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Last updated: February 22, 2021

In today’s environment of intense business competition, customer experience has emerged as a key business differentiator. The dynamic proliferation of communication channels has led to the desire of seamless cross-channel consumer experiences. Marketers now have the option of multiple interactive routes to provide technical support, such as E-mails, SMS, phone calls and web collaboration. Consumers expect smooth customer service without the hassles of waiting in long automated queues. Positioning a live chat software solution with trained chat operators is one of the most successful methods of providing customer service and technical support.

It empowers a customer to solve problems in a cost-effective manner. An interactive chat to troubleshoot customer problems helps to provide a delightful user experience, longer than average shopping sessions and higher purchase conversion rates. Live chats also increase the response rate towards queries, problems and doubts, thereby enhancing a customer’s overall satisfaction levels.

Organizations today face numerous business challenges and have to be on the top of their game to ensure high levels of customer retention. If not given adequate service levels, customers often leave or abandon their shopping carts midway. There is also a dire need for companies to reduce mounting service center costs, which escalate business overheads and impact bottom line results in a negative manner. The modern consumer has a pronounced preference for online digital support and is gravitating towards live chat forums as their preferred channel of communication. Live chat software solutions provide a number of advantages for enterprises and deliver speedy, cost-effective and well-organized customer service.

Leverage Customers from Phone- Based Interactions to Web Self Service
Some of the major benefits of live chat software solution are as follows:

  • Cost Effective Delivery Mechanism – Live chat is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing constant customer service around the clock. It costs significantly lesser to implement a chat based customer support system in comparison to traditional methods such as E-mail, call center support and web-based support mechanisms. Chat sessions are also quicker in solving customer problems and lead to a higher percentage of query resolution. Printed chat transcripts also help in improving the quality of customer service and may be utilized in training new support specialists or service representatives. Valuable customer information can be gathered, analyzed and studied through customer preference survey conducted over live chat forums.
  • Parallel Processing – Chat operators are support specialists who are specifically trained to solve customer problems. Live chat software solution enables chat operators to multi-task by interacting with several customers at a particular time. During peak-time interaction with customers, support specialists may operate multiple chat windows simultaneously and help in widespread support provision. In traditional methods of customer service, communication is linear and one support specialist generally interacts with only one customer at a time. Parallel processing helps in saving time and reducing business overheads for the organization.
  • Integrated Multi-Channel Interaction – A customer may utilize live chat facility through a variety of devices such as mobile phones, personal desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. It is a highly versatile support mechanism and can be accessed through a number of portable devices. Live chat software’s eliminate the need to call helpline numbers, navigate through phone trees, waiting time and phone-line disturbances. It provides an integrated multi-channel source of interaction for end line users and also offers case specific customized support. Many live chat software also offer diverse features such as chat conferencing and supervisor monitoring & assistance.
  • Personalized Web Self Service – Live chats facilitate personalized agent assistance right at the customer’s point of need. Companies proactively offer customized chat options based on research parameters such as how long customers have spent on a shopping site or how many items they have in their shopping carts. Live chat software’s guide customers to relevant content, empowering them to troubleshoot problems in a speedy manner. It delivers a highly personalized and differentiated customer service chat experience that constructs loyalty and saves money by deflecting calls. Chat icons and interfaces can also be customized to support particular brands and products. Customers are also provided with personalized support and assistance after chat sessions to certify better service levels.
  • Geographical Proximity – Chat operators can provide technical support or customer service through geographical and regional boundaries. An organization can reach out to customers across the world through live chats as long as they have internet access. Telephone connectivity beyond borders remains an expensive proposition, with heavy tariffs being imposed on outgoing international calls. Live chats provide a speedy and inexpensive mechanism, providing vital technical support to inaccessible customers.

Live chat is becoming increasingly imperative and profitable as a customer engagement platform. As more and more organizations choose this service route, customers will experience a marked positive difference in their satisfaction levels. Live chat service sessions are extremely popular, with many companies saying it’s now their most trafficked communication channel. Live chat delivers key organizational benefits such as increased online sales conversions, faster agent response time, faster issue resolution and improved agent productivity. At a time when two-way online communication in a socially networked context is the order of the day, implementing live chat is a strategically productive decision which will have far-reaching positive consequences for any organization. To have an idea of the same, just have a glance at some of the free and open source live chat software.

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