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Information marketing, as the name suggests, is a marketing strategy that involves informing your audience about a product or product usage. It is a form of marketing in which a marketer provides factually correct information of a product to the audience by creating valuable content around that product.

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Informational marketing system is widely used for products like electronics and automobiles that include a lot of specifications. 

Information Marketing Channels

With informational marketing System, your aim is to inform your customers about a product instead of selling it. Therefore, your tone in informational marketing should be informative. For example, suppose you are selling a “make money online” course. In normal marketing, you will sell this course with something like “get this course to start earning a handsome income from home immediately.”

In the case of information for marketing, you have to modify the tone and say something like, “this course contains an eleven-step formula that educates you about the online earning system in detail.” 

In information for marketing, you don’t need to change anything but the way you present a product in front of your audience.

Some excellent channels for information marketing are:

  • Website

Your website is your virtual store where a customer visits to gather all the information about a product. An effective information marketing campaign starts with your website, and therefore, make sure your website is up-to-date with all the necessary information about the product(s).

It used to be that having a website was enough. However, nowadays you need to make sure that it is not only attractive but also has good site speed so that visitors can become customers. Visitors expect websites to load within 2-4 seconds and may leave if they don’t, which can hurt your Google rankings and hurts your chance of turning these customers into customers according to MatchaBusinessLLC

  • Video

Video marketing is a popular marketing strategy that has helped businesses make millions of dollars. All the advertisements you witness on televisions are examples of information marketing. Also, video streaming platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo are excellent video marketing platforms. How-to guides, product unboxings, and product-use videos are all examples of informational marketing system.

Although video content has occupied a large share of the marketing industry, it cannot overtake the Ebook information marketing. The ebook helps you provide as much information as you want about a product, which makes it the most comprehensive form of information marketing. You must have come across brochures and booklets, some of the most popular types of offline marketing. Ebook marketing works similarly, but on online platforms. 

  • Social Media

You have a highly-informative website, a bunch of informational videos, and a comprehensive ebook, but how will you reach out to people? Relying on organic search only, especially in the case of a new product launch, is not a good idea. Social media is the best way to inform people about your products and product-related information.

With social media, you can inform your audience about a new product launch, thereby creating a buzz. Social media also allows you to interact with your audience and identify their problems. It will help you make necessary modifications in your existing products and get ideas for future products.  

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  • Email

A lot of marketers ignore e-mail marketing because it is time-consuming, costly, and takes time to show returns. However, you need to acknowledge the fact that e-mail marketing is one of the most specific forms of marketing which can produce fantastic results. Sending out regular newsletters to your subscribers is an excellent way to keep them updated about your products.

Not all of your customers will be on social media or will have time to visit your website. But almost all of your customers will have an e-mail account which they use regularly. 

  • Advertisements

Advertisements are the most direct way to inform people about your products. You can use Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising to leverage search engine marketing (SEM). However, in the case of information marketing, it is essential to redirect the visitors to product information instead of a check out page. You can apply a similar strategy to social media by running social media advertisements. 

How to Pull Off a Successful Information Marketing Plan?

A solid informational in marketing plan involves a strategic combination of all the channels mentioned above. A good plan will include you writing regular blog posts, putting out videos and podcasts, consistently interacting with your followers on social media, and sending out regular newsletters to your subscribers.

All of this is also backed by strategic advertising, continuous list building, and lead generation. All of this, when put together, makes up an effective informational marketing plan. 

How can it help your Audience?

One of the best parts about informational marketing is that it is not only beneficial for your business but your audience as well. People hate when someone tries to push-sell a product to them, but love it when they are informed about new things.

With information on marketing, you refrain from force-selling a product and aim at informing your audience about a product, its features, and benefits.

Informational marketing helps your audience in the following ways:

  • Complete information about the product
  • No forced selling
  • Easy-to-make purchase decisions
  • 100% transparency as the audience can verify your information before purchasing

Conclusion: Should You Do Information Marketing?

Information marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies in the market and very rightly so. It is inexpensive, easy to implement, and loved by the audience.

In conventional marketing, if a marketing campaign goes wrong, your brand reputation is at stake. But information marketing is one of the safest marketing strategies which not only keeps your brand reputation intact but helps in growing it as well. 

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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