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Last updated: August 5, 2021

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In India, CRM software is considered to be for larger organizations. However, the applicability of CRM Software is as much in small & medium organizations as in larger organizations.

My team consults to more than 1500 companies in a month. This includes large business and SMBs. And every member of my team agrees that the most important tool for any growing organization is CRM Software. It is much more important than even your accounting software. The CRM software can help increase productivity and customer satisfaction by multiple folds.

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The cost of CRM software the same year back would run in lacs. However, the SaaS technology has made such software affordable. Kreato is one such Made in India & Made for India CRM software and is available at the low price of Rs 600/user/month.

Kreato has been built for the Indian market and unlike the international software, it has many features built to meet the need of Indian companies.

Like most other CRM software, Kreato has all the basic features of any good CRM. You can capture the details of prospects from multiple sources and organize them into leads, opportunities, and accounts. All communication, including email & SMS to these prospects (leads), can be recorded in the software. This helps in documenting activities with a prospect and ensuring consistency of communication. You can also create tasks and set reminders for these tasks. The Kreato calendar then helps in executing these task on schedule and organizing your team’s day.

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Users can also run marketing and SMS campaign from Kreato and create a subscription list for the campaign is easy. Even though the software is still young, the team has ensured to integrate workflow automation into the software. (Workflow automation can save at least a few hours for your team and can increase conversion by a few percentages.) Read about 11 Kreato Integration that can increase business productivity.

On the whole, Kreato can easily manage the entire lifecycle of your customers.

What we liked most about Kreato-

1) Set Up screen –The first thing which impressed me highly was the set-up screen. The biggest issue with most software is that, even though they have ample feature, it never gets used.

On the contrary, Kreato ensures that users set up the basic features and is aware of them even before they start using it. Follow the step by step set-up screen and in 2-3 hrs you will be ready with using the software for your company and might possibly be using all critical features comfortably. The set-up screen also insists you to upload current data and set up workflow automation. Not many CRM has this set-by-set setup.

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2) Video Tutorials- Kreato has a video tutorial for almost everything. If you are like DIY software, Kreato will be a perfect fit. With Kreato you will not need to experiment to learn using it. Nor will you need to contact the support for it. Watch the small video and it will have the solution for all your concerns.

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3) User-friendly, User Interface-
User interface (UI)directly influences the ease of use of a software. Kreato has beautiful and modern day UI when compared to the other CRM Software. The Email, SMS and calling panel provided on the main lead screen makes it a breeze to perform these activities.

Also, most CRM uses the left panel of the screen to display the menu, however, Kreato has used it for the filter, which helps in easily sorting the data. As data of your organization will keep growing, the filter comes in handy and add to the usability of this CRM system. The customizable interactive dashboard further adds to the usability of the software.

4) The app store is amazing- We often get requests from users inquiry for software with integration to virtual IVRS like knowlarity, or eCommerce platform like Kartrocket. Kreato has a simple app store which will help you integrate your system with an external application. As SaaS software industry is still young in India not many CRM have app store to integrate two software using API.

Kreato CRM Review-4
5) Cost-effectiveness- Finally, it comes to cost. At Rs 600/user/month and discounts for a yearly subscription, Kreato is rightly priced for the Indian market.

Kreato doesn’t have inbuilt accounting management. A few CRM could offer you that, however, if you don’t require the features, it’s one of the best matches to your requirement.

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