How IoT is Going to Play a Major Role in Biometric Systems

Sanjay Darji

Sanjay Darji

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: May 1, 2021

Internet of Things has revolutionized lifestyle to a highly great extent. Perhaps the best example of the emergence of the Internet Of Things is the successful implementation of the Biometric Access Systems on a massive scale. The very application of this technology facilitates the inclusion of obtained biometric data like Attendance Management System, Fingerprint scans, Iris scans, and the like to provide ease of access to systems requiring essential authentication and validation. One might also consider this viewpoint in terms of security aspects, especially when this type of system is highly attributed to personal validation.

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Listed below is everything that one needs to know about biometric systems and Internet Of Things (IOT) as the essential factor:


  • Basically designed to ensure secure identification purposes with highly optimized usage of existing technologies and resources.
  • Create no-password criteria in the various interfaces dealing with confidential authentication systems.
  • Inculcate decentralization of the biometric systems and provide greater encryption standards.


Biometric attendance system, security and encryption standards are duly incorporated into various fields for application on a greater scale. What stands to create the perfect rendering of these “secure systems” is the highly revolutionized “Internet of Things” technology that facilitates better assurance of deployment for maximum security standards.

  • Banking and E-Payment  

Application: Payment solutions through online or mobile mode, Block chain Systems, E-Trading facilities, and the like.

  • Corporate and Enterprise levels

Application: Facilitate authorized Employee Access (direct or remote).

  • Individual User Level

Application: IoT features in smart solutions for homes, cars, and other personal belongings, etc.

  • Health Care Organizations

Application: Easy retrieval and monitoring of the corresponding user data for better analysis of health statistics.


  • Complete authentication with full time security feature.
  • High end monitoring of the secured systems on the go.
  • Full time support systems to deal with any kind of issues generated during the corresponding operation.
  • Smart and creative user interface to facilitate enhanced user experience
  • Personalization features specifically in terms of the desired requirements
  • Affordable smart security solutions and totally worth the investment.
  • Detailed report generation and analysis of the obtained data for further varied purposes.
  • Real time execution of the biometric data obtained for authorization of various related procedures.
  • Quicker and faster solutions with improved efficiency.
  • Highly improved alert features with necessary strategic steps for the same.
  • Greater security standards through complex encryption algorithms and n-step authentication procedures for best applicability on a universal scale.
  • Complete digitization of data for better integration into other applications.
  • Multi layer security levels for better hack-proof solutions.
  • Cross platform synchronization features


  • Go Password-less with the implementation of IoT based biometric security systems. No more requirements to type in cumbersome passwords or remember one as such.
  • Better proofing against existing security breaches through multi layer security levels.
  • On the go monitoring facility helps implement and improvise security solutions as per the need of the hour.
  • Compatibility to various platforms and devices creates much favorable response from the client end
  • Personalized biometric security features help create different security standards for different purposes.
  • Greater ease of validation of biometric data obtained.
  • One stop solution for all requirements -the same biometric information can be used for other security applications too.
  • Modular segregation of the biometric system from the core operations, to differentiate malware from creating potential risks to the mainstream functionalities.
  • Authentication done at the smart device. Modularity of the same between the user’s mobile and the smart device provides for greater decentralization of security factors.
  • IoT based biometric systems can also be used for authenticating individual presence. Hence, a more efficient way to prove an individual’s location record.
  • Full time support assistance creates better implementation feasibility.
  • Mapping of biometric data is literally tough to replicate, hence more popular than traditional passwords.
  • Reduces time complexity to a fairly large extent.


  • A single failure in a particular module can create a chain reaction of deactivation, if proper modularity is not ensured.
  • Improper functioning of the authenticating device or software corruption can pose open path for security breaches.
  • Inadequate knowledge of the functioning of IoT based biometric systems can cause potential risk for essential data.

IoT technology has undoubtedly become a part and parcel of the existing lifestyle and is in fact taken things to a digital level with every step in the positive direction. When considered from a user point of view, simple facilitation of security systems via IoT has effectively lowered the potential to possible threats. Also with greater manageability options on their very own specific devices and customized authentication procedures for the same, things from basic to highly confidential status can easily be monitored closely for enhanced security standards via the IoT technology.

Sanjay Darji
Sanjay Darji is a Head of Digital Marketing at SoftwareSuggest. He has a strong knowledge of product marketing. In his last 5 year tenure at SoftwareSuggest, he has used various digital marketing strategies to build the brand globally. In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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