The Importance of Partnering with Specialist Hosting Providers



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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Making sure your hosting is safe and secure is becoming more important than before; especially with the threat of GDPR becoming more prevalent. With heavy fines and an entire business community obsessing over the safety and security of their data you really need to make sure your hosting providers understand the intricacies of your industry.

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This means that partnering with hosting providers can help make sure you avoid any fines from the ISO and the negative publicity with any leaks. Not only that, but the public perception of data is changing and more and more individuals are being forced to think about who has their data and where it is being stored.

Take for example the recent controversy of Cambridge Analytica who has come under a huge amount of fire due to their abuse of Facebook user’s data and the way they abused that position too, allegedly, get Donald Trump elected. And this controversy saw Facebook, for the first time ever, take a huge dip in stock share by a whopping $50 billion. People are no longer willing to sit back and just accept that they need to go over their details. This could signify a far larger shift in perception as people insist on ensuring that their data is secure. And so if your hosting is inadequate or if the hosting provider doesn’t fully understand the unique requirements of your business; this could be a huge issue.

This is because specialist hosting providers, have lived and breathed the sector for decades; networking, collaborating and providing a service that goes above and beyond in being resourceful, proactive and helpful. They will have to do this as in any industry people talk to each other and if the service is anything less than perfect it will soon become exceptionally clear that the service isn’t up to scratch. So for those who aren’t yet quite convinced here are some reasons why you really should be partnering with specialist hosting providers.

They have expert knowledge of an industry. Having a hosting provider that works exclusively within your world guarantees they will understand the intricacy and nuances you require with your software. It also avoids what can often become a rather expensive period of trial and error at the beginning. As any business owner will know, at the start of any new working relationship there can well be teething problems as you look to establish boundaries and feel out the other party. Normally, this process is unavoidable and often is expensive and time-consuming. However, when working with a specialist hosting provider it is, generally, possible to completely circumvent these expenses and delays.

Having worked with your industry peers they will have insight into your expectations and requirements, which will help you make sure the relationship is painless and seamless from the outset.

Not only that but as a specialist hosting provider works with only one industry. They have the expertise and resources to keep themselves up to date as well as investing in the future. This means they have cutting-edge solutions and are at the forefront of their industry. They should be able to offer you tailor-made solutions that take advantages of the most recent innovations in technology. This is a fantastic advantage and one which knows our clients truly appreciate.

Finally, of course, there is the networking aspect. We have quick chat with the folk over at Nimbus Hosting who are keen networkers within their industry, attending a number of agency meetups are becoming increasingly popular not only in the UK. However, this is not just limited to the agency world but mirrored across a range of sectors. It stands to reason that specialist hosting providers will network and therefore be able to connect you with other professionals who may well be able to benefit your business. Thanks to talks at these types of networking events, they should also have an in-depth insight into your industry – including future challenges or concerns, allowing you to create a far more purposeful and detailed long-term strategy.

Bottom Line

There really is no doubt that partnering with specialist hosting providers is more important than ever; allowing you to feel confident that your data is safe, secure and that your hosting is in line with all the latest legislation. So it may well be worth doing some research and seeing what is out there. The temptation is always to simply stick with what you know and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, but this mentality can prove extremely damaging and the best businesses are built on proactive, rather than reactive processes. So do quick Google search and see what else is out there… you never know it may be the best decision you ever made.

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