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Last updated: September 6, 2018

Developmental plans do not have to be elaborate. They can be simple strategies that can be applied to all levels and types of business. Take for instance software developers. They are always brainstorming and coming up with new and innovative ideas. Some are borderline ridiculous; however, a few software development plans have the potential to be the next billion dollar idea. Really, this is not too far off from other types of creative avenues. You either have a good idea or you don’t.

Keeping a simple approach to your company’s software development plan, and a way to record these ideas is critical to the research and design process. Utilizing brainstorming tools like dry erase paint is one way to improve on these ideas. Running your business with a people first approach is another. Keeping your employee’s best interests in mind is the best way to maximize your manpower.

software development plan

Companies that act on new developmental ideas can easily be considered innovators who lead the way to change. They outpace the naysayers in the process, by being bold.

But how does one become a leader of innovation in the competitive software development world? They listen, they try, and they learn.

6 points to keep in mind while preparing a software development plan

1. Support Openness

Have an open-door policy for new ideas. An employee who feels like they are not heard will not be willing to help you launch the next best competitive product against a Fortune 500 company. Even if it’s in the form of a suggestion box, let your staff know that their ideas matter and will be heard. You never know where that next great idea will come from.

Let your staff brainstorm, have breakfast breakouts, and share ideas with each other. One thought can quickly turn into a huge developmental breakthrough.

2. Show Kindness

You don’t have to be corporate-cutthroat to succeed. Treat your employees with respect and let them know that they matter to you and your company. They will want to help bring your business to the forefront.
Hostile employees are bad employees. Be nice!

Don’t skimp on Christmas bonuses, raises, and retirement parties. Little incentives can go a long way. Your most valuable employees are those who have been with you for a long time. You have invested time, training, and resources into them. Don’t let them walk out the door and over to your competition. No one wants to work for three or four decades with someone who treats them horribly.

3. Provide Technology

Your development teams cannot bring you new ideas if they do not have access to the best technology available. From brainstorming to building prototypes, make sure that your employees have the best tools at their fingertips. In turn, they will provide you with the best outcomes.

Start with brainstorming tools like dry erase paint so that they can jot down ideas, on the spot, where ever they are in the office. Make your entire office a fully functional desk space, per se. From there, new ideas will blossom and be created. Then, ensure that your workers have the tools to bring these ideas from the drawing table to fruition.

If you do not have the most up-to-date technology, how do you purport to create the next big software program? Practice what you preach. If you want your customers to buy the best, you need to use the best.

4. Plan, But Don’t Overplan

Yes, you want to have your ideas down on paper, but spending hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars for research, may result in only one outcome: coming to the party too late. Businesses today are learning, as that adage goes, time is money.

Many have begun to skip the planning state altogether and go straight to market with a product or service, modifying their strategy in real time. They are learning by trial and error, rather than via research and over-development. Plan enough to get a concept together and they move forward with a marketing team to see if customers would even use or want your product.

5. Outsourcing is Not for the Unskilled

Some of the biggest companies outsource their production and marketing services. While having all your business requirements in-house may be lucrative for some, outsourcing services may be the best way to expedite a groundbreaking idea.

Find a company that can provide you with a-la-carte services for things you do not specialize in.

If software development is your game, but bookkeeping is your demise, outsource your accounting department. If you cannot figure out the best way to provide customer support, but you are a great problem solver, outsource your call center. Be the best business you can be at your business; the rest can easily be handled by a pro in their area of expertise. This will free you up to work smarter in areas you excel at.

6. Don’t Forget the Power of the Up-Sell

Give the client what they want, even when they don’t know it themselves. Your client just contracted with you to develop a new security software system for their small business. They did not ask for 24/7 monitoring of email servers, but you know that adding this feature will not only be beneficial to your client but will also require updates and future service needs. Suggest they add this to their contract with the upsell. Clients don’t always know what they need. It is your job to show them that they require it and that it is a cost of doing business.

Bottom Line

These tips may seem like common sense, but they can easily be forgotten when you are in the thick of business development. Always take care of your employees; without them, you would not have a company. Then, make sure you give them the tools to accomplish their well thought out plans and ideas. You cannot create the next big idea, no matter how grandiose, without the resources. Also remember, that upselling products and outsourcing can be powerful business tools.

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