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Last updated: July 19, 2021

“Spend a lot of time talking to customers face-to-face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers.” – Ross Perot – David Bakke.

Understanding your customer needs and engaging them well is a great way to ensure the success of your business. Customers who are delighted by your services can easily be turned into brand loyalists and are more likely to spread a good word about your company online and offline. However, offering ‘customer delight’ does not come easy, especially if you have a regular customer engagement team who can only connect to customers via phone calls.

Kent CamCall

Limitation of existing voice based telephonic communication often prevents customers and representatives to develop a common understanding. Be it for sales, billing, technical support, or complaint resolution, most companies struggle to provide outstanding customer experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person visits are being actively discouraged, resulting in increased website footprint.  Most organizations are reaching out to their customers via email, chat, and voice calls still the website conversion is very low.  So, what is the solution? KENT CamCall has come up with highly advanced Live Video Call solution to drive website conversions.

With the synergy of both audio and video mediums, organizations can serve their website visitors better through a quicker and better understanding of their problems, boosting customer satisfaction rates, and improving their experiences. 

This review will focus on KENT CamCall, a premium app-less inbound video calling software designed to help organizations offer exceptional customer service and assistance through face-to-face live video calls.

What is KENT CamCall?

KENT CamCall is a state-of-the-art video calling platform that empowers businesses to engage interactively with their customers. This cloud-based live video calling software simplifies customer interactions through a range of ingenious features while reducing operational costs and improving conversion rates.

KENT CamCall allows website visitors to get into a Live Video Call with your sales and support specialists just at a click of a button. It works without the need of a meeting invite and moreover, does not require any app installation as it is supported on all modern web browsers across mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

KENT CamCall helps you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centres through video resulting in better engagement and faster resolutions. Its patented video call distribution algorithm enables you to implement different call routing logic/strategies for distributing calls among your agents. The application works with browser-to-browser video calling technology that requires no special applications/software installed by your customers or your agents.

Kent CamCall Video Conferencing Feature

KENT CamCall provides your representatives the flexibility to interact with callers through their desktop/laptop or handle calls on the move with iOS and Android mobile apps. It allows you to initiate video calls with customers using QR codes, website widgets, embedded links, etc. – and that too without sharing any meeting invite or scheduling calls!

The application helps you create a stellar impression for your brand. You can also use different languages and upload wait videos that your callers would be able to see while waiting in call queues. You can personalize customer facing UI add customized forms to be filled before or after calls and take call-back requests. This makes it ideal for sales, customer support, virtual audits, remote assistance, and many other applications.

Just like typical call center software, KENT CamCall allows you to add different products, agents, and languages for different call queues. The in-call chat option allows quick sharing of different file formats, and its AWS AES-256 encryption offers best-in-class security for your organizational data. 

KENT CamCall can be integrated with your existing CRM for seamless data acquisition. It offers a dedicated live dashboard for managers/supervisors, which gives them a holistic overview of their agents, queues, and call logs. It also allows them to extract reports in real-time to gauge agent and queue performance. Most importantly, it records the video of the interaction that can be used for training/audit purposes. 

Now that we know what KENT CamCall is, let us dig deeper to discover its key features and advantages.

Key Features of KENT CamCall

KENT CamCall offers businesses some unique and helpful features, which have been described below:

1. Easy Onboarding

KENT CamCall enables you to set up your video contact centers in minutes. All you need to do is to sign up, register your company details, add products, and team members to get started. Built on browser-to-browser technology, KENT CamCall does not require any software to be downloaded and allows for a high degree of customization for both agents’ and customers’ convenience. In addition, the application allows you to fine-tune your brand’s approach, appearance, and strategy in a few simple steps to make customers’ and agents’ lives easier. It supports an app-less ecosystem and works with all modern web browsers.

2. Customizable Interface & Personalized Forms

KENT CamCall allows you to personalize customer facing UI to match your brand’s identity. You can upload your company’s logo, set up color themes, and upload videos that are played while customer calls are being connected to your agents. KENT CamCall allows you to design customized forms that can be used pre or post-customer calls to gather customer details, collect feedback and call back requests. The application also allows you to add multiple products and configure widget codes, links, and QR codes to them which can be used to join calls effortlessly.

3. Click to Video Call

With KENT CamCall, customers and businesses are just a click away and it does not require any advanced scheduling, or meeting invites to facilitate the live video call. Customers can initiate the call with a single click via embedded links in messages, emails, chatbots, website widgets or by scanning the QR codes etc. Custom widgets can be seamlessly added to the website. KENT CamCall empowers customers and businesses to connect anytime from anywhere.

4. Intelligent Video Call Distribution

KENT CamCall uses different routing logics to distribute calls to agents including Broadcasting, Round-Robin, Geo-routing, and others. This helps you create and manage call distribution for different products in multiple languages and route video calls to your representatives based on their skills or specialization.

5. Advanced Call Handling

KENT CamCall also offers screen sharing, e-KYC, in-call chat, call transfer, and video capturing functionality during the call. 

With KENT CamCall, you can choose where your calls are redirected to, after completion. Agents can add participants on a call, add notes after each call, capture screenshots, generate meeting invites, and share them via phone or email for faster resolutions.

The live dashboard provides managers/supervisors with details on ongoing calls in their respective queues.  Supervisors/ admins can also monitor and participate in live calls for quality checks and ensure a seamless customer handling experience. <Need to mention video recording and snapshot capture as a separate point>

6. Reports & Insights

KENT CamCall possess a detailed reporting module with advanced filter options. It empowers managers/supervisors with insights about their agents’ performance and call quality. 

Managers/Supervisors can also extract logs for all calls, reasons for call disposals and get the call queues performance data. They can also analyse call quality, agent’s occupancy and view call history for all agents assigned in just a few clicks.

7. Enhanced Security Standards

KENT CamCall offers the highest level of security for data by using AES-256 bit encryption, recommended for ISO 27001:2013, the globally accepted standard for Information Security Management Systems. It ensures 99.9% uptime with a global network of operations and provides role-based access to different user groups.

Our Final Verdict

KENT CamCall offers a business communication platform that is both flexible and scalable and comes with many first of kind features. It is a highly secure and customizable solution to meet the needs of different industry verticals. It offers three different pricing plans that allow organizations of all sizes to adopt it and provides a free trial period of 30 days. 

The application has tremendous potential and is set to revolutionize and improve customer assistance in the years to come with features like intelligent call distribution, configurable customer screens, and an app-less ecosystem.

Since we discovered no shortcomings of the software and found it studded with several beneficial features, we are inclined to give it a perfect 10 in our review verdict!

How much would you give KENT CamCall? Let us know in the comments below.

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