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Last updated: May 7, 2021

For shopping nowadays, more customers are moving online, so the eCommerce industry continues to grow. In the current scenario, it seems nobody can go a day without having the news or update about someone or a group is hacking a website and stealing credit card. Other sensitive data is also hacked from e-commerce sites. So how do you protect your eCommerce site from being hacked and sensitive customer data from being stolen?

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Here is an infographic to guide you to how to safe and secure your eCommerce site.

Keep Your Ecommerce Site Safe and Secure

So as hackers, web designer or developer with an e-commerce website want in, online security must be considered by you a top priority to protect customers’ personally identifiable information. However, to protect your business from hackers the most effective way is to think like them. Most e-commerce sites do this with an SSL security certificate. You can purchase a certificate, or there are some e-commerce platforms having a default built-in SSL upon checkout.

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