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Last updated: April 20, 2021

The ongoing confluence of next-gen technologies and a digital workforce is changing the face of the modern enterprise. Karan Jain, Executive Director of HR-One gives us a glimpse at how technology is simplifying the life of HR professionals and the global workplace.

In Conversation with Karan Jain,

Walk us through the inception of HR One.

The underlying idea behind the inception of HR-One stemmed from our SAP Business One customers who were looking for a payroll software solution. We realized the need was immediate as there was no payroll software at that time that can mitigate their ongoing payroll concerns.  Further, the meticulous, manual and cumbersome processes were adding the complexity.

So, this led to the idea of conceiving a solution that will work as an agent of change and help in revolutionizing the HR Industry. Hence, it was born which is now an end-to-end HR automation software which is used across 18+ industry verticals by over 2,00,000+ users.

The HR market has expanded substantially over the last 10 to 15 years. When was your first entry into the market and how you have been able to carve out a successful niche through HR One?

Our first entry dates back to 2010 when there were no major players in the HR market. Some of the key pointers that make HR-One stand apart has to be our easy product adoption that any user can use it without any hiccups. I’d say most of the amazing HR products fall short owing to its user-adoption shortcoming.

Time is key. And, we all are a little impatient to see results faster. Realizing the need of the hour, we’ve defined our implementation methodology in such a manner where we can implement HR-One in your business in just a matter of few days.

In true sense, we’re not just automating few HR processes but also simplifying the lives of HR and employees alike with 40+ unique processes in our employee-self service software.

Nearly every entrepreneur has a detailed answer to what they would have done differently in the early days of their start-up. We want to ask you: what are some decisions you made during that initial period that you would stand by even today?

As an entrepreneur, one thing we stand by today is to grow and thrive in an amazing world of HR software where there lies an immense opportunity with a bright future.   

What are the short-run and long-run changes you expect to see (and maybe even pioneer) in the market for HR software industry?

The short-run changes that I expect to see in the HR software industry are the cloud, powerful analytics, mobile platforms and shortest onboarding. Well, if I talk about the long-run changes I see as the biggest impact of Artificial Intelligence in the HR domain.  

How would you describe your approach to leadership and management?

The best leaders lead by examples. And, as far as management is concerned, we strongly advocate a democratic style of management where ideas are exchanged freely, and discussions are encouraged frequently.

Something your company does better than its competitors- the secret ingredient behind the success of HR One.

Although it’s difficult to define our secret sauce of success as there is a mix bag of recipes such as hard work, dedication, persistence, innovation, zeal, teamwork and other elements attached to it. But, if we have to rest our choice on one secret ingredient, it has to be our unwavering customer support.

Which are the software HR-One uses to streamline its business processes?

We use various tools to streamline the processes. The vital tools which are using are:

  • CRM for customers management
  • SAP Business One for resource planning
  • Google Analytics for marketing intelligence
  • Microsoft VSTS for code management
  • Tableau for generating critical insights

What are your experiences with highs and lows at HR One?

The time when we were a kid on the block and apprehensive about how our HRMS software will perform and do in the marketplace sets the lows at HR-One.  

The highs at HR-One was the time when we receive overwhelming responses from our clients for our software and when we touched the lives of more than 2,00,000+ users across 18 industry verticals in 300+ companies.

Finally, what are some words of wisdom that you, an industry expert at this point, would give to an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

Make choice after careful deliberation and remember success doesn’t happen overnight. This means patience is a key to success and perseverance pays off in the long run.

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