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Sometimes making a great plan may be insufficient to bring a fruitful outcome. If there is a lack of bonding in your team, the projects are likely to be grounded. On the contrary, when your team members have strong bonding your projects will come out with flying colors. To maintain a great team relationship among all the members is equal to making task monitoring, scheduling, and reporting more handy. Therefore Online Project Management Software will help you to maintain an awesome team relationship with your members.

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Team management is one of the four pillars of a successful business. In fact, extraordinary team management ability is considered an essential skill of an inspiring team leader. Effective team management skills should be set as a top priority to become a successful team leader, as said by authors Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback in their Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader book. Some of us think that team management may be easy and unambiguous work through an Online Project Management Tool. But when there is an issue about creating team bonding then you have to deal with a lot of untold challenges.

Here are the ways how you can improve the team relationship with an Online Project Management Tool:

  1. Trying to create a significant connection.
  2. Endeavoring the client’s faith.
  3. Ensuring a balanced working environment.

1. Create a significant connection

Sometimes it seems very difficult to build soft skills such as teamwork among all the team members. To mitigate these types of challenges, project collaborative tools within the Project Management Application could be the optimum solution for you. Maybe you have a doubt, how could it be possible? Really, you can create a touchpoint and engage all of your members by providing a single platform. This will help your team members to interact with each other and also build trust in every member.

On this interactive platform, every team member can easily track the assigned tasks. This feature will help you to prevent the blaming tendency while the task is not completed at the estimated time. As it’s visible to everyone where the team members spend more time rather than the estimated time.

2. Endeavoring the client’s faith

Gaining the trust of a client has become easier by the excellence of the PM Tools. They give a visual representation of every single step of your project and engages your client in every step of your work.

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3. Ensuring a balanced working environment

The policies of the company, management, and the personalities of the employees are the main factor for maintaining the work balance between work and life. If one of these three factors is missing it becomes impossible to maintain a work balance in the office. Project management tools specialize in giving the flexibility of working together as a manager can create projects and add team members. This way they get access to all the tasks and files of the project unless they are marked as private by the manager. So, the team members get a head start because they know where and how to start from. Thus, it helps to create a happy working environment.

The New York Times Magazine published Susan Dominus’ article Rethinking the Work-Life Equation. In this article, she writes about a study where sociologists set up a plan to do research on the Work-Life Equation of a Company. They divided employees into two parts of an organization. The researcher set half of the employees to work on existing company management policy under their managers and gave the rest of the employees the privilege to work however they want- as long as they reach their goal.

Besides that, the managers of the company were trained to help team members to solve their challenges outside their work and also suggest them to share their own opinions broadly. Managers also get reminders twice a day to think about how they will provide a better and balanced work-life for their employees.

The result of the study you may have assumed already! The team ‘Work However’ finished their task happily within the estimated time. Not only this the result of the further research was surprising as well. In that part, the employees said that their family was benefited as well. The children were so happy with their parents’ attitude and the teenagers said they slept well. Furthermore, those who participated in the study declared that if they get a flexible and balanced working environment they will never leave the organization.

Hence we can say it’s a proven statement that if you ensure a balance and flexible working environment you will able to create productive and loyal employees. Online Project Management Tool will help you in many ways to create a joyous environment because it is possible to set deadlines and milestones for each project. Most importantly, all the team members will be aware of them so that they can manage their work for maintaining a proper balance.

Redefining a modern method of working

Project management solutions have their share of critics. But the flexible human approach in managing projects has become an excellent way in recent times. If you want to adopt a smart approach, an online project management tool will help you as a mentor. It’s possible that we might have missed some other techniques to create team collaboration in our writings. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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