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Last updated: October 4, 2019

Hundreds of Startups with million dollar ideas are launched every day. Many fades away, some others fight on to survive, while many few are able to reach the pinnacle of success. And Acelerar Tech is one such Startup which can easily be placed in the prestigious third category. Today, Acelerar Tech is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing Companies in India.

Anupam, the CEO of Acelerar Tech, with his long-tunnelled vision and supreme focus is helping entrepreneurs build their business without spending a fortune. He has helped Acelerar Tech become a Global Brand that offers reliable and result-driven outsourcing solutions to clients all over the World. 

And hence, in this Expert Interview Series, we have Anupam, the CEO of Acelerar Tech, who shares with us all about his amazing voyage of Entrepreneurship and how he helped Acelerar become an Elite name in the World of Outsourcing. Here are the excerpts from the Interview. 

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Q-1. How does Acelerar Help Businesses?

Acelerar is a leading KPO firm. We help businesses by offering a wide array of services, including virtual assistants, data entry services, human resource outsourcing services, call center services,  list building services, and e-commerce processing services.  At Acelerar, we believe in the culture of exceeding our clients’ expectation.

Q-2. How did you hit upon the idea for your company?

Since the beginning, I have been plagued with the idea to build a company that can help entrepreneurs run their businesses without spending a fortune. When things got sorted, I established the company.

Q-3. What are the other software products you use to increase productivity?

We mainly use Hubstaff, Sapience, Replyapp, Pipedrive, Calendly.

Q-4. Think of something you’ve done in the past; what would you have done differently?

Marketing for our company.

Q-5. What are some of the more important features or traits that many of your customers are looking for? And how do you fulfill them?

All of our customers want high-quality services at reasonable prices. We have a stringent quality-control process to ensure high-quality of our services.

Q-6. How have your visions changed from the initial days of your company to the present?

Our focus is being an employee-friendly and client-centric  company.

Q-7. What do you expect to see over the next five to ten years In the IT Industry?

Well, we want to be the no. 1 KPO firm in India. But more important is we want to be the no. 1 company when it comes to adding a real value to the services we offer.

Q-8. What was your journey like to get where you are?

The journey so far has been amazing – we have tried new things, got success in various proportions, and served many big names. At Acelerar, we believe in trying new things and finding ways to serve our clients in the most satisfying manner.

Q-9. What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?

I wouldn’t like to say it’s the hardest decision. Instead, I’d say it’s a big decision – leaving my well-paid job and laying the foundation for the company. Everyone was skeptical about our success. But we have made through.

Chirantan Patel
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