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Last updated: August 18, 2020

Are you running a Pharmacy? Then, it is integral to stay ahead of the curve and utilize technology to grow.

How? By switching to an automated Pharmacy Management Platform!

The primary concern of pharmacists today is, the day-to-day manual data processing. This is what led Mr. Pankaj Jain to the conception of MEDICIN, an automated Pharmacy Management Software. It is built efficiently and clinically to automate the entire process of the pharmacy, including distribution.

Let us learn more about this platform from Mr. Pankaj Jain in his interview with SoftwareSuggest.

In conversation with Pankaj Jain, Director at MEDICIN Consultancy Services

How long have you been working with this product?

We started working on MEDICIN ERP in the year 2009 with the objective of making every pharmacy computerized in India, offering premium products at an affordable price, and catering to all forms of small pharmacy to large enterprises like Pharmacy Chain, Wholesaler, or Distributor.

I am very pleased to inform you that today we have multiple products like Pharmacy, Pharma Distribution, and Multi Branch Solution for pharmacy and distributor. We have even connected patients and owners with integrated Pharmacy Patient App.

For multi-location pharmacy branches and distributors, we use advanced, real-time, secure & safe data replication facilities to connect offline and online.

Is there anything most critical you are working on right now? If so, how are you making it happen?

Our mission is simple “Every pharmacy in India must be a digital pharmacy.”

In this digital world, every Pharmacy/Distributor should maximize technology for their business, and hence, we are here to offer them the latest technology at the most affordable rate.

We are also trying to educate new generations of pharmacists to be more tech-savvy via continued training and support.

What makes it possible to keep updated, curious, and motivated?

Technology always WORK-IN-PROGRESS! That makes us motivated and curious.

We listen to our customers very carefully and understand the issue they face every day. We work on technology to help customers and address their specific issues with more productivity and less manual intervention.

What’s the most fascinating thing about your work?

Achieving “ZERO COMPLAIN… ZERO ERROR” is our motto. MEDICIN ERP has an all India presence with 25,000+ pharmacies, and I am pleased to share that none of our customers wants to leave us & that is the most fascinating part of my work. We could achieve this because of the great team behind the MEDICIN ERP for committed customer support and service 24*7*365 days.

Share the challenges and opportunities you came along in this long journey.

Adapting to new technology is always a challenge, and this industry is also no different, but that’s where the opportunity lies, and we are exploring.

We are successful because; we are changing customer’s traditional methods of doing business. We are helping them move to modern and more productive business with the help of the latest technology.

How do you motivate your team?

We offer a challenging environment for “meaningful Innovations” to achieve or earn “customer’s happiness with a big smile.” At MEDICIN, we, as a team, thrive for this every day. Motivation is internal and only felt when a customer says, “Thank you for being there for my business.”

What’s something that puts your product apart from the crowd?

Premium Product at Best Price with Best Service.

MEDICIN ERP has a very user-friendly interface and offers ease of use. Besides, our training and support help pharmacies learn technology and grow their business with unique features like Customer App, MEDICIN TV, Campaign Manager, Loyalty Programme, Product Suggestions, etc.

Where do you see MEDICIN Consultancy in the upcoming years?

MEDICIN ERP is No. 1 software in the Pharmacy segment today. We aim to make MEDICIN ERP “must-have” solution for every small to large enterprise with advanced technology, best support, and affordability.

How important is it to keep innovating to stay in the game?

Learn a skill, upgrade skill & re-skill is a mantra for successful Innovations. We, at MEDICIN, always feel that we need to do that continuously to make MEDICIN ERP the global Indian brand.

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music.

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