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The HR department manages the records of employees differently. They have their own system that carefully stores information on employee background checks, contract renewal, attrition/turnover in diverse teams, increment or deductions, overtime, etc.  It is vital for companies to carefully maintain all these records in a well-organized manner for easy retrieval for inspection or reference in the future.

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Importance of HR Templates

Clear and transparent communication is essential to maintain a healthy culture in any organization. Communication is of utmost importance to the HR team as they are expected to maintain full transparency. A suitable template can help the HR post a vacancy to employment agencies and effectively manage the current relations with the employees. These excel templates can also help you manage eligible candidates and handle new employees as well as the old ones.

If your HR department is looking for a good hr system to maintain sensitive and useful employee data, we’ve enlisted here a free list of well-designed templates that can solve the mundane task of saving or physically stacking documents at offices.

Top 15 HR & Payroll Templates for Free Download

The following is an extensive list of the top templates of HR and payroll maintenance for you to keep pace with routine tasks without compromising on the quality of the report. If you’re a small organization or startup on budget constraints, there’s no need to worry. All these templates are FREE to download.

1. Job Description Template


Job hunting has always been difficult even for skilled candidates, but writing a clear, crisp job description is not a piece of cake either. To find the best candidate, the HR team should post a clear, concise, and easy to understand job description. To churn out something like this, HR needs a thorough understanding of the role to post well-designed job descriptions on popular job portals.

With a good job description template, you can ease out the process of delivering exemplary job descriptions. This template will also help you include details on the Business Name, Designation, Job Location, Key Skills, required qualifications, and more.

Format: Excel

2. Pre-screening templates

Pre Screening Templet

The pre-screening phase is right after you have posted a job description, which attracts a pool of resumes. Selecting the right candidate to move forward can become overwhelming during this period. The next step is to determine which candidate to call for an interview for the interview rounds.

This pre-screening template helps you to solve the biggest dilemma of choosing the correct candidate out of numerous applicants. It provides you all the processes needed to be followed for a near-perfect pre-screening process.

Format: Excel

3. Employee Background Check Template


Employee Background Check Template

Once you have a good candidate who fits the profile, and you’re ready to hire that professional into your organization, it’s time to confirm all the facts and figures stated in his or her resume and during the interviews. Employee background checks will always be an important part of the hiring process because a bad hire can harm an organization’s reputation in front of the clients if the candidate joins the job with fake documents.

Therefore, HR needs to be aware of the employees’ track record before hiring them onboard.

By conducting a proper employee management system background check, you will know what to ask and document while completing the hiring process.

This free template will help you understand the exact documents required, along with the process of documenting.

Format: Excel

4. Recruitment Template


No organization follows the same process to complete their recruitment procedure. Every company has a different requirement based on the job profile. As an HR, you need to learn how to advertise jobs and conduct interviews after completing the induction round.

This recruitment template can help you with just that.

Format: Excel

5. Performance Review Template


Every organization needs to carry out a performance review for conducting appraisals. This process is essential to understand whether the employee management system is completing its responsibilities and tasks effectively or not. A performance review is also needed to determine how to improve current results on their way to progress.

Neither performance reviews nor any appraisal cycles should turn into a stressful phase for the HR department. So here’s a template to carry out a performance review and feedback documentation more smoothly.

Format: Excel

6. Employee Suggestion Maintenance Template


A strong pillar that translates into a progressive workplace is pleasant employee relations. There will always be times when an employee wants to put forward grievances, suggestions, or comments to the HR or senior. With this template, you can keep a record of all employee problems and solve their issues promptly.

Format: Excel

7. Employee Termination Template

freelance agreement

There are particular necessities when an employee has to fulfill before leaving your current organization to join another company. This template will guide you through the essential processes needed for correct and legal employee termination.

Format: Excel

Payroll Management Templates

Keeping track of the payroll excel sheet and properly organizing salaries of each employee is another step to make business processes smoother and more in line. With a payroll excel sheet management template, your company can effectively streamline all the employees’ financial details, thereby boosting the accuracy of financial operations.

Here are some payroll templates that you can use for free:

1. Dashboard Payroll Template


This template offers an easy-to-consume graphical representation of employee data along with highlighting more crucial data points. This excel payroll template helps the HR visualize a dashboard for compiling payroll metrics in one single report.

Format: Excel

2. Payroll Deduction Form Template


A payroll deduction system helps the HR understand any deductions that may occur in an employee’s salary due to late comings, unpaid leaves, health insurance, etc. You can also include any legal policies of the organization before authorizing the final payroll deductions monthly.

Format: Word

3. Payroll Change Form

Payroll Change Form

Payroll changes take place regularly in the annual appraisal cycle. Most organizations follow a two appraisal cycle per year, which results in double the work in making changes under each employee’s data.

This template helps make adjustments in basic pay, bonus or incentives, etc. It also helps record the changes in every module of employees’ salaries.

Format: Word

4. Payroll Register Template


With this, you can track employee details, including pay schedule, vacation hours, exemption status, employee’s first name and last name, emergency contact number, salary, etc.

Format: Excel

5. Payroll Statement Template


This template presents a perfect summarization of salary deduction, proof of income, paid vacation accrual, etc., to the employees. It also showcases an earning statement divided into working hours, leaves used, etc.

Format: Excel

6. Corporate Payroll Check Template


As the name suggests, the template caters to corporates and offers a traditional pay stubs format for current and annual payroll data. It showcases employee ID and the number of references and offers different fields such as type, deductions, and pay rates.

Format: Excel

7. Weekly Expense Report Template


An expense report documents expenses incurred for business purposes. The template can help keep track of reimbursement costs per employee to deduct from advanced payments allocated to them.

Format: Excel

8. Employee Calendar Template


Keep an organized representation of the schedules of the employees with an employee calendar. This template is made for weekly documentation, showing the number of hours they worked, income earned, and pay rates. This template is made for weekly documentation. It uses a spreadsheet format to add formulas for the calculation of weekly payments received by every employee.

Format: Excel


With the right templates, productivity will increase at your workplace. You can also seamlessly streamline Payroll Management operations and HR Management.

Since HR processes are often complicated to process, a small mistake can impact the entire company.  Hence, you must use good templates to keep your operations effectively running. All these excel templates are easy to edit and customizable as per your organization’s requirements.

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