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Last updated: May 7, 2021

With the growing population and booming urbanization, the construction industry is ever growing and is constantly on its toes. Construction is not only confined to building structures but also includes energy and infrastructure. With many projects at hand, big and small, managing resources, procuring permissions, document handling, quality management, keeping up with the deadlines can prove to be daunting for the constructors. Construction management system involves using construction management software for efficient management of project and resources.

What is Construction management software?

Construction management software aims at making construction management system process easy and hassle-free. It helps with communication, budget management, decision-making and job scheduling. The construction management system software can be standalone as well as integrated. The most in-demand software capabilities requested by buyers are cost estimating, measure take off, Accounting and job costing and project tracking.

Since most of the construction management software use cloud technology, constructors can save some money in construction management system solution. Cloud-based software means that the constructors will have access to the software for a defined period until the project gets over. He needs to pay only for the time during which he avails the software which is more cost effective compared to buying the entire software.

Where can Construction management software be used?

Construction Management software can be used by various demographics such as architect, building owners, construction manager, engineer, general contractor, a specialty contractor. It can be used in different industries like electrical, mining or highway, landscaping, masonry, plumbing, and roofing. Lately, the software in great demand among the oil and gas sector. Construction management system has had a significant improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost and time management.

Why Construction management software?

  • On-site Accessibility

Since most of the software is cloud-based, this ensures easy access to stakeholders from anywhere at any time. This eliminates the worries about timely job completion and the need to rush to the office every time.

  • Teamwork

With the construction management system tools, all the stakeholders such as managers, contractors, owners, and suppliers work seamlessly ensuring smooth workflow and accurate job estimates.

  • Accurate monitoring

The software solution can accurately monitor everything including the supplies, the workforce, the extent of project completion which in turn increases the teamwork and efficiency.

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Notable Construction management software in the Market:

     1. CoConstruct

This is a construction management software that tends to the requirements of both the construction firms and the clients. Their software has three modules for budgeting, client communication, scheduling and activity planning. One of the special features of CoConstruct is customized construction management system which enables their customers to modify the product according to their needs.

Since this is a cloud-based solution, there is no fuss about system installation and maintenance and all the relevant project data are stored in a single location which enables easy access and absolute control over the data. Dedicated client portals are available which gives the users more control over the orders and enables them to boost service quality.

2. ShapeDo

This construction management software pertains to identification and management of design changes. It helps users review drawing changes, provide visual communication solutions and project controls.

All communication and correspondence are tracked and documented, allowing users to view them in an instant. Data can be estimated using spreadsheets which helps in accelerating the process.

3. Ayoga

This software connects construction project stakeholders anytime and anywhere. This construction management system allows its users to share and exchange information through different devices. This results in linking of different stakeholders which aid in coordinated strategies, alignment of budget and schedules. This software can be a pioneer in the integration of collaboration, communication, and accountability into the work culture.

4. Archdesk

Specifically for construction companies, it’s a powerful business management tool which caters to the needs of the construction sector. It’s highly scalable and hence can be used by small enterprises and with some additional tools, can be used by large enterprises.

It provides integrated, automatic solutions to trace critical workflows and processes in the project for construction management system which gives the builders the time to promote their business and promote growth. It provides the users with a unique client management feature that consolidates all the client data which enables easy access.

5. Geniebelt

It’s a cloud-based construction management system tool which enables the collaboration of all the stakeholders on one single platform. Geniebelt reduces the expenses incurred by the contractor by 4%-6% in smaller projects and even more in larger ones. It also significantly reduces the time spent on-site by a good 20%.

6. BuildTools

BuildTools is a real estate CRM software which is tailored specifically to meet the needs of residential home builders. Communication which plays an important role in making a project a success, BuildTools captures every email, photo, and document pertaining to the project and seamlessly mirrors all of your current client communication tools.

With automation and digitization of the construction management system, the business is also contributing to “Digital India” in its own way. Experts believe that Construction Management software is going to see a boom in near future and that’s good news for people in business as well as upcoming businesses.

A growing industry, it promises more employment opportunities. With increased efficiency, time and cost management, it helps manage and conserve resources. Construction management software is soon going to become the fulcrum of the construction business.

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