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Every organization wants to be successful but sometimes it may be hard to get through all the big companies and loud information noise of the contemporary world. The first step to get to the top is to make sure your business is profitable and accountable by working on the high level.

One of the best ways to increase performance is to implement the right tools. Some of the most popular options that can be considered include time tracking and collaboration software. According to a study by Clear Company, “97% of employees and executives surveyed believe that lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a task or project.” And for this reason, you should use time tracking and collaboration software in your organization. They help to make work seamless and better.

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Yet many companies fail at implementing this software and blame the tools for the lack of success. But the problem is not in the tools but in the wrong implementation approach.

Time Tracking and Collaboration Software infographic

Must Avoid Implementation Mistakes of Time Tracking & Collaboration Software

1. Not explaining why it’s important to use the software 

Whenever an organization decides to implement a software, it is mostly to help solve problems and improve work. The same goes for time tracking and collaboration software.

Thus, it’s important to explain why your company is going to use the tools. People should know about the benefits.

But in the daily routine, it’s really easy to forget about the goals we have and employees might quickly lose their motivation to use the software. That’s why you should remind employees about the importance of its use every week, if not every day.

2. Everyone can manage all features

Both time tracking and collaboration software are tools which very often have specific features, for example adding new tasks or assigning people to them or budget management. Their role is to help different departments or people responsible for specific objectives do their job properly.

And it’s important to limit the extent to which employees can manage features, simply to avoid chaos.

Imagine that people create new tasks similar to those already existing but with different names, and put them into different projects. Your employees will get confused and unsure of their daily activities, which are based on tasks visible in the project collaboration software.

Limit permission to manage all features only to Project Managers so that everything is in order.

3. Not telling clearly that using the software is an obligation

If you want your employees to use time tracking or collaboration software, you have to tell them it’s an obligation. Otherwise, they will treat it as an additional, unnecessary task.

You have to be serious about it so that your people treat it seriously.

4. Not showing the benefits of using the tools

Once you explain the necessity of implementing time tracking and collaboration software and assign particular people to manage specific features, you should show your employees how your organization benefits from using the software.

Talk to your staff and show them the good sides of such a software. Tell them it’s not only for you but also for them. Present statistics, real data, and how time tracking and collaboration software affects the figures and how it helps a company to grow.

5. Not assigning one person responsible for the proper implementation

People can’t be their own boss when it comes to implementing of software. There should be one person responsible for it, as it will help make it smooth and fast.

Also, such a person, or a group of people if you prefer, would help employees in solving any issues with the software and instruct people on how to use the tools.

6. Not checking how people use the software

Whether it’s filling timesheets in time tracking software or creating new tasks and communication channels in collaboration software, someone in every team should monitor these activities.

It’s important to check if everything works properly. It takes minutes, sometimes seconds.

7. Not sharing the best practices

Properly implementing the software is one thing. But to make the best use of it is another. If your employees will struggle with using it on a daily basis, they will give up and stop using it.

Sharing tips and practices on how to use the software can make it a more effortless experience for employees. It’ll also make them feel motivated and they won’t have to struggle with the obstacles alone.

8. Not following the company’s rules on using the software

Most organizations prefer to have a coherent set of rules that every employee must follow. This applies to the use of software as well. If people use tools according to the established standards, all processes are smooth and highly efficient.

It also helps to prevent confusion.

9. Lack of communication

You should clearly communicate everything related to the use of software; goals, practices, who is responsible for what, how you will use it to grow your business, what are the future objectives, what are the possible problems your team may face, etc.

The same goes for your employees. Whenever they have a problem, doubt or a question on how to use the software or what the specific components are for, listen to them and try to solve the issues.

Be open to their feedback and insights on the use of the tools because they are the one who will be using it they know what are the main problems and what can be improved.

Bottom Line

Implementing time tracking and collaboration software may seem easy, but in fact, it requires the right approach.

First of all, it is a constant process. It doesn’t end as soon as the tools are set up and ready to use. It has to be monitored on a regular basis and adjusted to changes that happen in the organization. It’s the only way to make sure that you’re driving profitability, accountability, and productivity.

This infographic will help you in understanding your employees’ performance and teach you how to make time tracking right. Note that you can use this approach in every situation independent of what tools you use.

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