How To Maintain A Brand Personality In Your Email Design?

Nilam Oswal

Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: December 3, 2020

Every day millions of emails are sent out by organizations in the quest to gain new customers. Unfortunately, many of them are not even opened. One way to spark interest in your marketing emails is to let your distinctive brand identity shine through!

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Customers need to connect with your brand. Over 56% of marketers believe that personalized content forms higher customer engagement. Strong brand identity will lend credibility to your organization and gravitate customer attention. Whether you are launching a new website, creating a logo or sending an email to clients, it is vital to let your brand speak for itself.

Email marketing has revolutionized the way companies communicate with their customers. Since first impressions are formed in just 10 seconds, it is important that your mails have information, visuals, logos and symbols that powerfully convey your brand story. Your email marketing strategy needs to work on building unique brand identity in the minds of target audience members. This means a team of professionals need to work on specific email design and ensure that it makes the desired impact. Here are five key steps to customizing email design and letting your brand identity reflect effectively,

Steps to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Email Design

#Step1: Create Content Guidelines

Having streamlined content designs for your marketing emails is absolutely vital. This will help in-house and freelance professionals follow a strict visual blueprint and enhance the quality of the final email. It gives a systematic approach to creating email elements. Standardization is important – your mails, whether the first one or follow-ups can follow the guidelines for better content development. Your email design guidelines should typically contain logo placement, brand symbols and typography. This is a massive time-saver as it will enable email writers to eliminate any groundwork. They will have a clear idea about content expectations. It provides designers the perfect starting point to craft their email campaigns. With these email guidelines in place, your organization will achieve uniformity in marketing communication and build a memorable brand image

#Step2: Develop A Strong Email Tone

While it is important to focus on your email design, the voice and tone can also have a huge impact on the final product. Around 64% of consumers say that shared values help them form a trusted relationship with a brand. This highlights the importance of ensuring that your brand’s values show clearly in the tonality of your email. Writers should use devices such as assonance or consonance to ensure fluid, simple and lyrical writing. Words should be arranged in the best possible way in short staccato sentences. A formal tone may go better with professional brand images and logo. A modern younger brand may want to try out slang and millennial lingo. Design and copywriting go hand-in-hand to develop the brand identity, so make sure to focus on email tone for better results.

#Step3: Maintain Template Design

There is definitely no way better to streamline email newsletter development that have fixed templates. Templates will make sure that your readers get used to receiving your content in a particular format. Companies ideally develop a number of templates and utilize them for different kinds of emails. Some common categories include promotion letters, thank you notes, purchase confirmations, and marketing updates. A pre-designed template will give your brand continuity in business communication. The style that you have used in the welcome email for new customers will be repeated in future newsletters, sales updates, and marketing campaigns. This will help them to recall your brand easily and differentiate it from competitors. Sending emails from previously created templates will also enable marketers to save precious time, as they do not need to start from scratch each time.

#Step4: Build Mail Campaigns To Fit Your Brand Image

Building innovative marketing campaigns is always a smart move that can help your brand gain a competitive advantage. Every day customers are bombarded with tons of marketing content. Your emails need to reflect your brand strongly so that they create a special place amongst all the digital clutter. Is your brand a novel thought leader? Or is it a young-at-heart trendsetter? Does your organization believe in responsible corporate citizenship? You will need to remember your brand image and create email marketing campaigns around them. It is also vital to keep in mind proper email etiquette rules in mind while forming content. Developing positive and brand reflective marketing campaigns is the key to capturing the target audience and retaining loyal customers in the long run.

#Step5: Design Consistently Across Digital Marketing Channels

Consistency is a huge component of good branding. If your brand is presented consistently it is three to four times more likely to experience brand visibility. Your team should stick by the rules and follow the email design guidelines for marketing communication across multiple mediums.  Social media posts, blogs, emails and website content should be designed in a similar and consistent manner. As your brand becomes more and more recognizable, your customers will learn to connect with your emails and enjoy its uniformity. So don’t be scared to sound repetitive in your emails or marketing campaigns. Brand identity can be created through reliable subtle touches in your emails that will help readers forge an emotional connect and high engagement.

Email continues to reign as a popular option in a marketer’s toolkit. Email is the best way to reach to out mass customers in a cost-effective and fast manner. An email newsletter can capture just about everything about your brand’s essence – color, logo, banner, voice and signature imagery. Make sure to let your brand personality overpower your marketing emails by following a well-developed strategy.

Your brand is what sets you apart from competitors. Every brand is unique and has its own intricacies. Today, when businesses use multiple mediums to market their products, it is absolutely vital to let your brand identity make its mark. Email marketing is an intelligent way to make sure that customers are familiar with your brand. You need to make sure that your brand is their first choice, so work hard to encapsulate your brand identity in your email marketing!

Nilam Oswal
Nilam Oswal is a Content Marketing Head and Brand Strategiest at SoftwareSuggest. When she's not hard at work, she can be found wandering, reading, and just generally having a good time in life.

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