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Last updated: February 24, 2021

Managing resources for an enterprise can be a loathsome task. Such challenges require a unified solution like an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software.

Intigra Technolab provides the implementation for Odoo and enterprise solutions. It is a leading ERP implementation service provider with 100+ successful implementations in more than 15 countries. It also provides services such as custom mobile apps, website & mobile development. The company has been in contact with SoftwareSuggest since 2015 and collaborated since December 2018.


Integra Technolab invests a lot of assets for the development and implementation of the services. The company wanted an increase in traffic and a considerable Quality of lead conversion for their website.

What did SoftwareSuggest do?

SoftwareSuggest closely observed the lead traffic for Intigra and devised optimization methods for lead generation. SoftwareSuggest finds the leads who are looking for ERP implementation and checks the quality of the lead. We recommend Odoo ERP to such leads and hence ensure the deliverance of high-quality lead.

How does this work?

It works more straightforwardly as compared to PPC. SoftwareSuggest takes in the criteria set by leads to get their desired solution. Now, if the requirements match with the profile of services provided by Intigra, the lead is directed towards the vendor(Intigra). Hence, we do the quality check of the lead for the vendor, so that the vendor avoids junk leads.


The lead campaign by SoftwareSuggest made a tremendous effect on lead generation for Intigra Technolab. According to Intigra, they obtained 10-12% of lead conversion by working with SoftwareSuggest.

Rajith Jayaraman – The CEO of Intigra Technolab says

“SoftwareSuggest has been a very important platform for our growth as a software provider. Often, the biggest challenge for a startup is to find and connect with potential clients. We were able to leverage SoftwareSuggest’s pay per lead program to gain traction and grow our sales volume.

Having invested in other pay per lead programs, we are in a position to say that the leads from SoftwareSuggest are indeed of great quality. The support given by the team at SoftwareSuggest has also been exceptional. SoftwareSuggest is truly the best platform for any provider looking for highly qualified leads and getting their products and services to customers around the globe!”

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