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Last updated: April 13, 2021

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, companies that improve customer experience continue to grow. A survey conducted by ClickFox revealed that 52% of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends. And, more shockingly, the survey found out an astounding 32% of the respondents would stop doing business with any organization that provides lousy customer service to its customers.

The thing is, customers, get frustrated when brands take eon to respond to their concerns, challenges or even dissatisfaction. While it’s not economically viable to hire customer reps to ensure prospects and customers get calls answered a minute after a dial, 24/7, all is not lost.

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Virtual Phone Number: A secret to changing the way customers experience your brand.

There are a couple of reasons why US businesses are turning to US virtual phone numbers in drove: US virtual phone number infographic

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Reasons to Use Virtual Phone Number:

  • Virtual phone number offers real-time messaging – anywhere, anytime

Unlike the internet based chatboxes, US phone number gives your employees the privilege of responding to customer queries even when on the move. By offering alerts to your phone, these softphone helps you to respond to the issues raised by the customers immediately they send the message. It also helps improve communication among the team working from the different location. So much so that the end of the day your company’s productivity will be boosted.

  • Voicemail

There are clients who prefer leaving voicemail messages for sales reps to act on. Virtual USA phone number is bound to increase your customer feedback. Voicemail apart from offering them 24*7 opportunity to air the concerns, it also:

  • Allows customers to leave more details about why they called

    Most voicemail messages may run for seconds to an hour. As such, your preferred virtual US phone number should allow your customers to leave detailed messages covering all aspects of their call.

  • Allows your customers to prepare for calls better

    Since your customers are not under any pressure, your US virtual phone number allows them the luxury of ‘me time’ to prepare well so that they can leave more details about their call. Your employees can also prepare well, before calling back. So they won’t be caught unawares, and possible pass poorly thought-out solutions that will cost them sales, eventually.

  • Offers your employees more convenience

    In this millennials-ruled era, allowing your employees to work on the go could trigger more productivity for your team. Voicemail is an ‘extra’ that allows them to retrieve and respond to customers wherever they are, any time of the day. As long as they are connected to the internet.

  • Your customers are never on hold

    Nobody likes being put on hold. No even you nor your customers will like the cost implications and inconveniences that come as a result of it. Voicemail gives your customers another opportunity to be heard, without being put on hold.

  • VoIP capability, virtual contact centers, and your business

Thanks to VoIP capabilities, businesses can set up virtual contact centers for their businesses. Businesses can get US virtual phone systems and set up centers to facilitate receiving and making calls without calling for additional hardware investments.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. The virtual call center of your business offer much more that helps augment the customer service experience:

  • Work with different time zones

Thanks to the US virtual phone numbers, you can set up a virtual call center that allows you to increase your opening hours. That way, your customers in the other countries can talk to your reps. As a result, it leads to improved customer experience that leads to the growth of your business.

  • Call transfer

Thanks to VoIP numbers providers online, it becomes easier to forward calls and transfer your calls to different teams in different departments. That way, it ensures that all your customers’ needs are met if your team is not business or simply can’t handle the issue.

  • US virtual phone number allows monitoring

It ensures that everything is monitored. You can easily get the analytics and the measure other metrics that will help in decision making.

  • Friendly to your pocket

Unlike local US numbers where you need to enter into an expensive contract, your US phone number only goes for a $6. That way, it will save you a large chunk of revenue.

  • Increases the number of people that interact with your brand

Maximizes your reachability to the prospective audience. Locals prefer using local numbers. If your business is located in the US, you might also want to get US virtual phone number so that you can easily interact with customers and potential prospects.

Other features you might want to look at

If you are serious about establishing your presence in the US, you need to get US virtual phone number for your business. For example, one of the greatest reasons for adopting CallHippo’s US virtual phone number is the abundance of features they provide. Some of the features include call recording, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail, team collaborations, call analytics, among others.

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How can you get a local virtual US phone number?

Setting up your USA phone number for your business is easy. If you want to buy your number from CallHippo, one of the most trusted virtual phone providers out there, here are some of the steps you need to follow:

  1. Sign up for your account.
  2. Select the country and the state/city/region where your business is located.
  3. Choose your number of choice from the list of numbers.
  4. Link your own number with the US virtual number.
  5. Pay up and get started with making calls in less than 3 minutes.

Bottom Line

Many businesses are benefiting from US virtual phone number. The virtual numbers help increase interaction between the brand and customers. As a result, it leads to improved customers experiences which lead to increased growth. But, you need to do your due diligence before getting yours. Find out the features that are apt for your business. Find the ones that offer affordable plans, and yet deliver more than the highly-priced counter-parts.

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