How Mobile Sales Force Automation Will Help your Sales Team


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Last updated: May 19, 2021

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In today’s cutthroat business environment, meeting customers’ expectations poses a severe challenge for sales professionals. In every small and big organization, the sales reps have to perform multiple time-consuming tasks for closing sales with tough customers.

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On an average day, salespeople need to generate leads, negotiate contracts, meet sales targets, prepare monthly, weekly, quarterly, or annual report and give sales presentations. With too many things going on at the same time, it gets difficult for a salesperson to stay on top of things 

The sales force automation (SFA) system is a software solution designed for streamlining your sales processes. From handling sales estimates and managing client contacts to monitoring the activities of sales reps, mobile sales force automation is capable of managing different operational aspects of sales processes with ease.

It also enables sales reps to provide seamless support to their customers, thus, addressing the major challenges of customer relationship management. 

The success of any business depends on the efficiency of its sales team; therefore, small, mid-sized, and large businesses are increasingly investing in mobile sales force automation application for optimizing different facets of their sales strategy, ranging from data accumulation, reporting, communications, and presentations. 

How Does Mobile Sales Force Automation Function?

The mobile sales force automation tool provides each salesperson in your team with a unique ID so that they can log into the mobile SFA app with their credentials. Once they log in, they can create and print invoices, orders, and other sales reports. They can also review customer messages and get feedback from customers.

A mobile sales force automation application also lets sales executives to input information related to the collection and daily expenses into the software.

What’s more, the app also allows you to communicate all sales-related information, including reasons for canceling an appointment to the app’s central database. This visual SFA software allows you and your team to view the accumulated data on an easy-to-use dashboard for quick reference.

Features Offered by SFA Software

Mobile SFA solution offers a lot of useful features for mechanizing the various facets of sales processes. It is a boon for sales reps as it eliminates the burden of executing multiple sales-oriented monotonous tasks. Mobile SFA solution minimizes manual and repetitive tasks and enables sales professionals to operate more productively.

Some of the handy features offered by the mobile sales force automation system are productivity acceleration, lead management, customer management, insights management, deals management. Besides automating the daily sales tasks, these features allow sales professionals to deliver an appealing sales experience.

Considering the benefits offered by the mobile sales force automation system, it has become an irreplaceable part of all forward-thinking businesses. Now let’s shed light on the myriad operational and managerial benefits of using a mobile sales force automation application, and how it boosts sales and facilitates higher productivity.

  • Saves Time

    Mobile sales force automation saves time and allows sales reps to focus on the more important sales tasks such as implementing sales strategies, finding out new ways of selling, setting up meetings with potential clients, or calling prospective clients.

  • Facilitates Better Data Analysis

    Sales professionals accumulate massive volumes of data to make better sales decisions. Nevertheless, the data gathered by sales reps need to be processed and used wisely for obtaining valuable insights. Mobile SFA solutions come with integrated analytics modules for processing the accumulated data so that you can evaluate the data and infer tactical steps.

  • Intelligent Sales Forecast

    Mobile sales force automation solution also helps salespeople make accurate sales forecasts, which in turn helps make informed business decisions. Mobile SFA application enables your sales team to track market trends, identify the strongest prospects, and understand consumer behavior. What’s more, it stores and evaluates all vital information for sales forecast analysis.

  • Generates Reports Quickly

    A mobile sales force automation application enables salespeople to keep tabs on collections, returns, and outstanding payments. Consequently, it becomes easy for them to create various sales reports. The reports generated by a mobile SFA system also help sales managers to identify business pain points, besides enabling them to make results-driven long-term and short-term sales and marketing plans.

  • Keeps Track of Your Appointments

    An efficient mobile sales force automation application helps sales reps to track their appointments consistently. A mobile SFA system sends regular notifications to remind salespeople of their upcoming appointments so that they do not end up missing them. This useful feature offered by SFA automation also plays a vital role in helping sales reps fortify relationships with potential and existing customers, as well as business partners.

  • Tracks Workflow without Fail

    Mobile sales force automation helps you track the activities of your sales team even on the go. It helps sales managers identify the most productive sales executive that is converting maximum leads. At the same time, it identifies who needs more motivation in your team.

    This application also helps you interact with your sales force across multiple locations without having to restrict yourself and your team within the four walls of your office. Besides enabling you to supervise, manage, and monitor your sales force, mobile SFA solution also allows you to manage business communication so that you can make quick decisions.

  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction

    These reduce your response time, thus, helping you provide better customer service. It has far-reaching benefits for businesses in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Last but not least, the mobile sales force automation application gives you a competitive edge in terms of ROI and market share.


So this is how sales force automation software proves beneficial for your sales team. If you want to gain new customers or create loyalty with your existing customers, you should consider investing in a mobile SFA system without further ado.

Mobile SFA software is available for businesses as a cloud-based service, standalone app, as well as a module of a client relationship management software (CRM) suite. You can customize a mobile sales force automation application based on the size and requirements of your sales team.

Himanshu Singh is a Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest, He is well versed in software platforms like eCommerce, project management, document management. He is also interested in domains like Machine Learning and Semiconductors. In his spare time, he enjoys Guitar, Badminton, and Photography.

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