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Last updated: March 1, 2021

There’s a reason why brands invest so much in business reputation management. Statistics prove that over 64% of researchers all over the globe trust search engines the most when it comes to business reputation. With the common consumer’s regular lifestyle getting digitalized, no wonder most of them rely on online reviews before buying the product or service offerings of a brand. Therefore, it is safe to say that business reputation management online is one of the most significant practice every growing business must follow.

However, the bigger question is how? Read on to know the latest techniques to help a business enhance its reputation on the world wide web.

Latest Techniques to Improve Your Business Through Business Reputation Management

  1. Be Social on the Social Media

    social media

Yes, social media’s ‘Like’ bubble has busted and posting 3 posts every day is no more a norm. But still, there’s no doubt that social media is an indispensable tool for online reputation management. It affects the business more than just in terms of customer trust. As per a research, over 69% of job seekers turn down the job offer if the business social media indicates negativity. It is imperative for the brands to be active across all the relevant social media platforms and make sure the business gets positive branding.

  1. Don’t Neglect the Power of Reviews and Customer Interactions

It is important to build a relationship with customers, and positive reviews are one of the most effective and direct tools for the same. A simple ‘thank you’ for every positive review goes a long way. Regular customer interactions and prompt replies create a positive impression of the business and show your customers that you care about them. Interactions help businesses in guiding business to convert interested prospects into final customers.

  1. Enhance Your Online Visibility with Video Content

Content has always been one of the best tools for digital marketing and businesses have so far utilized the power of content through blogs, articles, guest posts, PRs and more. But with the advent of video content, it is about time that businesses engage their customers in a more interactive way. Videos have a tendency to rank very well on Google as well as other search engines, thus giving wider publicity and reach. Regular videos of how to use products and recorded customer experiences for reviews work great in enhancing brand’s online reputation.

4. Take help of a Professional

In the competitive business environment, we are living in today, it’s hard enough to excel in our core area leave alone trying to do everything. The best way to grow your business as per the vision is to onboard specialists for key positions. They bring along their business expertise and out-of-the-box thinking. Moreover, they dedicate all their time and energy in just one area.

Business process management is a huge responsibility with a possibility of a single mistake ruining years of hard work in building the brand’s presence. Therefore, it is only fair that the area is handled professionally.


5. Encourage customers to post…even with incentive

A happy customer is a big asset. They already like you, just a polite request and you can get them to post good reviews online, thereby increasing your business reputation manifold. Brands can also offer incentives for customers to encourage them to post online. But this doesn’t mean going the unethical way.  Offering no-string incentives such as free e-book downloads or possibly a discount coupon that is generally available for everyone but attaching it along with a review may encourage some positive words from the customers.



Taking intelligent steps towards improving the online reputation of your business is an effort that always pays off. The customer is the key and keeping them happy is the essence of any business success.

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