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Supriya Bajaj

Supriya Bajaj

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Last updated: March 16, 2021

Is your business finding it difficult to manage its fleet of commercial vehicles? Do you face difficulties that lead to delays and ineffective task performance?

Well, you are not alone.

One of the most challenging functional tasks for businesses is fleet management. It requires a large amount of time, money, and coordinated logistics.

This is the prime reason that most companies are now adopting automated fleet management systems to drive productivity in daily operations. The fleet management market size is on a growth trajectory and is expected to grow to 34 billion USD by 2025.

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So, why are fleet management tools becoming so popular?

Read on to find out how investing in the best fleet management software can give you a competitive edge and increase profitability.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management involves controlling the entire lifecycle of commercial vehicles and enables organizations to carry out all tasks related to managing fleets efficiently. 

Using professional fleet management system software allows you to improve service quality, ensure mandatory government compliance, and drive productivity in operations. Using a top fleet management software can help organizations manage various functional aspects such as:

    • Vehicles, assets, and equipment
    • Routine maintenance and checkups
    • Fuel consumption and emissions
    • Driver safety and mileage
    • Fleet inspections, reporting, and audits
    • Spare parts and inventory management
    • Legal compliance 
    • Risk management
    • Budgeting and Forecasting

What Industries Need Fleet Management Software?

Commercial vehicles are a vital component of many industrial sectors. Fleet management systems can prove to be a useful asset for organizations that have to maintain fleets for sales, couriers, transportation, and emergency services. Here are some key industries that can use fleet management software for seamless workflows:

  • Government Agencies: Towns, cities, and state government agencies can utilize fleet management software to monitor official vehicles. They can control carbon dioxide emissions, track drivers and reduce fuel consumption. Automated technology can increase asset performance and the longevity of fleet vehicles’ lifespan.                                                   
  • Oil and Gas: Oil and gas-distributing companies can implement fleet management solutions to track the movement of commercial petroleum tankers. It is an innovative tool that can monitor drivers’ behavior such as speeding, rash driving, and idling time. This is highly important in oil and gas companies as it can enhance safety measures and reduce the risk of on-road accidents.                                                                                 
  • Construction: Construction companies can benefit from fleet management systems by using real-time GPS data to track their movement. It can improve the on-time delivery of construction materials and parts by checking if any vehicle has veered off the road.                    
  • Distribution: Fleet management tools are handy for distribution firms that deal in courier services for parcels and other goods. Fleet managers can identify the best route for delivery to save time, fuel and optimize resources. Using open source fleet management solutions can help distribution firms increase on-time deliveries and boost customer satisfaction.                                                                                          
  • Emergency Services: Emergency service organizations need fleet management software to gain visibility over vehicle movement and control operations efficiently. With advanced fleet management tools, they can ensure that vehicles reach the required location in the fastest time possible while exercising due diligence.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Software

  • Manage Fuel Costs: Escalating fuel costs is a huge concern for most organizations with commercial fleets and burns a hole in their pocket. One of the prime benefits of fleet management software is that it can reduce fuel consumption by ensuring drivers take the shortest route. Fleet managers can check driver behavior to ensure that they do not increase the idle time that leads to extra fuel usage.                                
  • Enhance Maintenance and Upkeep: Most of the best fleet management software have automated workflows that give timely reminders for maintenance activities. This enables organizations to schedule routine maintenance and upkeep that increase vehicle performance in terms of safety, mileage, and efficiency. Fleet managers can track downtime, breakdowns, and jumpstarts to ensure preventive maintenance and avoid vehicle malfunction.                                            
  • Improve Driver Safety: Speed is a silent killer – a recent survey found that speed is a contributory factor in 30% of fatal accidents. Fleet management software enables managers to receive real-time alerts if a driver is over speeding or driving rashly. Fleet managers can identify patterns and behaviors of drivers, thus provide specific training to improve road safety.                                                                              
  • Better Route Planning: Your drivers need to take the shortest route to save fuel consumption. With fleet management software, managers can plan effectively and inform their drivers to take the best route for distance and road conditions. This helps to save time, increase on-time deliveries, and optimize organizational resources.                                    
  • Real-Time Updates: One great advantage of fleet management systems is that you get real-time updates and insights. With GPS tracking, fleet managers can the live location of vehicles, check the status of job completion, and know what’s happening on the field. This improves the visibility of fleet operations and leads to increased visibility in all functional domains.

The Final Word

If you want to rise above the competition, it is time to leverage the power of technology!

Your business can optimize performance by investing in the best fleet management software. It provides a holistic 360-degree view of all fleet operations such as driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, delivery schedules, and route maintenance.

There are tons of options available in the market. Assess your business needs, research the various service vendor offerings, and make an informed decision. Don’t forget to customize your fleet management software to suit your business model to get a quick return on investment.

If you are still on the fence, think no more! Go ahead and purchase the best fleet management software for your organization to increase bottom-line results instantly!

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