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Last updated: September 3, 2019

Career is something which defines an individual’s journey through learning, work & other aspects of life. Today’s world provides a wide range of career options to choose from. Choosing a right career at initial stage will determine the future of an individual. Be it search of a school for studies or institute for any certification, college for higher education or be it various study centres; it becomes rather comfortable if one finds the correct guidance. With the increasing competition, students as well as parents, search for a counsellor or career advisor to choose a career option wisely. What if you don’t have to move from your place & you get a perfect guidance sitting in the comfort of your home? Well, here CAREERKHOJJ comes to your service.

CAREERKHOJJ is one of the leading counselling portals for the students. The aim of CAREERKHOJJ is to innovate & solve problems in digital education and career domain. The company, founded by three innovative tech-savvy youngsters Rachit Dave, Raj Kothari & Rutvij Vora, is creating new benchmarks in providing one of the best counselling services & guidance in selecting a career. CarrerKhojj Team

Here is the interview with Raj Kothari, founder of CAREERKHOJJ.

Brief us about your professional journey till now.

We’re three engineers from Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidhyalaya, Gujarat. After completing our engineering, two of us (Rachit & Raj) went into corporate jobs in software and business consulting.  Rutvij joined his Mtech study in cyber security. During this time, we started building prototype of our career assessment test, and presented it in an entrepreneurship event at IIT-B. It got good recognition and appreciation which inspired us to take this idea further professionally. So then we started building a professional website.Raj

Then we got 2.83 lakhs through crowd funding to get the ball rolling. Rachit left his job in the beginning of 2015 and started working full time on building the product. Rutvij took responsibility of building the technology aspects. In June 2015, we launched our Android app, at the same time, I also left my job and started working full time on the mission to reach millions of students and help them leverage power of Mobile and Web technology for career guidance and digital learning.

Recently we launched virtual classroom facility to provide quality learning resources, communication and real-time quiz environment.

We believe that through the virtual classroom, we will be able to help lakhs of students get quality resources and support from the best teachers and fellow students studying the same subject.

How did you hit upon the idea of “Khojj”- that too career one?

We’ve met thousands of students who scored distinction in 10th & 12th board exams, however, due to wrong career guidance ended up choosing the field which is least suitable as per their interests and personality.

In our country, majority of after school career decisions are happening either based on percentage or social influence.

As an adult, we always prefer to do what we like. Then why a teenager is forced to do something he/she doesn’t like?

There is a belief in our society that science is better than commerce which is better than arts. However, fact is like there are hundreds of arts graduates building world-class businesses. As an example, Kunal Shah- founder of freecharge is an Arts graduate leading hundreds of software engineers.

We believe that, it is very much required to help the students pursue their studies in their respective field of choice. And so we thought of building a platform which can help students “KHOJJ” their best suitable career.

What were the early days at CAREERKHOJJ like?

I still remember Rachit and Rutvij used to build the initial prototype at GTU innovation council centre and come back late night at my home for stay and again get ready early next day. This continued for around 15 days. They used to spend 15-17 hours at the incubation centre to finalize the prototype. That’s the time when I started getting interested in the idea. Many times, we used to meet at Parimal Garden to have brainstorming sessions in the morning and share plans how to get the things rolling.

Currently we’re having a team of total 8 full-time resources and 10+ interns working on the mission.

What is your technology stack and how do you manage the pool of data?

We’re building web tools through PHP, laravel technology and Android & iOS app through native coding. We’re having our dedicated cloud based server.

How do you aim at making CAREERKHOJJ even more important to your customer?

Initially we only had a website, then we launched Android & iOS app to give better experience to customers. We’ve launched our career test in Gujarati as well to cover Gujarati medium students. Very soon we’re launching the career test in Hindi as well.

We’re working on adding more features and make it more user-friendly to give the best experience to our customers.

What standards have you decided to help your clients choose the best career?

Our career test is used by thousands of students across India with the best experience. We’ve got 10+ positive feedback of students from IITs and other reputed colleges of India. Basically, we want to act as a mirror for the students to help them know their own self and then choose the best career suitable for them.

How is CAREERKHOJJ different from other products in the same category?

Our test is very detailed, focused and easy to attend. The test has 180 questions to understand the students through process, aptitude and perception about things & their interests.

We’ve STREAMKHOJJ and DISCUSSION module which provides more insight to students who have made a choice of field of their interest.

Our discussion module is very much dynamic with push notification system to give the best engagement and experience to the users.

You won’t find all of these things with such an easy to use interface which any school student can use for career guidance.

Any milestone or achievements in the journey till today that you are proud of/makes you happy?

Within 6 month of launching the app, we hit 5000+ registered users. We launched iOS app in Jan 2016. Recently we got “Innovate to Impact” award by GTU Innovation council.

Which CAREERKHOJJ value resonates best with you?

Unbiased career guidance and quality information are the core of our value system.

Piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs.

Before you start, understand that it won’t be easy to do. However, please note that you won’t get better time than the present to do what you love to do, because life is too short to wait.

Dolly works as a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. As a person she is ardent and happy always. When free, she loves to explore on ancient yoga. Follow her on twitter @serenedolly13 to know more.

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