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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Millions of Americans have taken the home-based business leap in 2018. Not only is this one of the best ways to pursue the career of your dreams, but you can enjoy an amazing sense of flexibility in terms of pay and hours. Still, it takes a great deal of time and effort to create a working business model and the fact of the matter is that a sustainable income is not built overnight. If you have been less than satisfied with the associated results of this past year, it is a good idea to implement a handful of changes during 2019.

What are some top tips to keep in mind and are there any money-saving strategies which can be employed in order to boost your current sales figures? Let us take a quick look at why 2019 could very well be your most successful year yet.

Steps to Take Home-Based Business to the Next Level

1. Choosing the Correct Product

Regardless of how much talent a salesperson may possess, the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to market a chocolate tea kettle with any degree of success. Many articles covering the online retail community fail to mention that all of your efforts will be wasted if you are unable to find a product that appeals to your target audience. Take a look at the most trending items as well those being offered by your closest competitors. If you are able to come across a handful of products or services which appear valuable to the end user, your inbound revenue generation will undoubtedly benefit as a result.

2. Website and E-Commerce Considerations

Web design is another portion of the puzzle that should never be taken lightly. Portals that are difficult to navigate or fail to load properly will immediately turn a visitor off before he or she has had a chance to view what is being offered. There are several key variables to address if you hope to gain a loyal following over time:

  • Make sure that navigation is clear and straightforward.
  • Always adopt a mobile-responsive design so that the material will display across numerous disparate platforms.
  • Place a call to action on each page.
  • Try to make use of modern contact methods such as real-time chat interfaces in the event that a visitor has a question.
  • Post regular updates to ensure that your content is fresh (very important in terms of your Google rankings).

In the same respect, choose an e-commerce platform that boasts a user-friendly appeal (to you as the seller as well as to the potential buyer). The ability to accept multiple payment methods, a secure gateway and stellar levels of customer service are some of the main hallmarks of a worthwhile e-commerce provider.

3. The Power of Cross-Channel Marketing

Many experts believe that cross-channel marketing will have a massive impact upon the success of home-based business ventures throughout 2019. Cross-channel marketing is simply the practice of spreading your promotions across numerous web pages in synergy. A good example can be seen when an offer embedded within your website is immediately shared on your social media pages and blog portals. Cross-channel marketing will help your site to gain exposure and as a result, you can expect to enjoy a greater number of inbound hits from new (potential) clients.

This type of marketing is also an excellent way to determine what others have to say. How is your sales campaign currently performing? Are you receiving a fair amount of positive feedback and is one product more popular than another? This type of insight is key if you hope to make informed decisions when the time is right. As you are likely already aware, client engagement is a pivotal component of success in this day and age.

4. The Hidden Sales Gem Known as Drop Shipping

Drop shipping truly represents the wave of the future in terms of expedient sales. You are no longer required to store products using in-house methods and the guesswork has been taken out of shipping thanks to the help of a third-party product provider. Not only will any sales be completed in a timely fashion, but there are literally thousands of products to choose from.

It should also be highlighted that the prices associated with many popular items are often significantly lower when compared to open-market values; it’s an undeniable benefit in regards to rising above the competition. Suppliers such as Oberlo offer intuitive guidance as well as a plethora of user-friendly templates, which are both important amenities if you are not entirely familiar with the mechanics behind drop shipping.


Astute entrepreneurs realize that there is always room for improvement within the online retail sector. This is why you should keep all of the suggestions mentioned above in mind. If they are used in synergy with one another, 2019 will indeed be a year to remember!

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