Improve Sales with On-demand Restaurant Apps During COVID-19 Crisis

Mr. Bhawani S. Sharma

Mr. Bhawani S. Sharma

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Last updated: August 26, 2020

People in India and around the globe are facing a real challenge due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In the present time, the entire world is facing economic crises. The numbers of Covid-19 patients are drastically rising with each passing day. All the places where there is a chance of social gathering are shut down on Government orders.

This Covid-19 pandemic has severely hampered the Indian economy. The food and restaurant industry is suffering the most.

As people cannot move to restaurants physically, the restaurants have decided to reach the doorsteps of their customers. Thanks to the advancements in technology. Restaurants have started evolving their operations, and they are gradually adopting online food channels. 

Here come on-demand food delivery applications. In the present epoch, these food and restaurant ordering mobile apps play a significant role in letting restaurants connect with their customers.

If you are looking for customer-centric strategies, then do not miss reading this blog. We will be discussing some newly developed approaches for restaurants that will help them keep their audience engaged during the lockdown period. As a restaurant owner, these strategies will help you drive traffic and boost your restaurants’ sales.

Increase Sales with On-demand Restaurant Apps

1. Serve Your Customers Hygienically

In this time of crisis, people are well-aware and cautious about their hygiene. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for restaurant owners to excel in their customers’ expectations when it comes to hygiene.

If you are a restaurant owner, you should keep your place well-clean and thoroughly sanitized. In this manner, you can ensure your customers that the food delivered to them is prepared cautiously.

The following are the significant ways to delight your customers in a hygienic and cost-friendly manner,

  • Sanitize your restaurants properly, especially the area where food is prepared.
  • Never avoid wearing gloves, whether at the time of taking orders, preparing food, or making delivery drop-offs.
  • Use food delivery apps to remain in touch with your customers.
  • You and your workers must work according to the guidelines set for the restaurants. It would ensure trust among your customers.
  • Take the help of on-demand solutions such as food to deliver applications to keep your customers updated about the delivery of their diet.
  • Keep your customers updated about the delivery of their food by using GPS tracking technology or phone calls.
  • If you have a personalized food and restaurant app, make sure it has a simple interface, and your clients can easily use it to reach you.
  • Do not forget the power of your social media platforms. Keep sharing strong content and stories to keep your customers engaged.

Serve Your Customers Hygienically

2. Take Advantages of Curbside Pickup

In the current time of lockdown, we have reached a bizarre situation where we have to remain quarantined. But here’s a silver lining, if you cannot deliver food to your customers, then let customers come to you.

You can reap the advantage of takeout deliveries, where you enable customers to pick up their meals from your restaurants without making physical contact.

Enable your customers to make orders online, and when the food is ready, they will reach your restaurant, and your staff member will hand over the food in a hygienic way to your customers, while they remain seated in their vehicle. This is called the curbside pickup option.

You can enhance the experience of your customers through the curbside pickup in the following manner,

  • For seamless curbside pickup, you can assign nearby parking spots.
  • Let a dedicated staff watch for customer vehicles.
  • Try to accept payment through online payment mode to avoid physical contact.
  • Use superlatively insulated and ventilated takeout containers to handover food to your customers.
  • Make your customers aware of your curbside pickup services via your food, ordering apps, websites, etc.

Curbside Pickup

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3. Collaboration with Food Delivery Applications

In the present time, you can enjoy the benefits of online food delivery by collaborating with trending food delivery apps. Connecting with your customers when they need your service is one of the best ways to enhance your customers’ food experience. 

You can collaborate with the restaurant aggregator applications; they will allow you to,

  • Reach out to the customers who are looking for your services.
  • Register your restaurant at no cost or a very nominal price.
  • Make your customers delighted by offering them food on their demand.

Collaboration with Food Delivery Applications

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4. Have A Dedicated Restaurant Mobile App?

Keeping the current scenario in mind, it is the need of the hour for restaurant owners, that they should have a dedicated food ordering application. If you have a restaurant, it is the right time for you to take your business to the virtual world and allow customers to select the best of your best cuisine from the list available in your mobile app.

Hire a mobile app development company, build a feature-rich restaurant mobile application through which you can offer your customers industry-specific services. 

Following are the major concerns that you can quickly address by going for restaurant mobile app development,

  • Allow your customers to order food online easily.
  • Enable advance takeaway scheduling.
  • Make proper arrangements for doorstep food delivery.
  • Encourage the contact-less delivery of food.
  • Enable an excellent GPS tracking system.

Some other innovative ways through which restaurants can drive sales during Covid-19

At this time of social distancing and lockdown, there are ample opportunities to drive customers and boost sales. 

  • Restaurants can adapt the concept of taking and bake meals, to promote hygienic eating. Show a card on your food app that tells customers how to prepare, reheat & store the food.
  • Make sure the food packaging is sturdy and satisfy customers.
  • Help customers on the spot with a rapid reply via online order or an order made over a phone call.
  • Leverage your social media platforms, and promote your food varieties or some crucial details.
  • Give your customers different offers and promo codes on some of your most exquisite delicacies so that your customers can happily savor the meal.

Wrapping it up

The outbreak of pandemic caused by COVID-19 is fatal. The food and restaurant industry is severely affected. But this situation has left restaurants to adopt alternative services such as curbside pickup, takeout, and many more. 

This post is dedicated to all restaurant owners, who are firmly standing in this tough time and embracing food delivery apps and other methods to expand their customer reach. We hope this post will guide you, and after reading it, you would be able to drive more traffic, improve the relationship with your customers, and augment your business sales.

Mr. Bhawani S. Sharma
Mr. Bhawani S. Sharma is the CEO of Fexle Services Pvt. Ltd., a company renowned for its outstanding Salesforce consulting, web development, and mobile app development solutions. With his visionary leadership and flamboyant management style, he has yielded fruitful results for the company. He takes pleasure in sharing his experience and views on the latest technological trends.

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