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Last updated: July 28, 2021

We did a review of Kreato CRM software in 2014. Its 2 years now. The team at Kreato has been continuously hustling to make it better and more user-friendly. In these 2 years, they have added many rich features to the software – with prime focus on smartly utilizing the data generated from your team activities. We, at softwaresuggest, have been getting a lot of positive feedback from users on Kreato’s workflow automation & in-depth actionable reports. Keeping in mind the drastic yet wonderful changes undergone by the software and also to do justice to Kreato’s team efforts, we have decided to review Kreato again.   

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When everyone is running today making and maintaining pipelines and adding marketing automation to their CRM system, Kreato is playing a different game altogether. It has gone far beyond pipeline and marketing automation, towards artificial intelligence techniques (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Predictive Analytics), sales team gamification & revenue optimization.  

The key features of CRM software will be needed by you such as – Lead Management system, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Multi-Channel Communication, Email Tracking, Lead Funnel Insights, Sales Pipeline Insights, Activity Insights and Team Performance Insights.

What Wowed Us:

1. The Focus On In-Depth Data

When you log on to the software, you can see the day’s feed which is very handy. In the previous version of the software, the team at Kreato had taken care of usability and that doesn’t drop in this new version as well. I don’t need to click on the ‘Activities’ option to view in-depth and just hovering over it gives me most details. I, as a user, was able to get in-depth data on new records, recent collaborations, recent email engagements, and even recent telephony engagements.


2. Smart Lead Tracking

The left-hand side filter option, which makes filtering and sorting of leads really easy, remains unchanged.  To add to this, new filter options like “Needs Attention, Tasks Overdue, Action In-Progress, Mails/Calls Received and Mails/Calls Engaged” have been added. The “Needs Attention” is an intelligent filter which applies AI technique – machine learning to list the leads which are stuck or needs your immediate attention.  The benefit of such filters in the software is that you will never miss out on a lead.


3. Lead Funnel Insights

This menu option is so dynamic that it even showed me the summary of the total leads converted, conversion rate and also the conversion timeline. I was able to view and analyze the monthly as well as quarterly lead conversion metrics such as the total leads converted, lead conversion timeline in terms of days and lead conversion rate. This sort of summary gave me a direct & easy calculation of my sales team’s performance. The summary also acted as a ‘target’ for my sales team, i.e they now had an exact figure to target in the following ways:

  • increase the number of converted leads
  • decrease the number of days taken to convert a lead
  • Increase the rate of conversion


4. Analytics on Lead Funnel, Status & Owner

What I liked the most about Kreato is its ability to convert data into easy-to-understand charts and funnels. The charts are so dynamic that just one look at them and I was able to fully understand the status, the source as well as the owner of the leads. The easy-to-eye graphical representation also helped me know exactly where the leads are in the sales funnel.


5. Lead Assignment Mechanism

Kreato offers both manual as well as automated lead assignment mechanism. The mechanism enabled me to distribute leads based on geography, interest or any other criteria. I was also able to create my preferred distribution rules such as: Multiple lead distribution, Round Robin lead distribution, etc. This helped reduce response time drastically.


6. Customizable Lead Scoring & Lead Engagement

Lead Qualification and Scoring: Kreato believes in helping the sales team focus on only those leads that matter. It is the best way to filter the junk leads from genuine leads.

Lead Engagement Score: Helped me prioritize lead follow-ups. For example: If lead A and B are both good leads, lead with a higher engagement score (say B) can be called first – as he/she is more involved in your business.


7. Process Roadmap – Sales Playbook automation

One of the unique aspects of Kreato is that it allows defining the sequence of activities to be performed for each stage of lead or opportunity. With this process roadmap which simplifies sales playbook automation in CRM, the sales manager can auto drive sales reps to be consistent with the process and follow best practices for all leads. Remember sales playbook is the age old best practice followed in successful organizations to repeatedly win more sales.

8. Email AI & Predictive Customer Engagement

Kreato not only synchronizes your sales email inbox with the customer records in CRM, but also auto interprets them and categorize them with purpose tags. Mails that needs to be responded are auto identified and highlighted. Analyzing your past engagement (Calls & Emails) responses with the customer, Kreato suggests optimal time to follow-up and best communication channel to engage. These contextual insights will help sales reps to have timely & successful customer engagements.

Kreato CRM 8

9. Team Performance Leader Boards & Sales Gamification

Kreato’s artificial intelligence-based sales gamification feature enables you to gauge the high performers in your team thereby allowing you to reward them for their services. What caught our attention is Kreato has seamlessly applied game mechanics to sales. This feature will amplify the competitive spirit between sales reps, engage them in a play-to-win culture and ultimately motivate them to perform and achieve more.

Kreato-9Our Verdict: Kreato is a ‘higher value propositioned’ CRM at affordable pricing!

As far as Customer relationship Management system is concerned, there are hundreds of them available in the market today. But what differentiates Kreato from its competitors is that apart from managing lead management, pipeline management, contact management, multi-channel communications, sales email synchronization, auto lead assignment & sales workflow approvals, Kreato also provides the following:

  • Provides advanced pipeline management with sales playbook automation
  • Help desk (Ticketing) management
  • Auto lead capturing from various sources
  • Advanced workflow automation on task assignment & transaction updates
  • Advanced insights on sales trends & team activity

The key differentiator is Artificial Intelligence fabric which is weaved with almost every feature of the system, keeps learning from all your data, provides contextual insights and intelligence to win more sales and engage customers intelligently.

The other unique features of Kreato such as the Virtual Email Engagement Assistant, the Fruition Scoring system, and the Sales Gamification tilt the scales in its favour. Kreato offers all these at highly affordable pricing options. This makes it the best CRM software in the industry. When you have the best software available at affordable prices, it does make sense to opt for it. So if you are looking for CRM software for small business, opt for Kreato and let your business soar to unprecedented heights!

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