitment managers save tons of time. They can focus on strategic goal achievement by automating workflows for hiring processes and increase key performance parameters in the long run!

The Final Word

Next-generation applicant tracking systems are all set to revolutionize the corporate hiring scenario! The post-pandemic era will be marked by a series of rapid changes, making it necessary for organizations to implement automated ATS technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Ensure to assess your unique hiring requirements, scan available options, and choose the best applicant tracking software in the market. It will make a world of positive difference to your hiring strategy and go a long way in increasing all key bottom results.

Would you like to share how applicant tracking software has led to positive change in your recruitment processes? We would love to hear more about your experiences – do leave a comment below.

Supriya Bajaj
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