Improve the Recruitment Process Through These Hiring Strategies

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Last updated: June 24, 2021

Human capital is the backbone of an organization. The quality of the strategies and decision-making is directly proportional to an organization’s human capital efficiency. Thus, it’s crucial to hire the right kind of employees. 

The foremost step to build a good workforce is setting up a robust recruitment process. A study by KPMG suggested that two out of three human resources managers agree that the sector is experiencing a digital transformation.

Let’s start with the terminology first.

Thus, there’s a need for organizations to upgrade and improve the recruitment process. 

What Is a Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process determines the need for a job role and then finding a suitable candidate for it.

Under this process, strategies are formed to conduct and improve the hiring process. Here, it is crucial to maintain high standards as this is the entry point into the organization.

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Types of the Recruitment Process

Types of recruitment

There are two types of recruitment processes: recruitment through internal and external sources. Understanding these types is essential to improve the overall hiring process.

1. Internal Sources


Sometimes employees are transferred from one department to another due to being understaffed or overstaffed. It is a reliable, cost-effective, and time-saving method of recruitment.


Under this case, a deserving employee from the organization fills the shoes of an employee in a higher position. Rather than hiring someone from the outside, it is more suitable to give a chance to an existing employee who knows the organization better.

2. External Sources

Campus Placement

Companies visit various colleges and universities to hire fresh graduates or postgraduates. 


Organizations print advertisements in media like newspapers and professional platforms to recruit suitable candidates. The ad mentions the qualifications and skills required in the potential employees.

Now let’s go through some strategies for improving the recruitment process.

Strategies To Improve the Recruitment Process

Recruitment, being a vital activity of an organization, is bound to cope with the dynamism of the world, including the ever-changing operations of companies, thoughts of employees, etc. 

HR managers should aim to reduce the number of days to fill a position, minimize recruitment costs, enhance candidate experience and evaluation, and much more. Here’s how you can improve your talent acquisition strategies

1. Clarity in Employer Brand

Establish an employer brand that clearly communicates the company’s mission and vision, culture, norms, and values. 

An employee is willing to work for a company that has a good work culture and instantly catches their attention. 

The brand should be able to answer questions like – 

Why would one want to work in the company? 

How many working employees would recommend your company as a great working place?

After this, the main thing is to monitor the business’s pages, social media handles, branding, advertisements, and how they go hand in hand with the employer brand.

2. Methodical Approach

Laying out fixed systems for processes can remarkably improve recruitment. HRs can prepare checklists and templates in advance to fasten the process and ensure that the organization does not lose the best opportunity.

With the changing times, standardization is not the only solution. Thus, you must distinguish the processes as per the need for standardization or personalization to smooth the overall recruitment process.

3. Using Social Media

Today, social media can be a powerful yet cost-effective tool for enhancing brand credibility, attracting, and looking for talent. It can be used as a filter to find expert professionals, suiting the needs of the organization.

A few famous examples of successful millennial companies using social media to their advantage are UBER, APPLE, ZAPPOS, etc.

we are hiring

4. Enhanced Evaluation of Candidates

The time for traditional methods of recruitment is long gone. It is about hiring the attitude and personality fit using different test methods specially designed to evaluate a candidate applying for a particular profile.

The process must be unbiased, personalized as per different profiles, and well structured to find the best fit and save costs.

5. Better Candidate Experience

To enhance the hiring experience for the candidate, organizations can follow simple steps like a short application process, regular updates (positive or negative) about the recruitment, revealing the organization’s culture for transparency, etc. 

According to Glassdoor, organizations investing in a strong candidate experience boost the quality of new hires by 70%.

One way to do that is by adopting various recruitment tools to ease out the hiring process.

Tools Used for Recruiting

Technology has come a long way, and it has even spread its wings in the arena of recruiting.

According to, 6% of companies reported using AI for recruiting to a “high degree,” while 24% responded that they would likely be using AI for recruitment to a high degree within the coming years.

Here are some recruitment tools to help improve the hiring process.

1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The main function of ATS is to collect the resumes of the candidates and filter them based on certain keywords. It results in a decline of unnecessary load on human capital, saving money and time for the company.

The work of the ATS software includes job posting to various sites, applicant grouping and sorting, and scheduling interviews.  

A few of the top ATS Software are:

  1. Jobvite: The platform is famous for its speed, excellence, and cost-effectiveness.
  2. SmartRecruiters: It is one of the traditional software that allows comments and collaborations by recruiting managers.
  3. Greenhouse: The platform helps the firms find skilled candidates, carry out interviews, and make company decisions.
  4. Zoho Recruit: This platform helps hire for several roles at once, create job pages, and receive referrals.
  5. ADP Workforce Now: Work with the motive to drive the business strategy as well as people. 

Along with the applicant tracking system, we also have human resource software. 

2. Human Resource Software

Human resource software reduces the burden of manual work on human capital. It helps HRs focus on other important tasks by eliminating physical records and automating various small HR department functions.

6. Niche Job Boards

It is a digital notice board for advertising vacancies in jobs by various employers. The best part of this is that most of the top niche job boards let the employers advertise the vacancies for free. 

For instance, LinkedIn (the network of professionals) is helping recruiters find the right candidate easily.

7. Conducting Great Interviews

The last strategy to look for is the conduction of proper and awesome interviews. It is wrongly assumed that only the candidate is interviewed. Rather, both parties interview each other.

One should make the candidate feel amiable, stress-free, and comfortable in giving the interviews.

The work environment should be reflected by the way the interview is taken. Group interviews are more interactive, fun, and socializing as well as makes it easier for the company to choose their best candidates as it saves time at the same place.

Final Words

Finally, if the above strategies are correctly executed, it would help improve the recruitment process and the company’s name by hiring the best talents required.

Start implementing these strategies and hire the top talents in the market.

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