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Small business enterprises usually manage things on a spreadsheet to monitor their systems effectively. But the fact is organizations, no matter how big or small, that maintain their billable hours on Excel sheets are more prone to make mistakes; and end up sending inaccurate or misleading invoices to their customers. Hence, as any business scales up, efficient billing software becomes a necessary investment.

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So, if you are looking for billing software for a legal service, freelance business, an agency or any other industry where the standard charging is according to billable hours, then you are probably looking for a software that has time billing functionalities. If you are a vendor, then you can benefit from extensive ERP features or recurring billing model. 

Now, there are many varieties available in billing software with different features and at multiple prices. So, it is vital to consider to go for the right billing software when it comes to taking care of your business. Good billing software will not only help you save countless hours of your company but also eliminate manual data entry errors and constant monitoring.

What exactly should I look for in a billing software?

  • Import Data from files.
  • Security
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • GSTN validation
  • Multi-Company
  • User-Friendly
  • Flexibility

Hitech BillSoft in those matters is ideal billing software that has all compliant features needed for any process regarding bills. It not only is a time-saving software but also tremendously simplifies the accounting processes. India has many billing software available in its market, but exactly how many provide GST functions as well, along with the other accounting features? Hence, Hitech BillSoft came out to be a software that has built-in GST billing functions along with enrichments in accounts, invoice, inventory management, etc. It is easy and powerful billing software that can be used by small or large companies, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, and many more.

Why is Hitech BillSoft the best GST billing software?

Hitech BillSoft has been the easiest to use GST software, liked by its clients all over the country which are around 50,000 and more. They provide some fascinating features that enable the users to perform all functions smoothly. Let us have a look at the features of Hitech BillSoft:

1. Sale Management

Hitech BillSoft offers optimum sale management through which you can manage any GST/ non-GST invoices, multi-rate invoices, cash sales, multi-size invoices, credit sales, and even sales commission. At just a click, you can instantly make your sales performance better and increase your efficiency drastically overall.

2. Purchase Management

Ever felt at unease when it comes to managing purchase account to refer? Fret no more – Hitech BillSoft helps in managing your company’s record of purchases, purchase bills and returns, supplier accounts and payments account with two clicks on a mouse. Not only will it help in managing your inventory accordingly, but you’d never miss supplier payments and manage the accounts well without the help of an accountant.

3. GST Billing

HiTech BillSoft is 100% compatible with GST billing. It can help you generate various GST reports such as GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and also creates consistent track reports for the auditor. This means that with the GST regulations that have to be carried out, you will never be missing a document or a vital piece of information ever again before submitting it over to the government.

4. Inventory Management

If a billing software has features that can help you with inventory management, then wouldn’t that be the best software for your business?? Hitech BillSoft can let you keep tabs on your inventory stocks and notify you about the analysis of the inventory. Get to make informed decisions the best way with multiple inventory reports.

5. Client Management

Manage client account/ledger and get to track payments, sales, and adjustments with Hitech BillSoft. Not only this, but you can also create a single dashboard where you can set credit limit, adjust accounts, quotations, set cheque or payment alerts, generate payment receipts, and many more. 

6. Staff Management

Manage staff effortlessly with an advanced staff management module which is an embedded feature in Hitech BillSoft. You can arrange a biometric system to integrate a fully automated attendance system in your company. Get to also generate staff salary with accurate attendance results with the fingerprint present/absent system.

7. Multi-size Invoices

You can now reduce your operator’s workload by up to 43% by allowing a unique feature of generating multiple-sized invoices at one click. Hitech BillSoft supports multiple print sizes such as A4, A5, and even PoS receipts. It is the most suitable feature for all business people as it will give a proper structure and fast deliverance regarding billing information.

8. Barcode Generation

If your business belongs to the manufacturing, retail, or wholesale category, then generating the right barcodes for your different sized products would be time-consuming. With Hitech BillSoft, you can create barcodes in multiple sizes at once, and the barcodes will be auto-saved for later use. Get to sort out through your inventory with ease as this billing software supports all compatible barcode scanners available in the market. So get to create a faster billing process and keep the process hassle-free.

9. SMS / Email

Sending the right information via SMS or Email is an essential form of communication medium used in businesses. Hence, Hitech BillSoft comes with a functionality that can help you send an SMS/Email directly to the people associated with you in the contacts of the software. It also has an advanced built-in SMS Server which has a burst rate of up to 50 SMS per second. This software supports most of the API and Email gateways such as Gmail, Yahoo, POP, etc. So, increase your brand awareness with your customers with automated SMS/Email serving features of Hitech BillSoft.

10. Point of Sale Support

Generate Point of Sale receipts at a faster rate to reduce customer’s processing time with Hitech BillSoft. This software supports receipts sizes of 2,3,3.5 and 4-inch sizes. The PoS feature of the software has advanced algorithms that can help you create invoices at 45 receipts per minute and supports all kinds of PoS prints available in the market. So, make sure you have trained personnel because not only will this feature save your time in billings but also lower your paper costs increasing profit margins.

11. Data Management

Data related to stocks, raw materials, customers, clients, suppliers, etc., play an integral part of business life. Mishaps like data loss or data theft can bring down any business to a standstill. Hence, Hitech BillSoft comes with advanced data management tools that can auto-backup to up to two locations of your choice. That way, your data gets to be secure on time daily and no need to be worried about data loss.

12. Android App

With the age of smartphones and mobility, you can let the business stay stuck in your offices/shops or stores. Get to carry your real-time business details via Hitech BillSoft in your phone as an Android app. With daily and monthly data about your sales, payments, staff attendance, and expense on your smartphone, you can make well-informed decisions from any location. It not only helps you grip over your business well, but you can also keep a tab on your business activities while you are away from the company to run operations smoothly.

13. Easy Usability

What is the point of software integration in your business if it cannot be used efficiently? With Hitech BillSoft billing software, even a new employee in your organization can use it without any prior training for it. This software has a seamless design and simple language to understand all the commands of the actions taken on the software. It is specially devised keeping in mind even employees that have less knowledge of computer skills.

14. Business Compatibility

You might be thinking that such an advance featured billing software would only be costly and impossible to use for small or medium-scale enterprises. But that’s not the case, Hitech BillSoft is compatible with any scale of business operations. You can use it for any business industry as well and managing tasks and to-dos by any professionals in your company would become comfortable with the help of this software.

15. Prevent Data Breach

Online software can jeopardize your confidentiality and might even breach any critical data to a party out of your knowledge. Therefore, Hitech, keeping this dangering factor in mind, made its billing software an offline desktop application which functions flawlessly without any internet connection. It also is accompanied by a best multi-core business engine which will give you an edge over the cyber-threat problems.

16. Budget-friendly

A lot of capital usually gets sucked up in operating costs of the organizations. However, buying Hitech BillSoft for your business won’t be a head-scratching factor as it would be easy on your pocket. It is a one-time payment software which is absolutely value for money.

Advantages of using Hitech BillSoft than other billing software

1. Asks for One-time payment

Hitech BillSoft has an only one-time payment option to acquire a lifetime license of it. It doesn’t ask for any annual subscriptions to its newsletters or renewal charges ever for the use of the software. Other software in the market usually asks you to pay a yearly subscription or renewal charges increasing the overall expenditure. But, there’s no tension about such things when it comes to Hitech BillSoft.

2. Offline application

Generally, other billing software may require a constant dependency on the availability of the internet. And with no regular updates installed, they start lagging due to latency. Such online software flash ‘no internet, no billing’ or ‘insecure data’ pretty often if the internet speed is slow at times. Well, Hitech took care of that annoying problem and made its billing software an offline application. So, no more switching to paper billing even if the internet is down.

3. Regular updates

Some billing software available in the market does not regularly update on their own, which may lead to poor performance, bugs and bad user experience over time. Some software doesn’t even support Windows 10 and recommend switching your OS to Windows 7 – what’s with that? Hitech BillSoft updates automatically whenever it is connected with a good internet connection and provides a better user experience every day. It also supports all the latest OS and innovations in hardware.

4. High-quality user interface

There are many billing software in the markets of India that take up a feature from other competitive company and embed in their interface without even testing its performance. This results in a bad user interface, and the customer feels cheated later on when they have bought the software. Not many companies in India develop their product from scratch or invest heavily on a good experience of the user interface. In that case, BillSoft was brought to the market after going through years of thorough research on usage patterns and user behavior. From the color of the CTAs to the bottom placements of the commands, all were critically tested and analyzed in exhaustive research.

5. High-tech development

Are you already using billing software that has multi-core support or parallel programming? Does it support the applications of artificial intelligence? You’d generally answer a ‘no’ thinking that you’d need highly trained and experienced engineers to operate with such stuff. Hitech BillSoft comes with an integrated system of SMS, biometric, barcode, email and supports more than a thousand types of printers and scanners – and all at a low CPU consumption which even a trainee can manage to use in your company.

6. Timely bug-fixes

Not more than 1% of the software available in the market worries about regular software updates and tech support because after-sales services cost more money than the in-flow of cash from an already existing client. Hitech has a dedicated team for quick reactions to bug-fixes and provides support for any technicality needed to operate the software.

These are the best features of Hitech’s BillSoft billing software. So far, you must have concluded by now that billing software can make a huge difference in your organization and business operations. If you are interested to know more about them, visit their website to know their advanced features that come along the basic features mentioned in this article.

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