New Pay Trends: How Employees Reshaping The Payroll System In 2021

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Last updated: May 11, 2021

Around 40% of the organizations in the US are fined due to inadequate payroll filing. The major reason contributing to the penalty is the improper entry and due filing. It is no anomaly, as generating payroll is not a piece of cake. There are multiple factors like; basic employee salary, incentives, taxes, and many more to consider while creating payroll. 

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To decrease complexity, every state has its guideline for filling payroll. See the following illustration reflecting the process of payroll filling. 

Payroll TaxRunning a business is already expensive; no one is willing to pay for these penalties. Though, the technological advancements and future trends reflect convenience in payroll. Let’s discuss some of the future trends that will increase the convenience of filling a payroll.    

Future Trends in Payroll

1. Inclusion of Cloud Technology

The usage of cloud-based technology has rapidly increased after the lockdown. The main reason for its increase is the convenience of data access from remote locations. It exempts the requirement of HR to be physically present in the office to file payroll. Along with this, it also supports employees to access their payroll on time and report any uncertainty observed. 

The cloud base services have also increased convenience in evaluating overall business growth. The technology provides storage of previous records that can be used in contrasting the organization’s current growth. The total usage of cloud service is estimated to reach $13.3 million in the near future.    

2. The espousal of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is limited to movies; it has taken control of every sector of life. The inclusion of AI in payroll has changed the whole scenario. Previously, payroll was only calculating working hours and paying wages to the employee according to it. But after AI, it has evolved into a more elaborated report. 

The performance of employees and the future of the organization are all presented in a single report. The actionable insights of the organization and automated catboat all are possible due to AI interference.  

AI Infographic3. Incorporation of Advance HR

There is a difference between payroll and HR, but technology has reduced this distance. The inclusion of HR software can increase the convenience and efficiency of payroll. This software provides easy access to employee’s information from a single dashboard. The enhancement in the HR functionality also supports creating an error less payroll. Many organizations believe that using this software can be expensive, but it can also reduce the administration cost by 60%. 

The most beneficial feature of this software is the amalgamation of HR practices with payroll, like the automation and scheduling of office hours, which adjust the employee’s wages and reduce HR’s efforts.     

4. Enhanced Demand for Gig Economy

The technological advancements support employees to work remotely. Almost 57 million Americans work remotely, and this will increase in the near future. Not only are the developed countries, but under developing countries also contributing to it;

Top 10 Countries

Though, these have increased hurdles in error-free payroll creation. The population of freelancers is neither a full-time employee nor part-time. The usage of payroll software makes it convenient to make payrolls of gig workforce. The combined usage of project management and payroll software is considered ideal for this. 

5. Security of Data

The cybercrime cases have reached the peak; around 33K companies get victimized by cybercrime. 

Cybercrime Report

Advance payroll software is protecting employees. According to the new legislation, organizations are required to mark any sensitive information as GDPR. This marking will automatically secure sensitive information in a secured cloud. This cloud is operated on the highest cybersecurity standards. Along with this, dual authentication has also increased the security of employee’s data.

6. Financial Wellness

The concept of a wellness program for employees is not new. Around 84% of organizations are using this strategy to retain employees. The advancements in payroll and additional financial data of employees enable organizations to launch a financial wellness program.

These are the program in which employees are guided about the expenditure of finances. The plan involves financial advisors who work as a mentor for employees. The mentor supports them in investing and saving finances. These programs are considered significant as a way of increasing employee engagement and productivity levels. It depicts the organization’s interest and cares towards their employees, ultimately increasing their employees’ morale.

Financial Benefits7. Pay Transparency

It was the traditional practice when inquiring about pay structure was considered a company secret. In recent times, employees are changing this trend. The majority of organizations are focused on creating payroll transparency with employees. The advancement in payroll creation and convenience due to digitalization supports in sharing financial information with employees.

Organizations are focusing on making a salary and wage system accessible to employees. This transparency will support employees in increasing their engagement and trust in the organization. It also removes any chance of unbiased treatment among employees.    

8. Flexible Payment Options

Digitalization has also created a direct impact on payment options. Previously employees were paid by checks. With time, this trend changes into direct account deposits. But now, cryptocurrency has taken charge. Employees are now willing to take their monthly wages in terms of digital currency.  

Bitcoin For Transaction

This is due to the paid popularity and profitability cryptocurrency is providing to users. Like the usage of literature review writing service is increasing. It is predicted that this usage will increase even more shortly. 

9. All-in-One Software

Software that provides a solution to all the payroll and HR management problems is the new demand of organizations. They are in search of software that can prepare monthly payroll without human support. 

Along with this, they also desire software that performs all the HR tasks and manages employees adequately. The core reason for this demand is the increasing data collection and difficulty in managing it. The double entry, which is the common mistake of HR in making payroll, will be completely excluded after using this software. 

Summing it up

The world is rapidly going towards digitalization. Every aspect of the business is getting digital with time. Similar is the case with payroll management. It was considered the most difficult task due to its complexities. In recent times, the payroll software has bought about significant change. The influence of employees is the major reason for these changes. With time the market is getting concentrated, and retaining employees has become essential. 

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