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Change becomes an important yet unsettling part of the world that most often scares many. It’s the unpredictability that it bring to the table that makes many wonders if that is the right move. And in a world where technology has dominance over most activities taken place, change becomes a build in part of the package. A simple Google search will tell you that billions of activities take place over a blink of an eye or click of a button. As we step into the virtual world, new terms surface and establish themselves marking the different stages of the ladder towards the future.

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Billions of activities take place over a blink of an eye or click of a button. 7365 tweets, 745 Instagram photos, 2297 Skype calls and 2,528,893 emails sent within a second with a 38,522 GB of internet tariff utilized with over 56,580 google searches every second. These numbers represent the pace in which the world now travels towards the future. As the world takes charge at the most rapid pace, the changes that tag along become harder and harder to keep track of. As the atmosphere renews organizations are expected to keep up with the pace while maintaining a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Without knowing even the most underrated aspects of an organization get a new look and the traditional ways quickly fade into the past.

One such underrated aspect is the human resources of an organization where many tend to treat it as a support division or back office. The importance of an HR in an organization is often clouded by the judgment that it only represents a mere recruitment process. Many associate it as the one place where new employee are taken in and those that leave an exit through. The many important functionalities and qualities that govern the very foundation of which the organization stands upon are often tossed aside. The technological advancements directed a spotlight that made those hidden attributes stand out to the many that were unclear of the processes. And the industry of HR became a rather significant focus point when considering the technological collaborations of an organization. HRIS solutions providers sprouted from every corner with the promise of offering customized and industry fitting capabilities that would cater towards the diverse organizations that are present in the world.

To answer the very important question as to “What the 21st century HR would look like?” it requires explaining several key terms that surfaced with the entrance of technology to the fields. The business field came from many trials and errors of the very first trading’s taken place centuries ago and the rules and guidelines that we now consider the norm took the knowledge of many to establish. The business studies that many students follow is the product of many opinions and practices that were discovered in a journey of many milestones. And with the technological aspect added to the picture several changes tag along with it that adds to the perceptions that were followed for many years in the past. This is the definition point of the very famous phrase “Out with the old and in with the new”. The old does not completely remove from the equation but rather get a new look and feel. To many that are yet trying to decode this there are a few areas that would draw a clear picture. These terms redefine the future outlook of the HR as well as the business industry as a whole.

One such term that has surfaced as a generation category are the digital natives. In the simplest form, digital natives are those that are born during the internet era. This generation of individuals has not known a time that existed beyond the internet. From the source of information to relationships are built upon the base that is the internet. Their strengths lie within the online and mobile platforms and they rely highly on the usage of networking, blogging, information sharing over social tools. These digital natives construct a large portion of an organization and in the near future be the ones to take over the future of organizations.

With a new generation entering the atmosphere the use of terms such as gamification comes into play. This is another term that represents the next generation of an organization’s functionalities. To answer the question “What is Gamification?” It is using game techniques to carry out organizational activities in a more attractive and interactive manner. This is the power of incorporating game mechanics into the non-game aspects of things such as recruitment, learning, employee engagement and information sharing, etc. Now as daring as this sounds what was once considered a leisure activity that many used for time pass has incorporated itself into the business world and made its way to the world of HR. Making processes easier and much more interesting to handle than ever before. Convenience, reliability, and efficiency have become the core of these revolutionary developments. Another such development that has been taking over the World Wide Web is the use of Internet of things or as many now refer to as IoT.  This is yet another addition that marked another milestone towards the future. To explain it in the simplest format would be the internet working on physical devices where things varying from electronic items to buildings being embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, enabling them to collect and exchange data. How does this apply to HR? Well in many ways this makes things easier and faster than ever before. The staff that works away from the office can be tracked and even the most important aspects such maintain a healthy workforce can be another product of this development. To those that worry about losing important assets of the organization, can even monitor and provide facilities that would ensure a strong and healthy workforce.

These terms discussed just define the tip of a technological iceberg that we are now in the process of unveiling with every minute that passes by. A simple article cannot describe the importance and the many milestones of a journey that we are yet to travel. This is just an introduction to what we see as significant markings of a change still taking place. Every organization strives to reap the best outputs and if you are yet to get on board the technology train it might be the time to think and work fast. To answer question “How do we keep up?” It requires being updated before the updates come to your through a competitor. Being one step ahead of the game. Identifying the right move and adapting those changes according to the requirements of the atmosphere. Understanding and portraying the right image that you desire to put across as the identity of your organization. Much like machines need all its cogwheel to move at the right time, an organization needs it, employees, to move forward towards the future and how you maintain that process decides the rest of the journey.

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