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Last updated: May 19, 2021

Whatever the nature of your business, you would certainly like to pick a field service management software that will boost your return on investment, the efficiency of your daily operations, and the productivity of your employees. HVAC Software by WorkWave is one of the examples of field service software used by contractors in the process of routing, dispatching, invoicing, and scheduling, in addition to providing a central dashboard for all the data convenient for most HVAC businesses.

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To get the best field service software for your HVAC company, consider the following tips below,

Tips while Choosing Field Service HVAC Software

  • The software must meet your business’ needs

First, you must understand what the needs of your business are and determine how you’ll measure each process, as well as the project as a whole. Select a field service software that can help calculate your return on investment and document any process that requires any improvement. By determining your business’ needs and objectives, you can better decide which features you should look for in the software you’re eyeing to get. Good service vendors will ask about your business’ process as they need to understand your objectives in order to explain how their system helps you meet your goals.

  • Keep an eye out for the latest mobile service technology

Are you convinced that you have the latest mobile service technology? Ask your IT department to analyze any software technology you currently have. The service portal is coming up with software to manage customers and a company’s work orders. It’s not only about the field technicians; it’s also about customer service, dispatchers, and people from the human resource department.

Make sure that the software you will get has cloud solutions so you can access the necessary data anytime it’s required. Check if the software has new functionalities and if constant updates are available in order for you to get the latest version. One option to get cloud solutions is having a server installed in your office. While this is ongoing, you can perform advanced custom developments that will cater to your business’ needs. Custom add-ons or changes may come at a price, but the benefits, in the long run, will outweigh the expenses.

  • The simplicity of implementation and training

Implementing enterprise software affects your entire workplace. Especially if this is a new system, successful implementation will require willingness and cooperation from all your employees across all departments. Many a time, you will likely experience some resistance from your employees when it comes to introducing a new system, as this means that they will be leaving their comfort zones when it comes to how things are typically done in the office.

It is, therefore, crucial to making sure that the software you will get has a simple and easy-to-use interface that will not require your workforce to undergo extensive training to use it. Some software providers develop an expansive “partner network” among service companies to help with the training, management, and implementation of the system. Collaborating with your software provider can help your employees better familiarize themselves with the software you will acquire for the business, thus making it faster and easier for them to acclimatize to how it operates.

  • Involve field technicians

Service technicians are the ones performing repairs, inspections, and maintenance, on top of interacting with your customers. Involving your field technicians in the process of selecting the best field management software can help you make the right choice. Their opinions are vital since they are the ones working in the field, and have extensive knowledge of the day-to-day tasks and services that customers expect from the company. Through this, you can better decide which features your field service software should have as your field technicians will be the ones to benefit significantly from it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right field service management software for your HVAC company can be tricky. There are several factors to consider, such as the software’s features, the latest technologies available, it’s ease of use and access, and the needs of your employees and the business as a whole. You also have to consider how receptive your workforce is to this change as they will be the ones who will greatly benefit from having the right field service software. Remember also to ask your employees for their insights since many of them are the ones working in the field. Keep the tips above in mind to make a sound decision for selecting the best field service software for your HVAC company.

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