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Last updated: February 18, 2021

Free instant messaging has been immensely popular since the last two decades. Most business organizations have moved towards sophisticated cloud telephony systems to avail of not only apex HD audio calling, but also get some ancillary facilities such as free messaging, virtual assistants and chatbots.

If we think of the most popular free messaging app nowadays, there is no doubt that the name WhatsApp comes to mind. There are more than 1.5 billion active monthly WhatsApp users, and the number just seems to grow at a fast pace. However, people do not want to use WhatsApp on their traditional phone number anymore, they want to integrate it and use it on their virtual phone number. This will ensure that it serves personal and business requirements in tandem.

Nowadays, the world has made the transition towards virtual telephony. There are many credible virtual phone number providers in the market that customize packages that suit organizational requirements. However, can WhatsApp be installed on a virtual phone number? – this is the question that most clients have as they feel that VoIP technology cannot support WhatsApp.


Well, that is a myth as we have specialized virtual numbers for WhatsApp. You may not have heard about them but they are very much there and available in the market. Virtual numbers for WhatsApp have the capability to integrate Whatsapp facility. There are many VoIP phone service providers that provide you with a compatible virtual phone number that allows corporate users to create a Whatsapp business account. This is highly useful, as businesses can engage with their customers via Whatsapp, and respond to their queries instantly.

You can get a virtual phone number for WhatsApp at any point of time. All these numbers are verified, and guarantee that users can smoothly use all functions of Whatsapp for business purposes. Virtual phone numbers for Whatsapp are a must-have as they can make your business agile, responsive and flexible.

There are tons of options available for all kinds of organizations – start-ups, small enterprises, and giant multinational corporations. You can choose either local or mobile virtual phone numbers – the best part is that you remain connected through WhatsApp at all times, as all you require is a working internet connection to make calls or send messages. It encourages mobility and makes sure that your clients can keep in touch round the clock.

Since live chat is a preferred medium of communication between consumers and businesses, getting a virtual phone number for WhatsApp is sure to give a strong competitive edge and build long term customer engagement.

How Can You Use WhatsApp On A Virtual Phone Number?

It is always challenging to switch over to advanced technology, hence many businesses have not yet taken the leap towards using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp. Considering that your business already has a virtual phone number, all you need to do is feed in your country details and enter the virtual phone number in WhatsApp. You will be given a verification code on your VoIP phone system application or on your desktop. All that has to be done is to feed your verification code in WhatsApp, and you are ready to use Whatsapp on a virtual phone number.

If you are longing to use WhatsApp with your virtual phone number and are unaware of the process, let us guide you. In this article, we have enlisted some of the leading VoIP service providers and the way in which they let you integrate WhatsApp with your virtual phone number.

Steps to Use WhatsApp with a Virtual Phone Number

1. CallHippo

virtual phone numbers for whatsAppWith CallHippo, using your WhatsApp with a virtual phone number is easy breezy.



Step-1: Once you have purchased the virtual phone number, you can start registering the same on WhatsApp.

Step-2: After you choose your country, it’s time to insert your virtual phone number. Once you enter it and click on ‘Next,’ you will be sent a Verification Code.

virtual phone numbers for whatsApp

Remember, this verification code will be sent on your VoIP provider’s app and not your phone. So, make sure you have the app installed.

Step-3: Enter the Verification Code or click on the given link in the message to verify your phone number. Once verified, you are all set to use your virtual phone number on WhatsApp.

virtual phone numbers for whatsApp

2. MightyCall

virtual phone numbers for whatsAppMightyCall has a 3-step process to enable you to use WhatsApp with your MightyCall virtual phone number.



Step-1: Download WhatsApp Business app on your mobile device

Step-2: Start with the sign-up process, and when it asks you to enter the phone number, insert your MightyCall virtual phone number.

Step-3: You’ll receive a Verification Code on your MightyCall app. The same can be located in the History -> Text Section of your profile. Enter the provided code, and you are good to leverage the benefits of WhatsApp Business on your virtual phone number.

virtual phone numbers for whatsApp

Source: https://www.mightycall.com/blog/how-to-use-whatsapp-business-with-a-virtual-phone-number/

3. JustCall

virtual phone numbers for whatsAppUsing WhatsApp with JustCall is a bit long process than those mentioned above, but it’s worth investing your time.



Step-1: Once you have the JustCall virtual phone number, download WhatsApp on your mobile device.

Step-2: Begin with the sign-up process. Choose the country you own the virtual phone number for and enter the number.

virtual phone numbers for whatsApp

Source: https://justcall.io/help/use-whatsapp-justcall/

Step-3: Once you enter the phone number, click on ‘OK.’ Wait for the timer to run out. You’ll see an option to ‘request a phone call.’

virtual phone numbers for whatsApp

Step-4: Click on ‘Call Me.’ You’ll receive an automated call telling you a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code, and you are good to use WhatsApp on your virtual phone number.

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4. Blacktel

virtual phone numbers for whatsAppSimilar to other VoIP service providers, MyOperator lets you use WhatsApp on your virtual phone number.



Step-1: As you proceed with the sign-up process on WhatsApp, enter the virtual phone number you got from Blacktel.

Step-2: Login to your Blacktel account and ensure that the virtual number you own is active. Also, confirm that you are able to receive calls on the same number.

Step-3: Your virtual number might not work to receive SMS for verification code. So, wait till the timer runs out and choose to receive verification code on call.

Step-4: You will receive an automated call on the given phone number, which will provide you the 6-digit verification code. Enter the code, get your WhatsApp account verified, and you are all set to use its functionalities on your virtual phone number.

Well, if you have noticed above, each provider follows the same process to let you use WhatsApp with your virtual number. However, the difference lies only in the way you receive the verification code. So, if you are taking service from VoIP providers other than those mentioned here, do confirm the method with them.

Companies have realized the power of using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp. There are many diverse advantages that businesses can accrue by using this holistic communication tool. Here are some compelling reasons why businesses should use WhatsApp on virtual phone numbers,

Why should you choose WhatsApp Business over other options?

Nowadays, there’s more buzz about WhatsApp Business, and for good reasons. Being the go-to messaging app for billions of people across the globe, companies are clamouring to use it. More importantly, WhatsApp is now taking the lead as the most opted communication channel in comparison to email for customers as well as businesses.

Right from empowering businesses to build exciting experiences to help them expand their reach to a wider audience, WhatsApp Business can bring in more effective results in terms of customer engagements. Moreover, it eases internal communication. If deployed correctly, WhatsApp Business has the potential to take your business communications to a new level.

While WhatsApp is available free of charge and is simple to use, one must not overlook the power of combining WhatsApp Business and a Virtual Phone Number. 

4 Ways You Can Use WhatsApp For Your Business

1. Internal Communication

Many times it happens that people are reluctant to learn new things, specifically new tools. But the best thing about using WhatsApp is that almost everyone is familiar with it. People use it and more often and require no training to operate it. One more advantage of using it is you don’t require pinging your employees to check the messages. They are anyhow kind of addicted to it.

You can create specific groups and share instant messages for which email is not necessary. In addition to this, WhatsApp lets you add up to 256 contacts in a single group; thus, making it one of the most reliable means of internal communication.

2. Customer Communication

Sales follow-ups made on WhatsApp rather than phone calls are expected to receive faster responses. However, using WhatsApp for customer communication can bring in many benefits. This includes:

  • People usually avoid picking calls from unknown numbers. So, if your customers haven’t saved your number, there are high chances that they won’t receive your call.
  • WhatsApp gives you a chance to be a little informal. For example, you can follow-up regarding the quotation you sent via email on WhatsApp. There are more chances of your client opening the WhatsApp message as compared to his inbox.

3. Customer Support

As WhatsApp demonstrates a wider reach, it can be the best tool your business can have for customer support. Most probably, customers prefer dropping a message on WhatsApp instead of looking for the customer support number or raising a ticket. Thus, it becomes easier for even businesses to respond. But, this is not a feasible option if you receive hundreds of customer requests, calls, or queries every day. So, make sure you choose WhatsApp as a customer support tool only when you have fewer customer requests to handle.

Most businesses today have started incorporating WhatsApp as a support channel for customers experiencing troubles. Some have even begun using WhatsApp in full force to take orders. 

4. Marketing & Promotion

WhatsApp empowers you to send texts, audio files, videos, voice notes, images, and even short video clips to users across the globe. Moreover, it has lesser restrictions to file formats and higher chances of delivery. Thus, you can utilize it to connect with your existing customers. Well, it’s recommended you don’t give it a try to new users as none welcomes messages from unknown numbers.

Remember, you need to be creative with your posts, announcements, stories, and messages on WhatsApp. Only then can you grab the attention of your customers.

Now that you have acquainted yourself with some creative usage of WhatsApp for your business, it would be pretty clear as to why you should choose WhatsApp Business over other options.

Final Note

Virtual phone systems are the future of telecommunications. If you use virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp, you can easily handle both personal and business communication on the same device. It is the smartest way to differentiate your business from market rivals and provide a comprehensive support experience to your clients.

It is high time to get on the cloud telephony bandwagon and adopt virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp.  You need to offer your customers multiple channels for effective support, and this is surely one of the best platforms available that can increase retention and boost engagement!

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