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With a huge number of graduates passing out every year, high demand for jobs, and a progressive economy, the job market is getting highly competitive. It becomes a tedious job to manually filter out resumes especially for start-ups and small and mid-sized businesses with less manpower. It is thus essential for job seekers to ensure that their resume stands out among a sea of other resumes. An Applicant Tracking System is a software that sorts the best resumes and makes the job of the interviewer easier.

What is the Online Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System is a hiring and recruitment tracking tool which uses special algorithms to sort the best of applications. Such an Applicant Tracking System uses combinations of different features but the primary aim is to help the companies be organized, and filter out the best applicants to get their work done.

These days, with various third-party recruitment organizations, applicants submit their resumes online on various portals. These applications are then fed to an online Applicant Tracking System to sort out the best ones.

Why Use an Online Applicant Tracking System?

Getting a job to suit your qualification might be difficult but submission of an online application for a job is relatively easy. This attracts several unqualified or non-serious applicants applying for the job just to try their luck. It becomes one hell of a task for the companies to weed out such applications. This is where the Applicant Tracking System comes into play. It sorts out and carefully categorizes non-serious applicants from serious ones and helps the good resumes to come to the surface.

Also, going through a stack of papers and sorting out crowded email boxes makes the hiring process cumbersome and inefficient. The online applicant tracking software is useful for both large and small companies but especially critical for large companies that are hiring for a variety of positions in several different departments.

Selecting an ATS Software also doubles as a CRM tool which helps in streamlining the applications, communicate with the applicants, and submit valid proofs, thereby reducing the paperwork. You don’t need a dedicated staff to organize this process as now you have an Applicant Tracking System in place.

Applicant Tracking Systems are Everywhere.

Implementation of ATS solution is widely used everywhere from small, medium to large companies. A survey by Kelly OCG estimated that 66% of large organizations use Applicant Tracking Software during recruitments and about 35% of small organizations use the same. While research by Jobscan found that 98% of fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Software.

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Any online portal for a job application and even sites like LinkedIn have an applicant tracking software linked to it to make the whole process of recruiting a walk in the park.

How does the Applicant Tracking Software Work?

The Applicant Tracking System uses a database to store and collect resumes which is accessible by hiring professionals. There are several criteria and ways that the recruiters use to sort and retrieve the database. Even if not selected, the resumes are stored for a long time after the original job opening is already filled. This helps for future references.

Some recruiters still prefer to glance at every job application they get instead of just retrieving the application based on priorities. They like to take a glance through the applicants, experience, qualifications, achievements, and companies worked in. This helps them learn about the candidate in seconds and helps them to decide if they want to dig deeper into the candidates’ profile.

Some Useful Features of an Online Applicant Tracking Software

1. Automatic Ranking

The Online Applicant Tracking System sorts and compares various resumes against the job description. After comparing, the system scores and ranks each applicant based on how well it matches the job description. This helps the recruiters go through the resume and select a candidate based on the rank instead of going through every candidate profile individually. This saves the recruiters a lot of time.

2. Keyword Searches

One of the common practices recruiters have accustomed to is to search for a candidate based on certain key skills, titles, or positions.

This helps the recruiters weed out applicants without the needed skill set and get to the applicants they are looking for. A smart candidate who can predict the correct keywords that employers might use and thereby use it in their own resume have higher chances of having their profile viewed.

Applicant Tracking System automates this process by analyzing one’s resume with their job skills.

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3. Gives Real-Time Data and Insights

An Online Applicant Tracking System also gives real-time data and analysis about the recruitments going on and about recruitments that are needed in the future. It is especially useful for large companies which hire in huge numbers.

The application tracking system enables and facilitates the hiring of useful and able candidates without wasting a lot of the recruiter’s time.

Lesser paperwork, lesser staff occupied in the process of hiring, and streamlined hiring operations make Applicant Tracking Systems a perfect software to invest in to reap the benefits of the potential human resources.

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