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Last updated: June 24, 2021

The holiday season is on, and a lot of HR Managers most probably struggle with managing and remembering holiday calendars of their employees. But what if we say that there is a system that can do that part for you, and will send you reports anytime you need them? Read about how Leave Management Module makes a difference in an HR Manager’s life!

There are numerous advantages to using the leave management in your company. Having a time tracking software is also useful, but combining those two things is something that you will love to have. But don’t take our word for it! We asked Calamari users about their experience with Calamari Leave Management Module – you can take their word for it!

Importance of Leave Management Module In Attendance Tracking System

  • How Leave Management Module helps in tracking employees attendance? 

First of all, you can see in Clock-In if someone is currently on vacation and what type of absence is it. Thus, you always stay up to date with your employees’ calendar. Leave Management Module makes it easier to count free days and hours based on the number of hours already worked. As a result, the Leave Management Module helps in managing the overtime calendar conveniently and efficiently through clear and readable reports.

  • What functions of the Attendance Tracking System are the most useful? 

Monitoring working time is the most important function that simply saves time. Tracking remote work, counting breaks, certain activities, hours spent on a given project, and the possibility of editing all those information manually take managing people to the next level. When you have access to all those data shown in a friendly form, managing timesheets and evaluating the given project profitability becomes easy and clear.

  • Why is the combination of Leave Management Module with Attendance Tracking System crucial? 

By adding the Leave Management Module to the whole Attendance Tracking System, you have everything you need in one place, which makes all the attendance data more accessible for managers. It allows you to take full advantage of all the functions and also offers more options when it comes to configuration. And, why keep two different modules, when you can have all-in-one?

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Three Key Benefits of Using The Leave Management Module 

Our customers indicate three key benefits of using the Leave Management Module, all based on their hands-on experience in different companies and industries:

1. Payouts

You can see who is on vacation, and who simply did not come to work, and you can settle it accordingly and automatically. You get a clear view on who was

at work, who was on vacation, and how many hours a certain employee had worked in the current month.

2. Internal processes (communication)

Thanks to Leave Management Module, you can avoid inefficient communication. You can easily check, if the recipient of the email you were planning to send is currently at work, or maybe on a sick/holiday leave. When you manage a large (or even medium!) group of people, it’s hard to remember all your employees’ calendars. Luckily, you don’t have to remember it anymore!

3. Saving people!

In case of emergency, you know precisely who wasn’t present at work on that day. Also, when someone didn’t check in at work, and they should have, you can check if nothing had happened to them.

When you combine Clock-In with Leave Management Module, you save time looking for and operating an additional system – everything is available in one Calamari’s account. What is also important for some of their customers – when running one Calamari account instead of two different systems, you don’t have to remember additional login passwords. But jokes apart! Keeping all the leave management data within one system is a true time-saver, and clear reports come as a side value!

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