How CRM Becoming a Turning Point For Ecommerce Personalization

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Last updated: August 27, 2020

We live in an era where customer satisfaction is arguably the most vital factor that determines a business’s success. Moreover, when it comes to a customer-driven business like eCommerce, customer satisfaction is essential. When it comes to eCommerce, eCommerce personalization is a significant thumbs-up for a business, and a customer relationship management (CRM) software can allow you to personalize your customers’ experience, thereby increasing their engagement and satisfaction. 

Let’s briefly discuss the basics of eCommerce personalization and how can it benefit your business.  

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Ecommerce Personalization: An Overview

Ecommerce Personalization is a relatively new marketing strategy, therefore, focuses on providing customers with a personalized experience, which primarily includes providing content, offers, and recommendations that are oriented towards the user’s needs and interests.

One of the major technologies that help in eCommerce personalization is data analysis, which allows businesses to gather useful data about the customers, including interests, browsing behavior, and purchasing habits. so, Some of the significant objectives that eCommerce businesses want to achieve with personalization are to-the-point user recommendations and increased ROI from their marketing spendings. 

The Importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

The rules of business are mercurial, and a brand needs to adapt to these changes. therefore a CRM software helps businesses identify the needs and requirements of customers, along with gathering valuable feedback as well. A business not investing in CRM software can survive, but it not for too long. Customer requirements keep on changing rapidly, and if your business does not have a way to grasp these changing requirements, your customers will start searching for alternatives. 

If you own a physical shop, you might survive, but if you are an eCommerce business owner, using CRM software is mandatory. Nowadays, almost all small, medium and large-sized online businesses use e-commerce CRM software. CRM is a valuable asset for your business and helps you deliver an enhanced user experience. 

Some Benefits of Using CRM Software

  • It allows you to generate more leads, along with improving the ease of contact. 
  • CRM software enables you to receive honest customer feedback without being too pushy or spamming feedback mails. 
  • It allows you to understand customer behavior, which allows you to provide your customers’ personalized user experience. 
  • CRM software helps to increase the performance of your business. 

Benefits of Ecommerce Personalization

Some of the major benefits of eCommerce personalization are discussed below.

1. Enhanced User Engagement

User engagement is vital for a business to thrive, and eCommerce personalization helps you do so. Consider the example of eCommerce giants like Myntra and Amazon. Similarly Imagine visiting these websites and searching for “sneakers,” and imagine the results are not personalized. What do you think you will witness? A horde of products from different brands, price brackets, and designs. 

If you want to purchase a pair of Adidas Superstar, you will spend minutes, maybe an hour filtering the results and finding the ideal product. On the other hand, if that eCommerce store provides user personalization, it will display Adidas Superstar straight away. 

But, How will a Store Know What are You Looking For?

If you have visited the same eCommerce store before, it will collect your data, which will allow it to analyze your browsing behavior. If you want to buy Adidas Superstar, chances are you will browse Google to know more about those shoes. When you search for a specific product, the eCommerce database will store your behavior, and when you make a search similar to that data, the store will predict your requirements. 

This is, in a nutshell, the functioning of eCommerce personalization. This personalized experience helps users save time and enable them to make a purchase quickly, therefore increases user engagement and conversion rates. 

2. Relevant Offers

Personalization enables you to reach out to your customers with on-point offers that are relevant to them and their needs. One of the major reasons for customers not making a purchase is irrelevant proposals that are not relevant to their requirements. Providing offers That are according to the needs of the customers not only helps you improve your conversion rates but enables you to position your brand as a customer-centric business as well. 

3. Elevated Conversion Rates

Why did you start an eCommerce business? To make money, right? Then let’s talk about the benefit that all business owners want to hear. As discussed in previous sections, eCommerce personalization helps you bring in more conversions and sales, which accounts for increased revenue and profits. When users view what they need, they make a purchase more quickly.

4. Loyal Customers

When you provide your users with a personalized experience, you will project your business as a brand that cares for its customers. And what would you do if you discover that a shop owner cares for you and your needs? — You will visit that shop repeatedly. 

The same happens with e-commerce; when customers realize that a brand cares for our needs and requirements, they prefer purchasing from it over and over again, which results in customer loyalty. One of the primary reasons for the sustained success of the top brands like Apple, Nike, and Adidas is a loyal customer base. 

Overall Result

Let’s cut a long story short. Ecommerce personalization can help you attain new customers and retain existing customers. Some ways in which your business can benefit from user personalization are listed below. 

  • You will attain new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Customer finds easily so, Achieve higher revenue and profits.
  • Build a loyal customer base.
  • You will understand your customers and their needs. 
  • You will improve the operational process of your business. 
  • End up spending less money on marketing and advertising
  • You will have a sustainable business model. 


Ecommerce personalization, a new marketing strategy has been out for a while now its integration with CRM software is revolutionary. CRM software, in itself, provides a plethora of benefits, and now their use in eCommerce personalization has made them more valuable. it providing a personalized user experience, so it is essential for every business and is something every business should focus on.

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