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Last updated: August 25, 2020

GST, also known as Goods and Services Tax, is a value-added, indirect tax levied on a majority of products or services that are sold domestically for consumption in India. GST is a unified system of taxation that has replaced Central and State indirect taxes that previously existed across the country.

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The GST Bill was passed in both the Houses of Parliament in the year 2017, and the law came into force on the 1st of July 2017. Currently, business owners, as well as self-employed individuals in India, are required to register themselves under GST and also pay/file GST on time to keep additional interest charges, fines, and other penalties at bay.

How Should You Pay GST Challan Online?

1. To make GST challan payment online, you first need to register yourself with GST. The registered users can visit the official GST website for logging in to their account.

gst challan

2. Once you log in to your account, you need to choose the ‘services’ option and click on the ‘payments’ section from the dropdown menu. On clicking the payments option, you will come across the ‘create challan’ tab.

create challan

3. Under the “challan” tab, enter each figure accurately under its corresponding heading (CGST, SGST, CESS, UTGST, etc.), and then decide on the payment mode.

challan tabs

4. After you fill-up the required details under CGST, SGST, CESS, UTGST, and IGST headers, you need to click on the ‘create challan’ option. In case you want to make any modifications to the challan, you can also save it by choosing the ‘save’ option.

5. As soon as you create the GST challan, you need to go ahead with the online GST payment procedure. You can choose among the following three payment options,

  • Pay online via credit/debit card or using net banking.
  • Pay using NEFT/RTGS.
  • Make an  OTC (over the counter) payment via GST-accredited banks.

challan payment

In case you opt for GST challan payment online, you will receive an acknowledgment soon after making the payment. What’s more, you will also be allowed to download your GST challan.

When Should You Make Your GST Challan Payment Online?

You need to pay your GST every month soon after filing your GSTR 3B return. In simple words, you need to pay/file your GST return of the current month by the 20th of the following month.  At the same time, you should keep in mind that if your GST liability exceeds Rs 10,000, it becomes compulsory for you to pay your GST online.

In this post, we will shed light on some useful factors to enlighten our readers on online GST challan payment. So here’s what you need to know about GST challan payment online,

Interests and Penalties

If your GST challan payment online gets delayed, or you end up paying less than the total amount due, an 18 percent interest will be levied on your dues. Thus, it is advisable to count on an efficient GST accounting software that helps you stay GST compliant and avoid paying penalties.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • If an unregistered merchant needs to submit his/her provisional identity number to generate a pre-login challan.
  • If government agencies, UN Bodies, or foreign embassies want to generate a GST challan without logging on to the GST site, they need to submit their Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  • In case a tax return preparer (TRP) decides to generate a pre-login GST challan, they can do the same by submitting the Tax Return Preparer ID assigned to them for generating the GST challan.

So these are a few important factors you should keep in mind when making GST challan payment online. When you file your GST on time, it enhances your GST-compliance rating  which in turn, boosts the status of your tax besides enhancing your business reputation.

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