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Last updated: January 24, 2019

There’s no disputing that nanotechnology is set to become a world-changing technology. The potential applications promise the potential to massively transform a wide variety of industries, and businesses are keeping a close watch on developments in order to make certain that they do not fall behind. The question is, where does nanotech implementation currently rank in the modern trends of the business landscape? There are six main areas where both technology and evolving trends are driving business transformation, and knowing just where nanotech falls on that list could be the key to highlighting its optimum place in the future of business management.

6 Main Areas where NanoTech is Needed

1. The Cloud

The number one trending technology for businesses of all kinds is the cloud. This off-site storage and data management system have proven to be the fastest way for businesses to save money and improve offsite and onsite collaboration. Cloud platforms for business have become so important that they are no longer simply a trend but a necessity.

2. Statistics

Although the use of in-house statistical analysis is not a new trend, it is becoming more recognized as a valuable business tool. Six Sigma processing analysis has proven incredibly beneficial, and Process Mapping is becoming much more common in modern business models. Through proven money-saving strategies such as a strong process mapping technique, this is a business trend not to be underestimated.

3. AI

Artificial Intelligence is not simply an emerging trend, it is already here to stay in the long run. The general public has been somewhat taken by surprise to find that this presumed sci-fi technology is actually being used by them on a regular basis. There seems to be unlimited potential for AI-powered business, and every company should be looking at how to make use of it.

4. NanoTech

Just as it has taken some time for other technologies and trends to become fully adopted and realized in the business community, nanotechnology has yet to find its real-world application in modern sectors. This is set to change as the technology continues to improve, and industries that are not preparing for the many applications are likely to be the ones that fall behind. By 2020, nanotech is likely to start making its presence felt.

5. Automation

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that automation is all about robots. It’s a lot more useful and in-depth than that, and businesses are racing to make use of new automation tech and trends. From software that can automate bookkeeping, to improving efficiency in the marketing process, automation is well-placed to have a major impact on every business sector.

6. Augmented Reality

A business that is not yet looking at how they can use Augmented Reality (AR) is falling behind. Big name brands are already using AR in a wide variety of ways. From interior designers that can showcase design ideas with ease, to clothing companies that allow customers to try virtual products without even leaving the house, expect to see AR become a more visible trend in the near future.


It may seem that nanotechnology has yet to make headway in the business community, but the fact is that with the rapid development and the myriad potential uses, nanotechnology is already here. The technology continues to evolve, and as the applications become clearer you should expect to see nanotech make its way into the business community in the near future.

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