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With innovations in technology, expanding your business while cutting down costs at the same time has now become easier and more available than ever. With Virtual Phone Number, your business can now have a local presence at any corner of the world without buying or maintaining expensive hardware or phone equipment that usually comes with it. With Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) that involves virtual landline numbers and virtual mobile numbers, one can now make customer relationship management system easier and more hassle-free.

With a Virtual Phone System such as Google Voice, businesses can be assured of more connectivity with their clients at lesser costs. With services such as Google Voice, Google Account users are provided a free phone number to make calls, text and check voicemail.

How exactly does Virtual Phone Number System work?

Businesses are required to get a virtual phone number that acts as virtual landline numbers and increase accessibility because clients would want to communicate with numbers having local area codes as it provides toll-free services. The business, therefore, maintains a local presence without ever actually incurring the costs of being local in different countries. Expansion of business, therefore, becomes easier like never before. Call back services from these numbers are less likely to be rejected by clients and potential clients because of the area code, thus minimizing the risk of losing more potential customers.

What’s more?

Resorting to completely Virtual Phone Systems that provide a variety of customizing options such as letting employees receive calls irrespective of their location without incurring charges, and on their own convenient devices and time creates a systematic work-home balance without interrupting seamless and satisfactory customer experience. In fact, calls can be forwarded to any landline, mobile or other VoIP devices.

For callers, it’s as hassle-free as calling a local business number. The call to the virtual phone number can be transferred immediately to the designated user or screened via the auto-receptionist who, apart from the standard greeting, looks for the number the caller is trying to reach and based on the responses from the user, decides to connect the caller with the person required or sends it to voicemail.With this elaborate and yet hassle-free system of an online virtual phone number, businesses can look forward to greater transparency in their operations, minimize spending on customer support and data management and evaluation of their business marketing programmes. This multi-benefits system helps to get a virtual phone number at very fewer costs while maintaining the basics of business marketing.

For employees, they don’t have to carry separate phones and devices for work and personal uses. Instead, they can customize it and choose to receive calls or send it to voicemail or even queue up numbers across their devices. All this can be seamlessly integrated and business managers can coordinate and check up on the calls and responses along with the productivity of each call. It’s meant for all businesses and is best for small businesses that are looking to expand with the help of cost-effective technology.

These Virtual Phone Systems with their online virtual phone numbers acting as virtual landline numbers offer integration across all platforms such as emails, voicemails, and messages with options of access even from your desktop. Some exclusive features are available at extra costs and are totally worth it. When spending is already less on maintenance of customer relationship management, spending extra on such facilities don’t burn the pockets.

Usually, such Virtual Phone Systems involve different payment packages in combination with a certain number of allotted minutes and virtual phone numbers. And once again, the choice of numbers and their allotments can be customized. So, businesses can get a virtual phone number with rates starting very low per number and allotted minutes. But it’s better to seek reliable names for such services as very low rates such as 1$ per number are usually scams or have several hidden costs. Different service providers have different packages for their mobile number rates and accompanying add-on exclusive services. Several such virtual phone number providers such as RingCentral offer their services in different formats including via apps and a combination of only web-based accessibility as well as phone accessibility. With such virtual mobile numbers, you get the benefits of call-routing and call forwarding associated with physical phones, but with greater outreach.

Many services only sell online virtual phone numbers and virtual landline numbers, while many others sell entire virtual phone systems. CallHippo enables its users to sign up for free, without any credit card, and complete the whole set up within a few minutes. You can get a virtual phone number with only a desktop, a headset, and an internet connection. Right after the setup, business managers can listen to real-time call recordings and get information on the callers’ details, status of the call and its duration. All of this can be done right from the dashboard! With CallHippo, you get a virtual phone number for each country and even department of your business at affordable rates suited for different kinds of budgets. Not just that, with your customizable virtual mobile numbers, you can also set call hours based on time zones and choose to direct callers to voicemail or your inbox based on your preferred time.

virtual phone number features

CallHippo offers integration facilities that let you manage your teammates’ call analytics at one place. It also involves directly forwarding calls to several online virtual mobile numbers to ensure continuous connectivity and reduce the chances of missed calls. All of the users associated with a number will get simultaneous calls, and anyone can receive and start the conversation. It also allows personalized greetings to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Keeping customers interested while they are on call is important. During call waiting or forwarding, automated messages are boring and impersonal. CallHippo with its virtual mobile numbers lets users set custom songs as playback music when customers are put on hold. The service also has CRM integrations with PipeDrive, Zoho, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Slack and so on. These tie-ups make your database management much easier and composite while maintaining your business in a technologically-driven and highly systematic manner but at lesser costs. Virtual landline numbers allow its users to simplify their work life and not remain at their desks to receive calls, thereby causing work flexibility and employee satisfaction.     

This cloud-based model of virtual mobile numbers has a wide range of prices and countries suited according to your business needs. With CallHippo and its virtual phone system, your business has lesser chances of missing out on calls while at the same time giving your employees their own choice of communication without compromising on company targets and client base. To get the benefits of CallHippo for your business, you just have to sign up and get a virtual phone number.

With cloud computing and digital outreach programmes, internet penetration is on the rise thereby causing small-scale businesses to face and overcome increasing competition that creates a bigger need for cost-cutting, while staying focused on growth and optimization. These virtual mobile numbers can also prove beneficial to launch customized marketing campaigns based on close monitoring of customer interaction. This not only weeds out unwanted advertising but also enhances brand image and augments customer satisfaction.

An enhanced customer experience works in a double-sided positive manner ensuring long-lasting mutual engagements. Customer relationship management has evolved from face-to-face personal communication and individual telephonic calling. Technological innovations have made possible other forms of personalized experiences, without compromising on the interests of businesses or customers.

Bottom Line

Such computer telephony integration that allows seamless CRM with the help of online virtual phone numbers is a great technological solution for businesses looking to expand locally and globally without cutting down on essential marketing strategies. All you have to do is get a virtual phone number!   

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  1. Virtual phone systems are the best because of a lot of reasons like low pricing, better features, higher quality, and even the virtual number facility. Your business can benefit a lot from this service, all you need to do is just give it a try.


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