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Last updated: May 5, 2021

Workflow management and BPM software is meant to make life easier. It is supposed to control the chaos around the office and bring automation to the workplace.

However, to install and update workflow software as a non-technical business leader is typically a huge challenge. The software is generally very complex and difficult to understand. Because every organization is unique, a lot of customization is always required which generally means extra coding and a higher cost.

However, KiSSFLOW has changed the rules of workflow software. It has all the power of full-fledged business process management (BPM) office automation suites but is so easy to use that any business user can set up an application for their own department in a matter of minutes. And with its user-based pricing, small and big teams alike can have access to the same great software.

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What is KiSSFLOW?

KiSSFLOW is a platform that helps business users easily design, create, and modify custom business applications. It takes a lightweight approach to BPM and puts the power of creating workflows back in the hands of people who understand the problems the best.

KiSSFLOW comes with about 50 business applications pre-installed such as employee onboarding, purchase orders, mileage reimbursement, vendor payment, and many more. Users can either install these apps and if needed, edit them to their preferences, or they can build their own from the ground up.

A business application includes a form to capture data, a workflow with a sequence of the system and human task, reports, and notifications.

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Main Features

Easy­ to ­use

The best part of KiSSFLOW is that the interface is simple both for the creator and the user. You can get a tremendous amount of benefit from KiSSFLOW without any technical knowledge at all. It is something that any business user could set up and orchestrate in a matter of minutes.

App Wizard

Every application is either edited or designed in the wizard. The first part of the wizard helps creators design the form with a wide variety of input fields including a user list, dropdowns, date and time, and attachments. Then the creator defines the workflow using either approval or input tasks. Tasks can be assigned statically or dynamically based on the data in the form. There is also the functionality to create parallel workflows and tasks that happen based on data or a formula.

Within the wizard, creators can set permissions for each task so that sensitive or unnecessary information isn’t shown to every person in the workflow.

Hands­off Workflows

Once the application is published, users can begin to initiate items. At every task in the workflow, the assigned user can submit new data or approve/reject existing data. Items can also be sent back to other users for further clarification. All of this happens either on the platform, through an email notification, or via the mobile app.

Progress Tracking

Each item has its own progress bar that shows how far in the workflow it has come. Users know at a glance where it is and what tasks are remaining. The initiator of an item can check up on where it is and examine any backlogs.

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KiSSFLOW has a lot of great builtin shareable reports that track the average time taken for each task to evaluate KPIs, SLAs, and help you figure out where you need to address a challenge. You can also make your own reports to show the status of several items at the same time. The reports can drill down to each individual task and also individual users.

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Mobile App

KiSSFLOW has a mobile app for Android and iOS. From the app, users can complete tasks, create new items, track the progress of items, and attach images and documents. This makes it possible for a user to submit a reimbursement claim while they are on the go.

KissFlow Mobile App


KiSSFLOW was first built for Google Apps customers but has now expanded to all business users. It works the best with Google products (attaching files via Google Drive is a cinch), but it also offers APIs and webhooks to link with other software. KiSSFLOW has a zapier endpoint that connects it with more than 400 web apps.


KiSSFLOW runs on the Google Cloud infrastructure and uses the same enterprise-level security and reliability. All data is encrypted and data backups are performed in multiple locations.

Ideal User

KiSSFLOW is a platform that lets you create as many business applications as you want at no additional charge. So, the people who get the most use out of it are those who are looking to automate several different processes. SMB’s are typically drawn to KiSSFLOW because of its low-cost entry to get off the ground. However, they have a lot of features that many IT managers at larger companies will appreciate.

If you are a business leader that wants to do a lot of automation in your department or organization, KiSSFLOW is a great choice.


KiSSFLOW offers email and chats support on its website and inside the product as well.

Customer Base

KiSSFLOW advertises that it has more than 10,000+ customers across 121 countries. The product includes support for Spanish and Portuguese. They have large enterprise customers like Pepsi, Dominos, Sysco, Michelin, Danone, Flipkart, and Mahendra Satyam. They also have an extremely large SMB market base.


KiSSFLOW offers a free 14 day trial to users without a credit card. They charge $5/user/month and require a minimum of ten users to start. This pricing makes them one of the most affordable options out there for BPM and workflow management software.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to workflow software, KiSSFLOW has really changed the game. They offer more functionality and flexibility than most other options and at a fraction of the cost. It is a great option for companies who are looking to do some heavy BPM work, but don’t want to pay the outrageous costs of most workflow software. The key feature is that anyone can use it; it isn’t dependent on your IT team fiddling with it all the time.

KiSSFLOW brings the power of business process management and workflow software to your office for a fraction of the cost. More than 10,000+ customers use KiSSFLOW across 121 countries.

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