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We all want to generate income while we sleep, but we don’t know how. One of the easiest ways of making money online is through affiliate marketing. That being said, not every affiliate program out there can help you earn big. It’s important to find the best and reliable affiliate program. 

And, it’s no secret that SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program is one of the 10 best affiliate networking platforms. But before we get into the details of why and how, let’s get a brief idea of how affiliate marketing works. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing? What Is the Idea Behind it? 

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing. The idea behind an affiliate program is that you refer or promote other people’s products online, and if the consumer ends up buying, you receive a commission. It is often done through an affiliate network. 

The commission can vary from $10 to $10,000 depending on the type of product you are promoting. To explain how affiliate marketing works, these four simple steps will help:

  1. Join an affiliate program 

  2. Pick a product to promote or refer

  3. You share the link via your blog, social media, YouTube, or any other form

  4. Someone makes a purchase from your shared link, and you earn a good affiliate commission

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. The more you refer, the more you earn. But why should you consider joining the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program? 

What are the Benefits of Joining SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program?

For those who don’t know, SoftwareSuggest is one of the largest software discovery platforms. We seek to help those who need a perfect software match for their business. Our team of experts and advisors first understand the client’s requirement, and accordingly, they recommend the product to meet the ends. 

In short, we connect any user seeking professional software advice with our internal team of analysts. Choosing our affiliate program comes with its own benefits. We can guarantee that partnering with us will be worth your time and investment. Here’s why: 

1. High Payouts 

Let’s face it — the biggest reason for joining any affiliate program is to earn a hefty commission. By simply placing our curated advertisements and banners on your site, you can make extra income. For every lead you bring to our website who fills up the form, SoftwareSuggest offers high commissions and lucrative payouts for it. 

2. Enhanced Product Portfolio

Another benefit of joining the SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program is that we have a diversified portfolio. That means we have a vast collection of products to cater to the software requirements of a wide range of verticals. Partnering with us will enable your audiences to get their exact software product. Thus, both the parties will be benefitted from an extended geographical customer base.

3. Customized B2B Services

Over the past years, we have created a robust network in the top B2B software markets for ourselves. This has enabled us to develop and project tailor-made content through multiple channels. We have an extensive digital reach for audiences across the globe. 

4. Lead Qualification Call Centre

For every verified lead you generate for our organization, SoftwareSuggest pays you a commission. To avoid any kind of confusion or ambiguity, we have installed an in-house lead qualification call center. It comprises of a group of experts who checks the credibility of each lead generated. Thus, we ensure a seamless and unbiased affiliate program.

5. Expansive Software Client Base

When we say expansive, we mean a huge satisfied customer base of over 283,000. We have forayed into the niche of software consultation, and we have a huge satisfied client base who can vouch for our services.

From small businesses to first-timer entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations, all have benefitted from our services. We understand their exact business requirements to help them grow their company. Clearly, becoming a partner affiliate with SoftwareSuggest is a win-win situation for both parties.  

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Who Can Join the SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program? 

To make things simpler for you, we have classified the same into four broad categories. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can sign up for our program if you qualify. 

  • Partners With Available Ad Space

The very first problem with people starting out online is that they don’t have a website that they can send their traffic to. And even if they have a website, they don’t know how to start making money from it. Let us tell you the easiest way. 

If you have extra ad space on your websites where you can display our advertisements, you are in for a treat. By simply placing our banners on your ad space, help us generate leads and receive an attractive commission from us. In fact, we have a diverse range of ad sizes for you. Each banner displays a strong visual message that can be easily integrated into any site’s template.

  • Partners With Quality Content

For a website that contains a wide variety of quality content, especially curated for software clients, SoftwareSuggest is the best platform. We can help facilitate the monetization of your existing content — you can add our affiliate link to your articles.

And if need be, we can also provide personalized and high-quality content for the particular domain or website to maximize your performance. It will help you drive more traffic to your website and help generate leads for us. 

  • Partners With a Broad Audience Reach

There are a few websites that have large traffic of decision-makers who are interested in buying software solutions. However, the site may lack the targeted content that may help those investors make a final purchase. 

We, at SoftwareSuggest, can help you deal with such a situation. We will create a support section on your site, which will help your audiences find the perfect software match for their business. It ultimately benefits both parties. 

  • Partners With a Target Newsletter Base

For websites with a dedicated target base for your weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly newsletter, SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program is a great option. You should have a targeted group of audience that would benefit from our software consultation.

Our content targeted marketing campaigns, adverts, and display posters boost lead generation and direct traffic flow to partner accounts.If you have read so far, we are sure you might have some interest piqued in our affiliate program. So let us tell you how it works. 

How to Become a SoftwareSuggest Affiliate In 3 Steps

Rest assured, using the SoftwareSuggest network is simple. 

Step 1: Free Affiliate Sign-Up

The first step involves opening up the SoftwareSuggest home page. Then click on the Affiliate button, which is present at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program page. Right in the middle of the page banner, you will find the ‘Become an Affiliate Now’ button. Click on it, and you will be directed to the sign-up page. 

Start by entering the required details — your name and email ID. After registering your email ID, you will get a confirmation email. It will contain a unique tracking link for you. Besides, you will earn $10 on your first sign-up. 

Step 2: Promote our Work

Now that you are all set with your tracking link and account information, it’s time to promote our company banner on your website. You can either go by placing our company banner at your available ad space or link the lead form to your content. We have flexible banners so that they easily fit into any template size. 

Banner Sizes Include: 728×90, 468×60, 336×280, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600 pixels. Find ways to encourage your traffic to view our banner and sign up on our lead form. Once they do, our internal team will check the authenticity of leads that sign up through your website.

Step 3: Earn Commission

Now, each lead will earn you $10. Once you have submitted 10 verified leads, $100 will be transferred to your account as a lump sum that can be encashed. If you want, you may keep submitting leads in the future to benefit from our commission structure. It will help us form a long term relationship with you. 

Step 4: Commission Structure

We offer a transparent and straightforward commission policy. 

  • You earn $10 on your first sign up
  • You get $10 for each verified lead: We have an internal team who will check the veracity of each lead submitted. And, if it found accurate, you earn $10 instantly. 
  • You can immediately encash $100 for 10 verified leads: After submitting successful 10 verified leads, we will then credit $100 to your account in a lump sum. You can encash the credits then.

You should know that the affiliate account is reviewed on the 15th of every month. If the payments are below $100, it will be rolled over to the following month. It will be paid out in full only once you reach the $100 threshold.


So that was it. Without thinking twice, apply for our program and start earning immediately. The advantage of using the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program is that it gives you a lot of flexibility. You get to choose from a huge variety of options when it comes to our products. 

And, it’s free to sign up too. Other than that, it gives you a detailed report of your affiliate earnings. It will show you your current balance and pending commission. In case you have any further questions or are facing any sort of difficulties, don’t hesitate to call us. We would be happy to help you!

SoftwareSuggest empowers businesses to discover top business software and service partners. Our software experts list, review, compare and offer a free consultation to help businesses find the right software and service solutions as per their requirement. We have helped 500,000+ businesses get the right software and services globally. Get a free consultation today!

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