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Last updated: March 16, 2021

Acquiring the right talent and developing them properly is increasingly becoming challenging for companies, given the stiff competition and the lack of digital tools. However, with your side’s right digital tools, hiring the right candidates and retaining them becomes much easier. Hunt N Hire is one such premium tool that helps in the digitization and centralization of organizational hiring resources for smoother operations.

We are glad to have interviewed Mr. Kkishann P Shah, the Co-Founder of Hunt N Hire, and know about his and his organization’s journey so far.

In Conversation with Mr. Kkishann P Shah, Co-Founder of Hunt N Hire

Here’s an excerpt from the interview: 

A warm welcome from SoftwareSuggest Mr. Kkishann P Shah. Our readers are keen to know what prompted you to create Hunt N Hire TA solution? Tell us about your journey so far.

Thank you. We have been in the recruitment industry for more than 20 years now. This has helped us gather deep insights; People had difficulties in centralizing and digitizing the systems, as far as the Talent Acquisition process is concerned; particularly the small and medium-sized industries.

This urged us to come up with a solution that could centralize and digitize the entire process.  We have taken the smallest points into consideration whilst developing this solution.

The journey till now has surely not been a cakewalk for us. More or less, it does not matter if you are Tech or Non-Tech founder; but being Non-Tech founders, it becomes a tad bit difficult, I would say. The only way you come to know whether your product might work or not is one’s you launch it into the market, unlike a D2c or B2C market where you could have surveys, talk to the end consumers, etc. the functioning of a B2B product would be quite different, I believe so; Not saying either of them is easy, to say the least.

What is your success mantra? Something you have followed personally that has helped you in your journey.

The only point we stick to is “Customer’s pain point should be addressed and cured.” Being a start-up, we do not have the luxury of hiring a ton of people, which makes us have to multitask.

As a result of this, we (founders) get in touch with customers directly; it helps us have a better connect with the customers and understand what they require precisely and accurately. We try our best to get all the customizations a customer wants for free if possible or at a minimal price.

How has this helped us? It indeed leaves a powerful and positive impact on clients with Hunt N Hire as a brand in the broader scenario.
We may convert a lead or not is a different thing, but surely leave a very positive impact as a brand. Over a period of time, this shall help us gain a lot of trust from our customers in the near future.

A bigger enterprise may have their own ways to function and have a pricing policy which has to be followed; unlike them, we can go out of our way to make things work. This helps us have a very small pie from the market.

Where do you see Hunt N Hire 10 years down the lane?

We have fairly big plans, to say the least, hoping that time and people support us and things fall in place as planned. We have already started to work on the methods that would save hundreds of hours of work put in by the team/employees, as far as Talent Acquisition is concerned.  More than a substantial part of the initial processes could be taken care of with the minimum intervention.

We surely can’t deny the fact that no machine can replace a human, in some of the other forms. But we can surely reduce the work being put in repeatedly by people.

Ten years down the lane, we wish Hunt N Hire becomes a fairly renowned brand globally, a one of a kind. It’s not only the monetary part that we could enjoy, but there are many good things/karma that could be done when you have fairly large resources of things of sorts. We have digested to replace the quote “what is there in it for me?” to “ how may I serve the society?”

What separates Hunt N Hire from its competitors?

We believe in having the most SIMPLISTIC user-interface to solve any process. We want to have a solution that helps you solve a problem easily. A complex UI would make it all the harder for the users; rather than focusing on the solution, they would have to spend time navigating through the software or getting the hang of it.  At the end of the day, it should help you rather than leave you frustrated or angry to operate. We want to economize the entire solution drastically as opposed to different players.

How has Hunt N Hire equipped itself to deal with the Covid-19 situation better?

I don’t think we had much of an issue. We surely faced problems but nothing of high magnitudes. One thing we get to take away is that we always have funds on standby. You may need it anytime.

Would you like to share some interesting stats/ numbers for our readers — pre-pandemic versus current.

we have had this observation; post-covid, the acceptance of entire software solutions for hiring has increased for companies and their employees. Earlier there would be a considerable resistance from people to adapt to these things, but not the same anymore.

We get a common question now that ‘can we use the software remotely ?’ which is a good sign showing the shift of the practices and mindset. Before the pandemic, our marketing was not as aggressive as it is right now.

Are there any ideological principles that your organization follows to maintain the brand value?

We never say ‘no’ to any customization that has been asked for. Provided it is pertaining to TA. We try our best to have our customers a platform from wherein they can control and operate the entire Talent Acquisition. There should not be any friction of switching between various functions while operating.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

I am myself a very young entrepreneur. But the least I could say to convey the most is to STAY POSITIVE and believe in your SUB-CONSCIOUS self. It will never let you down. You could read a few books on them to help you out and start with. If you stay positive consistently for years together, your hard work may fetch you positively unexpected results in times to come. Just stick to it.


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