4 Ways How E-Pharmacy Software Can Help Manage your Sales and Service

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Yesha Gangani

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Last updated: August 25, 2021


Pharmacies have been fairly straightforward to patients these days. Here’s how it works:

  1. First a healthcare provider will give the patient a prescription.
  2. Then, the patient will bring that prescription to a pharmacy.
  3. The pharmacy will quickly fill the prescription, and that’s it.

It’s as easy as that. While certain pharmacies may follow a slightly different variation to this process, the overall procedure is pretty easy especially for an average patient.

However, the scenario isn’t as easy for those who work behind the counter. For them, the complexity of understanding a doctor’s prescription is just the beginning.

When patients visit a pharmacy and fill in a prescription, they are only able to gauge their own interactions with the pharmacists.

In fact, several reports suggest that about 4.45 billion prescriptions are written and filled in the U.S each year.

The dangers of either using or misusing certain medications are not unknown, which is why millions of prescriptions need extensive authorization and verification. It is important for a pharmacist to perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare medications
  2. Review physician orders
  3. Maintain and control the pharmacy inventory
  4. Work with billing and insurance companies
  5. Identify therapeutic incompatibilities
  6. Provide counseling
  7. Work with pharmacy technicians to maintain pharmacy operational requirements.

Fulfilling all these responsibilities involves following rigorous protocols and legal compliances.

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Summing all these vital tasks and responsibilities, they represent billions of data points that require constant and close monitoring. This can significantly drain out your resources in a modern pharmacy. But there are dangers of far greater importance than those which come due to misinterpreted or misplaced data. If a simple medication is given in the wrong dose or to a wrong patient, it can lead to severe consequences.

Additionally, pharmacies globally always face competition. The U.S. boasts over 67,000 pharmacies, most of which are located within either drug stores or retail locations. So, the majority of patients have a number of options to choose from when they want to fill in their prescriptions. Now, pharmacies that cannot meet patient expectations and have longer wait times may find themselves permanently closing the doors.

A great option to avoid the close-door situation is getting pharmacy management software.

1. What Is E-Pharmacy Software?

By using accessible information technology, all industry types can easily revolutionize their data management. Additionally, automated information processing has made performing important-yet-repetitive tasks with immaculate levels of accuracy. When pharmacies apply such revolutionizing technologies, it results in the birth of Pharmacy Management Software.

E-pharmacy software management system is intricately designed to fulfilling the following tasks:

  1. Improve pharmacy operations
  2. Promote better patient health outcomes
  3. Increase revenue for the pharmacy

The software tracks billing information and patient data. Harnessing high-quality pharmacy management software solutions can automate drug prescription processing and ensure regulatory compliance.

E-pharmacy software can provide viable solutions to pharmacies.

2. How Pharmacy Management Software Can Profit Pharmacies?

Here are four ways in which pharmacy management software can help pharmacies enhance reduced cost and simultaneously enhance customer service.

1. Better Customer Experience

Since the software is a personalized service that caters to each specific need of the customer, it helps pharmacies provide a better experience for their customer. This ensures customer retention. All you have to do is run a simple query about a previous purchase to quickly build a personal relationship with the customers, which obviously will prove beneficial in the long run.

E-pharmacy management software also lets you log and track the complete purchase history of customers. You can easily find their insurance information along with other relevant data.  Such practices will make sure your customers have a good experience at your pharmacy. And you can also keep track of all your sales and inventory data at one place.

By fully accessing a customer’s medical history, you can provide better advice to them. You can instruct them on different ways of how they can avoid allergies. You can also provide essential information about a counteracting drug that their doctors may have missed. You can also schedule the next drug purchase date for your customers.

Quickly accessing the information on similar drugs that come at a lower price will help you provide your customers more economical options to decrease their bill totals.

2. Good Resource Management

By using pharmacy management software, you can easily and efficiently manage your pharmacy’s resources. E-pharmacy software offers a host of features such as:

  1. Good interface
  2. Real-time reports
  3. Inventory management
  4. Precise invoicing

With all these facilities, you can quickly manage and allocate all the resources available at your disposal.

The Inventory Management feature helps you keep track of all the equipment and medicine available stock. In just a few clicks, you can check for out-of-stock items that may be available in your other outlets or warehouse. The order tracking features help you make timely reports on the estimated delivery time to your customers in case they need something urgent if there are any requests for special orders.

The precise invoicing functionality helps you keep track of both your expenses and income. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to manage all your stores’ finances. With this system, you can better understand your financial standing, and it can also give you valuable insights on how you can modify your business opportunities or challenges.

Online pharmacy management systems help you effectively manage multiple outlets across geographies.  They help you easily track and manage all the stock and sales information in other stores right from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

3. Effective Sales Management

E-pharmacy software solutions allow you to easily and efficiently manage your sales. With this, you can easily keep track of each sale you make, the price of every equipment and drug sold, and the profit you have made. You can easily and quickly analyze your business prospects along with the cash flow to get all the data you need for optimizing processes.

Make sure to choose a good pharmacy management software solution that you can easily integrate with your current equipment and workflow. This will maximize its efficiency. Suppose you simply plug a barcode scanner into the software. In that case, you can easily document your entire sale, track the items in your inventory, and provide a faster checkout option to your entire customer base.

4. Offering Online Services

Now that customers have the option to purchase using online pharmacies, it has become very convenient for them to get their preferred drugs delivered right to their doorstep. Unfortunately, the online shopping trend has threatened the sales of traditional pharmacies. However, there’s also a set of customers who find their neighborhood stores far more trustworthy.

You can take complete advantage of this customer behavior by offering an easy access to your pharmacy’s to access online sales portal. You can integrate cloud-based software with a sales portal to quickly provide this service to the customers. By having such online software in place, you can effectively manage your pharmacy from anywhere.

3. Conclusion

A pharmacy management software solution can be very beneficial to your pharmacy. It helps you provide a better customer experience and enables you to take your sales online. It also helps you manage your sales and resources efficiently.

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