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Field sales applications are the digital tools which redefine the way one-to-one marketing is being done. Field sales apps help sales persons to be more precise in product presentation, instant in order taking and stay updated regarding all data associated with the products they sell including inventory details, client information and product information. As an added advantage, field sales applications provide a cushioning for field sales executives to retrieve product information the way they want. So, how can you make use of it to impress your customers? To answer this question, we have come up with 5 utile ways through which you can make the best of your field sales app to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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 Impressing Customers with Field Sales App

#1 Explicit product detailing

 Digital Catalogue

Clear product information should be provided at all the stages because 70% customers say they are likely to switch brands if they deal with agents who are unable to answer their questions.

Digital catalogues not only replace the hard copies of products but also reduce page flips to just clicks and swipes making data retrieval a cakewalk. Advanced search options make things easier when it comes to finding any specific product information at will. Sorting and filters let sales executives come up with a list of related suggestions for customers. Video support provides the opportunity of exhibiting for videos demo or instructional purposes which lead towards the better understanding of the product and increases the chances of going for a buying decision.

Variant-specific product detailing

It’s quite tough to handle products with many variants as the classification often gets confusing for customers. In such cases, variant specific product detailing in an order taking app will prove handy using which information can be clearly transferred to customers. Having an exclusive set of information for each variant of a product helps in managing any amount of data without clutter.

#2 Customer retention (Go out of the way)

Forbes says, 5% increase in customer retention can increase a companys profitability by 75%.

Considering this fact, it would never be an exaggeration to state that retaining your existing customers is more important than gaining new ones. They not only keep coming back to you guaranteeing the regular sales volume every month but also serve as your brand advocates. Retaining regular customers is often considered as an uphill task but it is actually not. The following conveniences in your sales order app can get this done easily for you.

Partial Order Processing

Order processing as per the convenience of your customers in your sales tracking app i.e. offering the flexibility of delivering products in an order in parts. Getting this done as per your customer’s will makes them feel special. Products which have been shipped in the first instalment can be billed and invoices can be raised for the same. Moreover, using the order editing feature, any sort of change can be accommodated easily.

Order Editing

Provide customers the comfort of making changes to an order anytime via your field sales order app, be it increase/ decrease in product number or new product inclusion. Moreover, order editing gives your field sales executives to make changes in an existing order itself and avoids the scenario of creating a new order for every change demanded by a customer.

Offline order placement

Your data connectivity status can be anything as you keep travelling. Do not keep your customers waiting to confirm their order. Offline support for orders in your field sales mobile app can enable order placement even when you are out of internet reach. Once your marketing person turns on the data, the updates made (offline orders placed) will get updated to the server immediately thus preventing any loss of crucial orders information.

Multiple Shipping Address

Make a note of the shipping address which your customer wants his/her product to be delivered to in your order taking app. Delivering at the venue preferred by your customer can make things really better towards order fulfilment.

#3 Be more personalized (Be Spontaneous)

 Personalized suggestions

With more personalization the chances of impressing a customer are more. Know the pulse of your customers by analysing their purchase behaviour, average order values, most preferred products to make sure you show or pitch them the right product to buy. Personalized offering through your mobile order taking app can turn a customer’s mood to buy into orders.

Adaptive pricing

Based on the purchase-scale or frequency of your customers you should be able to set the pricing plans. You can also classify customers into different groups and define separate pricing plans for each group so that the suitable plan can be chosen during sales proposal.

#4 Provide additional conveniences (Surprise them)

 Bulk Orders

Provide your customers the convenience of placing orders in bulk through your sales order app. Instead of adding every single product and the respective variants separately, have the advantage of choosing multiple units of a single product while placing an order. As every order placed by a customer is saved, sales representatives can just make use of the previous order information to write a new order during scenarios where customers prefer to make the same order again.

Special Quotes

For bulk purchases, your customers might expect a special price or cost reduction. So, have the provision to raise a quote instantly in your order taking app which can house the new pricing demand of your customer. Once the quote is raised, your sales admin can have a look and upon being given an approval for it, the quote automatically turns into an order.

#5 Order Fulfilments

While winning an order demands a lot, fulfilling orders demand even more. Once an order is in place, the complete focus has to be on getting it delivered as promised. While order statuses in your field sales tracking app can keep you informed about the progress of delivery, other  features like order editing, partial order processing etc. can help you achieve 100% Customer satisfaction.

Well, if you find these aspects of field marketing impressive, then try getting your hands on a field sales app that houses all the above-discussed features.

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