How can You Use VoIP Phone Services in Different Industries?



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VoIP phone services are emerging as the new technology that binds people all across the world. Though VoIP services have been around for quite some time now, it is still a raging favorite of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Every day more and more businesses are switching from regular phone services to the VoIP phone services like a phone system for school and university. VoIP uses packet switching mechanism to deliver voice calls over the internet. 

How is VoIP Different from Normal Phone Services?

1. Technology

It is safe to say that the VoIP services are definitely a step up from the traditional voice calling function. While the standard phone services use circuit switching, its successor has opted for packet switching for connecting calls through the internet. Phone system for school and university has been using VoIP for this very reason.

2. Price

In regular phone services when a call is to be made, the entire circuit must be kept open during the whole length of the call. This very concept made long distance calls or international calls rather expensive. But when it comes to VoIP services, the human voice is automatically converted into different data packets and sent over to the destination. 

These packets have the ability to take different channels or routes to their destination. VoIP services cost a fraction of the price due to the fact that no separate infrastructure is required for it; it makes use of the internet connection that is already available. Thus making emergency phone service such as healthcare phone system more affordable.

3. No distinction

In traditional phone lines, the distinction between a consumer and a business entity would be huge and thus setting a business line in a household would be quite expensive not to mention the technical complications that went into it. VoIP has erased the distinction between the two entities, making phone services affordable to small business owners who want to work in the comfort of their homes.

4. Availability of internet

One of the major disadvantages of a VoIP connection is that it needs both power and an internet connection to place a call. On the other hand, a traditional phone call needs neither power nor is it dependent on internet services. However, the call forwarding service makes sure that incoming calls are not missed even if there is no Internet connection.

5. Device independent

A traditional phone service network can only work for landlines and thus restricting the users to a single device attached to a specific location. VoIP has overcome this problem; with this network, there is no particular device that one will need to make a call. Any landline, mobile, computer, laptops, tablets etc can be used. Any device that has internet access can place a call over the VoIP network. The healthcare phone system benefits greatly from this feature.

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How and where VoIP Phone services will be particularly helpful

As established earlier VoIP services can be of great help to small businesses and start-ups. Here we will be talking about a few sectors where this particular phone service will be of help.

1. Customer service

In this age of e-commerce, customer service is a very valuable asset of a company. Customer service revolves around phone lines, and thus VoIP services have almost taken this sector by storm. The VoIP services reduce the operational cost as compared to the traditional phone lines. It minimizes the waiting time by automatically routing calls to free personnel. It also offers live monitoring and data collection features that make it perfect for this line of work. It is particularly useful for real estate phone system, healthcare phone system and Phone system for school and university. 

2. Hotel and tourism industry

Proper communication and around the clock service is the backbone of this industry. Hotels need to make sure that their help lines are up and running 24X7 for maximum customer satisfaction. The VoIP services help to manage the flow of calls and not congest one singular line at a time. All incoming calls can be routed to their respective departments.

3. Finance

The main motto of the finance industry is to save money. We have already established the fact that VoIP is a much better cost-effective mode of communication, one neither has to invest a large sum of money in this, nor it has any severe maintenance costs. In an industry where every penny counts it is no surprise that VoIP is preferred. Furthermore, it hosts an impressive number of mobility features results in an increase in accounting solutions.

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing business is a highly competitive and organized industry. Any mode of communication with flexibility and scalability is always welcome here. Manufacturing has an array of branches like finance, accounting, sales, warehouse, etc. making it an entire sector for VoIP network. All these different departments are situated at various locations, and VoIP ridges the gap between them. 

In a manufacturing organization, employees will highly benefit from VoIP network due to its features like instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, advanced call management, etc. it provides a better and a more efficient form of communication and collaboration. 

5. Real estate

The real estate phone system has been a booming market for VoIP. Time is of a greater essence when it comes to the real estate sector. An agent needs to communicate effectively and effortlessly to his clients. The real estate phone system makes use of some of the most important features of VoIP network like voicemail to email.

The Bottomline

Every business in the market has its own unique way of communication, VoIP network can be easily manipulated based on the features and requirements of each industry, and that is one of the key reasons for its popularity.

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