How Document Tracking Improves HR’s Strategic Capabilities?

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Pragati Bajaj

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Last updated: June 16, 2021

The HR software, or Human Resource software, the department is a very crucial unit of any company. They are responsible for picking out the wheat from the chaff and hiring the best employees. Moreover, they also handle interviews, employee orientation, employee benefits, employee salary, and much more.

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Each of these tasks requires a huge amount of paperwork and documentation. Those of you who work in HR know exactly what I mean, right? The life of an HR employee is buried under a mountain of documents. There’s just no time for anything else!

This is where document tracking comes in. It aims to automate a huge bundle of mundane jobs. The HR departments of several companies have already shifted to document tracking software and have experienced a boost in terms of time and efficiency.

What is document tracking and why do you need it?

You might be wondering what exactly is document tracking and why it is important for the HR department. Let’s talk about it in detail.

A document tracking software is nothing but a computer application that will manage the documentation process of employees. It will store and organize all interactions of an employee with your company – right from the resume that he sent in, to the exit interview that he gave.

All this documentation is currently being done manually by HR employees. Now, imagine if your company has 10,000+ employees and the HR department has to document and keep track of each one of them! Tiring, right? Manual documentation is also a burden for smaller companies.

Missing employee records, incomplete documentation, sloppy paperwork, damaged documents – these are just a few of the problems that can be solved using document tracking. The document tracking technology has the power to double the efficiency in your company!

Features of a document tracking system

Now that we’ve established the need and importance of document tracking, let us look at some of the features that it provides.

1. Document input

Every business today uses a combination of paper and digital files for employee documentation. A document tracking system has the feature to scan and input both types of files.

2. Document indexing

The system has a feature to index the documents based on a variety of parameters. You can index them by date, employee, phrase, department, etc. This makes it easier to search and locate documents.

3. Integration with other software

A document tracking system should have provisions for integrating with external CRM software or ERP software. This makes it easier to maintain complete profiles of employees and departments, backed by documents.

4. Workflow automation

Document management systems automatically route documents to their correct destinations. All incoming documents are sorted and stored automatically as per the settings. For example, all invoices and salary slips will be stored together, all personal details of employees will be stored in a separate folder, and so on.

5. Document security

This is perhaps the most important feature of a document tracking system. With everything going online, there is a huge risk of a data leak. This is why documentation software provides advanced access rights, audits trails, encryption of documents, etc. to keep your data safe.

6. User dashboard

Ever found yourself struggling with the latest technology? Well, not with document tracking systems! They provide easily navigable and user-friendly dashboards keeping even the not-so technologically savvy in mind. The dashboard includes all essential links like workflow inbox, alerts and notifications, document index, and chats.

What are the real-time benefits of an automated documentation system?

Many times, people are led to believe that document tracking systems are limited to reducing the load of paperwork on the HR department. However, document tracking systems do so much more than that! Let me tell you how.

1. Accurate time-tracking 

One of the HR department’s major functions is to keep track of the attendance of every employee. When time-tracking is done manually, there is a lot of scope for ambiguity and errors. In some cases, mistakes may be made intentionally to favor a particular employee.

Businesses that don’t keep a strict check on the paid leaves of employees may end up losing a lot of money. The attendance record of employees also needs to be maintained properly and the time-in and time-out details.

Many companies have now shifted to automated attendance systems and those that haven’t, should do so as soon as possible. These attendance machines can be integrated with document tracking systems to maintain attendance records in an organized manner.

Such automated systems leave no room for error. It also keeps the employees in check because they know that they are being monitored. The company also has proper records in case of any disputes. Moreover, no employee gets any unfair advantage due to malpractice.

2. Provides a centralized database

Isn’t it frustrating when you keep running around the entire office looking for a set of documents? Imagine how easy it would be if all the documents were available at a single click of your mouse. Or if all you had to do to get someone’s records was to type in their name?

A document tracking software brings you all this luxury and more! It serves as a centralized database for all the documents of your company. You will no longer need to rummage through storerooms or search different software applications to get the files that you need.

Being able to access files from a single data repository allows the HR department to function more quickly and efficiently. They can take swift action as and when required instead of wasting time looking for documents. As a result, the entire company starts functioning with seamless efficiency.

And as I mentioned before, it also has provisions for setting access rights, so you don’t need to worry about unwanted eyes looking at classified or top-level information.

3. Provides a self-service option to employees

In today’s age of technology, people like to be empowered with an option of self-service. The same is also applicable in workspaces. Employees prefer to deal with trivial matters like changing their phone numbers or address on their own without bothering the HR department.

For example, let us consider that you have shifted to a new apartment and want to change your address at work. Would you rather meet with HR and run about with a bunch of forms or change it online from the comfort of your home? Definitely, the second option!

A documentation software enables employees to look at their profile online and make changes as and when necessary. They can also check their number of remaining paid leaves and other benefits. Such a service can provide answers to employees round the clock.

4. Performs analysis of data

Data and analytics are quickly becoming the backbone of every business. It helps them take informed decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Data analytics discover the most interesting patterns in the most unexpected places. These patterns can then be analyzed and used for making productive changes in the business.

You can get special analytics add-ons for your documentation software. They monitor various aspects of your business like employee attendance, performance, etc., and perform a detailed analysis based on this data to make strategic decisions.

In conclusion

A document tracking system significantly reduces the burden of trivial administrative work on the HR department. This, in turn, gives them more time and personnel to work on their strategic capabilities and improve relations with employees and workers.

A documentation software automates the key areas of data collection and streamlines the entire process of documentation. It helps create and maintain records quickly, efficiently, and without any errors.

The wave of benefits that comes with a document tracking system is not just limited to the HR department. It creates ripples across the entire business and significantly enhances the overall efficiency and performance of the organization.

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