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Engaged employees are happy and productive. These are those employees who are willing to go an extra mile for their companies. You’ve likely seen the statistics: only four in ten employees report that they’re highly engaged and around 17% are “actively disengaged.” This disengagement is costing the companies who host these employees a great deal of money each year: one study estimates that disengaged employees could be costing as much as $3,400 for every $10,000 they receive in salary – and that’s a single employee. The cost of a building full of disengaged employees could be astronomical. You don’t want that for your company – and that means that increasing employee engagement is a critical part of your business plan.

Look for Ways to Use Employees’ Skills

There are a number of talented individuals within your business. Chances are, a good number of them were hired because they bring a variety of skills to the table. They have sparkling resumes filled with accomplishments and lists of skills that they’re able to add to your organization. You were thrilled with those skills when you brought them on board, but are you using them? Only 28% of millennials feel that their current employer is making full use of the gifts and skills that they bring to the table. That means a large percentage of your employees, particularly from the millennial generation, are dissatisfied with the challenges offered by their current job.3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Business (1)

The solution? Look for ways to fully engage the skills, passions, and talents of your employees. Give them greater responsibility. This doesn’t have to be personal responsibility, requiring an employee to step up to the plate in a “do or die” mentality that will lead to problems with a client if they fail. Instead, offer your employees the chance to succeed together: include them in projects that fit their skills even if they don’t perfectly fit their job titles, offer them new challenges, and provide new opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Include employees in training, especially where it pertains to new technology: you never know when that quiet receptionist will become an expert in your latest technological addition. When employees are stretching their knowledge, they’re more challenged and therefore more engaged. Rewarding their successes is one of the keys to future engagement.

Improve Internal Communication

Waiting on a client email with information you need to perform a critical task can eat up time in your day, completely derailing your schedule and making it impossible to do your job. Waiting on an email from someone in the same building, however, can slow things down even more. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as swapping to another task: once you’re distracted, it can take much time to come back to the job that you’re supposed to be performing, and employees who have to swap repeatedly between tasks experience higher levels of stress.

The solution? Enhancing internal communications in order to streamline the business as much as possible. If you don’t have an intranet, it’s time to build one. MyHub Intranet for example, offers a number of features that make it easier to communicate within the company:

  • Document storage, which makes it easy for employees to get important documents on their own as well as ensuring that they always have access to the latest copy;
  • Forums that enhance employees’ ability to communicate with one another and keep all of the important information about a project in one place;
  • Mobile accessibility that makes it easy for any employee to access the intranet no matter where they might be; and
  • User profiles and staff directory pages that make it easy to locate any employee and contact them.

By developing a functioning intranet solution, you significantly increase employee communication and enhance their ability to take care of necessary tasks smoothly and easily, without interrupting the day’s natural workflow. Your company’s intranet also has the added bonus of making it easier than ever to make announcements to every employee within the company, provide key information that makes it easier to do their jobs, and allow employee access to benefit information, vacation days, and other critical facets that impact their lives outside the office.

Remember Where Employee Engagement Starts

You can make dozens of changes in the lower levels of your organization without ever making a dent in employee engagement levels. One key thing, however, will completely shift the levels of employee engagement within your company: the engagement of upper-level management. This shows in a number of different ways.

  • Upper level managers who are engaged are able to build far more effective teams.
  • Employees are more likely to work hard for managers that they know care about them.
  • Engaged managers understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to better place employees in positions where they will be able to grow and thrive.
  • Engaged managers understand how to hire individuals who will complete their teams. They don’t just look for people with the best resumes; they look for the people who will fit in with their teams.
  • They show appreciation for employee efforts and remember to thank them regularly—a simple gesture that can make a huge difference for many employees.

Engagement filters down through the layers of an organization. A break at any point along the way will impact everyone below it: if mid-level managers are disengaged, it will be difficult to convince the employees below them to step up to the plate. It’s important, therefore, to keep an eye on every level of the organization in order to ensure that those who are directly in charge of others are willing to go the extra mile for both the organization as a whole and the employees who work beneath them. That means choosing managers carefully and holding them accountable for the engagement of employees beneath them. Managers are among the most important members of any team, and ensuring that they have the skills they need in order to appropriately manage the employees beneath them is one of the most necessary facets of any effective organization.

Building employee engagement within your organization is one of the highest-priority tasks and goals you’ll undertake each year. Engaged employees report higher levels of satisfaction, are willing to work harder, and are more likely to remain with their current organization instead of moving on to something that they perceive as better. Attaining and keeping the top talent within your field isn’t just a matter of offering the best salary or other incentives. It’s also important to give employees the extra push they need in order to remain engaged and give their best to the organization every day.

If you’re ready to start building your intranet and enhance your employees’ engagement and ability to communicate with one another, contact us today for more information.

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