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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Online patient reviews play a crucial role in the growth and success of any medical practice. You may have the best physical therapy software in the world or be able to ensure smooth operations internally, but without a strong backing from your patients, you will have a difficult time attracting new clients and providing prospect patients the assurance they often look for to finally convince them to choose your practice.

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According to a recent Nielson report, 70% of consumers rely on and trust recommendations from the web and online reviews, making online pulse from clients and customers one of the most critical and trusted forms of advertising in today’s digital world. Another study further suggests that at least 72% of consumers give the same amount of weight and degree of credence to online recommendations and reviews as they do to personal references and commendations.

Google and Yelp reviews are the most relevant at this time, setting up a profile is simple. Visit Google business Page to create a Google local profile and Yelp to create a Yelp profile. Send patients directly to your Google local or Yelp page by including the review link in your emails and actively engage happy customers to post a review before their leave the premise.

Just as you have probably used online reviews to shop around for the right physical therapy EMR software for your practice, you should also pay attention to how your service is being presented online, based on what people are saying. A study from Vitals reveals that 47% of respondents who looked up a doctor online felt differently about the particular physician after taking a look at their profile.

Online patient reviews

Online patient reviews

Furthermore, 76% of the participants indicated that reviews from previous patients are just as important as the years of experience a doctor has when it comes to determining a specialist’s qualifications or ability to treat them. Nearly a quarter of all participants also said that they typically need to see between 5 and 6 reviews and ratings to feel that online reviews make credible indicators about the ability and quality of service that a doctor or practice offers.

With all these facts and statistics, it is easy to see why increasing online patient reviews are critical to attracting new business for your practice. Apart from improving your actual service and investing in modern tools like physical therapy software, it is likewise critical to pay attention to these aspects of the business. The question remains, how do you increase online patient reviews for your PT practice?

Here are practical ways to do so:

  • Control your brand exposure in more locations across the web.
  • Keep a strong social media presence.
  • Respond to doctor ratings and patient reviews in a timely fashion.
  • Mitigate negative reviews.
  • Identify dissatisfied patients sooner.
  • Feature 4- and 5-star reviews and ratings on your very own website.
  • Encourage more patient reviews.
  • Use these reviews to actually improve your practice.
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