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Predicting the future is next to impossible. But when you are observing an industry closely, it is possible to define the trends and chart a course for where things are likely to head. And when it comes to HR tech market, observing the previous trends indicates a huge transformation in the trend. HR Software usually takes care of all the manual work done by multiple employees in an organization.

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An employee should be aware and responsive towards the goals and vision of the organization, and HR management software helps in the same. And in the process, employee engagement is the key.

With all the market disruptions happening around, there is a wave of upgrades and replacements sweeping in the HR technology. We got you curated the secrets that will make human resource solutions look amazing in 2020.

Tips to make your Human Resource Solutions look amazing in 2020

1. Major Shift from “Automation” to “Productivity”

From past few years, the major focus of Human Resource solutions is to shift from manual work to automation with integrated HR practices. Be its payroll process, record keeping, learning management, resume capture, interview, and hiring, management,  assessment, compensation, performance appraisals or interview and hiring, the cloud based HR Management software is sound to take care of all.

The HR management software for the coming year is focused on being more productive. The software is upgraded to work beyond the usual functions and be the smart software to provide messaging from different systems, internal team communication chatbots, mass emailing services and a platform of communication tools that overwhelm most of us.

2. The shift from “System Based”  HR Management software to “Cloud-Based Solution”

Despite HR Management software being the rapidly maturing solution, only a few companies are comfortable with shifting from system based software to cloud-based solutions.

A cloud-based Human Resource Solutions centralizes the data at one place and can be easily accessed and modified from any system and configuration. The cloud-based HR solutions are well functioned with offering HRMS, Payroll, ERP solutions, and many talent management services.

Hence the cloud HR and Performance Management Software is a critical system for any business.

3. Learning in Real Time

With the upgrade of the process to the cloud-based centralized system, the employees will stay updated with the processes in the real-time. The learning domain is slow when concerned individual. However, with information provided in real-time, makes employee have access to the learning material and work progress as and when needed. The knowledge and skills can be grasped in a playful and competitive manner. With the interaction in real-time, the employees will be aware of the proceedings and processes of the company which helps build trust and faith among the company and its employees. The VR and AR learning solutions make learning more real and in turn, increase the productivity overall.

4. The reinvention of corporate learning

While the old corporate trends focused on getting the best from an employee with the minimum investment on the overall development, the upcoming HR solutions are more focused on the individual learning and growth. Corporates today believe that an individual is productive and is a resource for the company if utilized properly. And proper utilization comes from taking care of the individual being. Understanding the same, companies today are coming up with the solutions to increase the knowledge and skill base of the employees so as to increase the overall productivity. Introduction of new AI learning platforms such as LMS system and AI-based systems are recommended for learning in a better and smarter environment.

5. Innovative ways for Recruiting Market

Recruitment plays a major role in HR. Companies spend billions on recruiting the right staff and spends lakhs on employee development and training programs. Finding the right candidate with suitable work experience and skills has always been a major task for the companies. The high volume recruitment, such as in, hospitality sector the process has been automated by chatbots and AI servers to shortlist and interact with the candidates. The skilled job recruitment is being revolutionized by open sourcing tool and the applicant tracking systems are now coded with better assessment algorithm.

6. Talent Management to Maximize Productivity

The talent management dashboard is the center for all employee activity. Talent management dashboard gives HR managers and recruiters a comprehensive overview of the employee’s talent pool. It enables the Managers to communicate directly with the employee according to their interest areas and nurture their talent in order to plan for the future. The talent management software mainly takes care of the factors like, Reporting, Performance management, engagement with talent, learning and development and talent pipeline.

The above innovative solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. With the technology evolving at a faster pace, there is a lot coming up in the HR solution in the coming year.

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