15 Key HR Statistics You Need to Know in 2021


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Last updated: August 9, 2021


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With the rise of big data, social sensitivity and disruptors such as automation and artificial intelligence, Human Resources (or HR as it is lovingly referred to) have been undergoing a continual evolution.

Here are some interesting HR statistics that chart the transformation of Human Resources in 2018:

1. Employee Turnover is getting costlier.

With companies spending as much as 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace him/her.

(Source: 2017 Employee Retention Report, Work Institute)

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2. Why do they always leave?

Top five reasons employees said they left their jobs: career development (22%), work-life balance (12%), management behavior (11%), compensation and benefits (9%), and well-being (9%).

(Source: 2017 Employee Retention Report, Work Institute)

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3. Diversity is in, and this time it’s more than just an arbitrary checkbox.

78% companies are prioritizing on diversity in order to improve work culture and financial performance.

(Source: Global Recruiting Trends 2018, LinkedIn)

4. Performance management is in its redesign phase.

79% of executives rate redesign of performance management system and practices to incorporate elements like continuous feedback, goal-setting, and employee-driven communication as a high priority.

(Source: 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte)

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5. Hire now, train later.

66% of employers are willing to hire and train employees who may not have all the skills for the job, but who show the potential to do well.

(Source: 2018 Hiring Forecast, CareerBuilder)

6. Will AI make you redundant?

Talent professionals accept the AI is the most useful in tasks like sourcing (58%), screening (56%) and nurturing (55%) candidates.

(Source: Global Recruiting Trends 2018, LinkedIn)

7. No, it won’t.

Only 14% of talent acquisition professionals believe AI will take away their jobs. Tasks such as building candidate relationships or gauging their interpersonal skills cannot be replicated by Artificial Intelligence.

(Source: Global Recruiting Trends 2018, LinkedIn)

8. Feeling disengaged at work?

You’re not alone. A whopping 85% of employees worldwide share the sentiment. Only 15% feel engaged and derive fulfillment from their work.

(Source: Global Productivity Hinges on Human Capital Development, Gallup)

9. Paid family leave for the win.

More than 70% of employers who offer improved leave policies reported an increase in productivity.

(Source: Viewpoints on Paid Family and Medical Leave, EY)

10. Gig-economy is on the rise.

With the rise of digitization, more and more people are taking up freelance work, gigs and other independent productive activities worldwide. In 2017, 34% of the US workforce comprised gig workers. The number is expected to grow to 43% by 2020.

(Source: Intuit Study, 2017)

11. Remote workforces are growing.

The volume of employees who telecommute stands at nearly 37% of workers in the US.

(Source: Telecommuting for Work Climbs to 37%, Gallup)

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12. Social media recruiting is gaining ground.

Up to 70% of employers use social media for screening candidates before hiring them.

(Source: CareerBuilder Survey, 2017)

13. Productivity is the new automation.

Despite all the buzz around automation, 45% of companies are still in the early stages of basic automation. Industry leaders, however, have already shifted their focus to enhancing existing HR system to improve the productivity of team-centric organizations.

(Source: HR Technology for 2018: Ten Disruptions Ahead, Forbes)

14. Gender inequality is not dead.

62% female executives have been passed up for a promotion in favor of someone of the opposite gender.

(Source: Women in the Workplace Report, iCIMS)

15. Candidate experience reigns supreme.

82% hiring managers view the candidate experience as very important. And rightly so. 78% applicants say their overall experience is an indicator of how the company views its people.

(Source: Candidate Experience from End-to-End, CareerBuilder)

Bottom Line

These are the HR statistics for now. It is apparent that HR, as a whole, is undergoing a makeover. It will be interesting to witness the developments that this makeover will bring to the workplace in 2018.

Aniruddh is Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest. Ready to grab a cup of coffee anytime if you want to talk about tech, cars, businesses or cricket.

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