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Last updated: March 8, 2021

According to Stratistics MRC, field service management (FSM) market will be worth $4.45 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 16.5 percent. The growth can be attributed to the rising purchasing power of consumers in the developing nations. Globalization and a rise in the demand-supply of consumer goods and services also contribute to the growth of the FSM market. Owing to this trend, an urgent need arises to invest in FSM.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain supremacy in the market, the service providers must invest in technology to optimize their company’s field service management operations. Technological integration addresses pain points in the field management system. The technology encapsulates multiple variables such as service management system, IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Here is how you can improvise service management  system using technological solutions

  • Use of AI and ML

The workforce in the field service is the backbone of FSM. The service management system equips professionals with the resources to manage their schedules, supplement their knowledge, communicate with management and customers, enhance problem-solving skills, and much more. This is possible due to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

And since the FSM software works seamlessly on mobile devices, the professionals can manage everything from their hand-held devices. They can clock-in their working hours, thereby conveying their availability to the manager. The field service management software provides accurate solutions after analyzing problems.

The success of the service management system is determined by how well you handle your resources, including tangible and intangible assets. Resource optimization aids in maximizing profits, utilizing time judiciously, and ensuring enhanced customer experience. A perfect example of resource utilization can be allotting tasks on the basis of technical expertise. The field service management software utilizes AI to match job requests with the technical expertise and allows the task according to the availability of a time slot.

  • Automating FSM Operations

There was a time when everything was supposed to be done manually, right from registering a repair request to creating an invoice. But with the introduction of automation, the service management system has been completely revamped. Automation is best suited for planning, scheduling, and data management. The software maintains the database of all information such as contacts of field service professionals, customer information, product information, and so on.

The automation begins once the customer raises a request or if scheduled maintenance is due. The request is fed in the system, the job is allotted to the technician, location is tracked, the job status is tracked, customer verifies the completion, feedback is registered, the invoice is generated, and the information is updated. The automation eliminates the need for human intervention and it weeds out inefficiencies in the workflow.

  • Seamless Integration and Real-time Tracking

The field service management software keeps everyone on the same page, whether its customers, service professionals, HR executives, accounts team, or others. For example, whenever a field service is accomplished, the information is fed in the system. The accounts team accesses this information to create an invoice. As you can see, the software facilitates coordination between departments for a seamless service management system.

The coordination is successful as the software is capable of integrating with other systems, such as ERP software. The main objective of integration is to transfer information between systems. As we discussed earlier, the information collected by the FSM software is necessary for the accounts department and the HR department. Similarly, sharing information with CRM department and business development department is equally important.

The real-time tracking feature determines the extent of coordination. This is beneficial for the managers who need to allow job requests to the professionals. For example, if a technician is working at a particular location, and in the meanwhile, another request comes in from the same location. Now the manager knows that a technician is nearby, owing to real-time tracking using GPS technology. Evidently, the manager can assign the job to the same technician, thereby making a smart move.

  • Creating Value for Customers

The service management system is not just meant for the company to manage its field service operations. The customer experience is an equally important attribute. The success of field service management is defined by the level of user experience. Once a customer raises a request, the software must process information in real-time, tracking details like the customer’s personal details, purchase information, past job requests, level of satisfaction, and so on. Based on this information, you can also pitch customized products or services to the clients.

The information must be available to the technicians as well, allowing them to adopt a data-driven approach to resolve an issue and communicate effectively with the clients. This is possible when the software is responsive enough to adapt according to the screen size and it is designed for cross-platform usage. This enables technicians to operate software on their mobile devices.

The Bottom Line

Technology is undergoing rapid evolution. The same is applicable for field service management system. When you combine these, you get the desired output. So keep field service management software updated with the latest technological solutions to ensure optimized service operations at all times.

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